University of Manchester

Rosa was first lost at University until thee famous Eleanor Calder helped found her. Rosa turned out to have her as a roommate How fun would that be? What happens when Eleanor throws her a surprise party and invites the lads? What will happen if she falls for one?


2. SURPRISE party

<>Rosa POV<>

Today was thee day!!! My golden birthday! September 18 and it was my 18th BDAY! I can't wait for Els surprise. I hope it's not something big. My dad surprised me on my 16th with a car. When I saw it I was so happy I was blackest out into a coma for a month thankfully no memory lost tho. My dad actually died driving me to the hospital we were a block away when a car came spending and crashed into his side of the car. My mom had waited till I woke up to plan the funeral. I went to the funeral a week after I woke up. After that my family forbid any surprises whatsoever. I heard shuffling and saw El was gone. I panicked not knowing what to do. I looked out the bedroom for and found her. I sighed in relief.

When we first got back to our room she said she was looking for a place to live. I said I could chop in the most I could. We ended up buying a big house with so much cool stuff IT HAD 4 FLOORS!! I almost had half. I promised her I would pay her back when I could. She agreed when she realized it was only 600 pounds. Yesterday I payed her back and thanx to my awesome flirting we have free wifi , water, electricity etc. One guy set it up for us. He said if we needed anything else but we nodded no. I kissed him on the cheek goodbye. He blushed as he left.

We started watching TV for a little bit. We flipped through channels and found one with One Direction on it. It said that Louis said : Sometimes I worry El will want another boyfriend El gave me all their numbers but I decided to only text them unless it's serious or an emergency. I texted Louis : WTF SHE LOVES YOU DONT EVER AND I MEAN EVER THINK THAT SHE DOESNT BECAUSE IF YOU DO I WILL COME FOR YOU ! Btw this is Rosa :) the girl who fangirled and took boxing , karate, dance , baseball , basketball , Taekwondo and Tennis I told El if she would mind if I texted that , she nodded and she didn't seem moved from that because she was just flipping through channels until she got to Spongebob.

Louis texted back 2 min later: Niall really wants you to be his princess ;) but Harry also wants you to be his Kitty Cat and the only reason I said that is because management told me people are losing interest so I had to say that bout El. I miss her soooo much tell her I wish I was there and I love her soooo much

<> Eleanor's POV <>

I got a text. It said it was from Super-Lou <3 and it read:

Dam you got some protective friends El , the guys seem to like her ;) but I miss you soooo much I can't wait to see you tonight !!!! I love you I love you so much xoxoxo

I had planned for a surprise party for Rosa tonight. She would be so happy caz I invited some childhood friends , 1D and some other celebrities like Emblem3 and Austin Mahone. Hope everything goes well

<> Rosas POV <>

El took me out to Starbucks. I kept telling her I tasted it three times and all were really bad drinks. She said I hadn't tasted her favorite yet. I tasted it and it was amaZAYN.

When we got back home she told me to dress up in the dress we bought at Wet Seal the day before. I did and told El if she could curl my hair. Since I have never worn makeup I decided to let El do it for me. I also got my matching clutch bag that we got.

I was scared when we arrived. It was big and dark and secluded. I told El " EL EL EL UM please don't kill me " she laughed and entered. It was completely dark . Suddenly the lights came on I saw a bunch of familiar faces then everything went black.

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