University of Manchester

Rosa was first lost at University until thee famous Eleanor Calder helped found her. Rosa turned out to have her as a roommate How fun would that be? What happens when Eleanor throws her a surprise party and invites the lads? What will happen if she falls for one?


7. Nialler

*Nialls POV*

I don't know why but i ran to her. Something was pulling me to her. I hugged and felt so happy with her. She looks so innocent but El said there's nothing innocent about her but I'm not so innocent as everybody thinks.

"Heyy Nialler never knew you cared so much about me " her angelic voice said

I wanna get to know her before I make any decisions, hmmm maybe I can trick her into playing Truth or Dare with me. I'll have to tell Louis first caz after all he is the 'Truth or Dare King'

I've been hugging her for sometime now I should probably let go before she thinks I'm creppy. When I let go she says "Dang Nialler I was about to say I couldn't breathe" I blushed a little and said "oh I'm sorry but... Do you maybe wanna come over to our place for the night?"

She looks at El . El nods an she says "only if El can too" I can never say no to her can I?

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