University of Manchester

Rosa was first lost at University until thee famous Eleanor Calder helped found her. Rosa turned out to have her as a roommate How fun would that be? What happens when Eleanor throws her a surprise party and invites the lads? What will happen if she falls for one?


5. Niall? WHAT? 0.o

*Rosas POV*

I just teased Niall like no one could before. He was pissed like never before just standing there. Suddenly he came rushing towards me and pinned me against the wall. He growled "your going to pay for that!" I said "and how am I going to" then I smirked. He started kissing at my neck. I holding in so many moans. This boy must be good in bed. I said " if I let you explain why ya stood me up I won't hesitate anymore" I was guessing he liked that idea because he stopped and sat down on the couch and put his head in his hands. I sat next to him. After about a minute of silence El and Lou left.

Niall then looked up at me. He said " I never meant to not show up I'm sorry it's just my brother came over last night and I haven't seen him since about a year ago, he surprised me and ... I don't kno I got so excited to be with my nephew and brother I guess I forgot I'm sorry can i make it up to ya right now?" I giggled, understood and nodded my head yes. We opened the door and El and Lou fell in. I laughed and they got up. They blushed and then Lou said "you guys make up fast" I giggled. I went to my room quickly took a shower and came back downstairs. I said "so Nialler let's go so ya can make it up to me!!! Oooh how bout I meet your bro?" He suddenly turned pale and said " are you sure" I nodded and we left to his house. I knocked on the door and then my surroundings went dark. I felt someone putting tape on my lips , tying my hands behind me and tying my feet. The person took the bag off and I saw that it was his brother. He looked scared and said" we need to get you out of here" then smirked and said " haha yea right! I got you now it's time to please myself" I gulped.

I looked around the room and Niall was smirking. He was getting his thingy bigger. I tried smirking but the tape was on it. Suddenly everything was getting brighter and they started disappearing. I heard Niall saying to please wake up

I opened my eyes and I said " Niall? What day is it today?" He looked up and pressed the nurses button then said " hey there beautiful you passed out being surprised and it's 2 days after your birthday"

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