University of Manchester

Rosa was first lost at University until thee famous Eleanor Calder helped found her. Rosa turned out to have her as a roommate How fun would that be? What happens when Eleanor throws her a surprise party and invites the lads? What will happen if she falls for one?



*Rosas POV*

Since I could finally leave today, Niall asked me on a date. Right now I'm getting ready since 3 days at a hospital without changing was horrible imma change into my favorite top as a child that I got in a larger size. The shirt said Attitude Loading and it had the loading sign and was purple. I wore my blue skinny jeans that shimmer a little from the sparkles on it. I don't usually wear makeup so I stayed with my natural look. The only jewelry I still have were some golden earrings my grandma gave me as a child and and gold necklace that my aunt gave me for my first communion. When I was done it was 5 till eight and he said he was going to be here at around 8:20-8:40.

I waited while watching TV. After about two hours of waiting I decided to go to sleep. I can't believe he stood me up what a douche. El got back home the next day at 6 am. I saw her and Louis and I instantly cried. El ran to me and asked what was wrong. I said " H-he stood me up El HE STOOD ME UP" She looked towards Louis and he went outside but I wasn't sure wether he left or was just outside. She took me to my room and got a tub of ice cream. We ate it all in hour. Halfway through the second movie someone rang the bell. I paused the movie and she went to get the door downstairs. I went to the stairs and made sure they didn't know I was here. I then heard El yelling" GO AWAY DOUCE YOU STOOD HER UP" I knew it was Niall.

Then I heard a loud slap. I heard El crying and ran to her. She had a red mark on her face. I stood up and gave her a bag of ice. I went up to him and said " now you've done it, happy worst mistake of your life" I smirked. He suddenly went pale since I guess El told him of all the guys I've beat up. He started running but since I was in track for a year I caught up to him and jumped on him when we were surrounded by grass. I pinned him to the ground. I called Louis and told him what happened and said he was going to go to El first then have a 'little chat' with Niall. Once he hanged up I pinned Niall to the ground since we were miles from civilization. He had chains on him now. I started kissing him from his neck down his thighs. When I got back up his shirt I lifted it up and started kissing his bare skin that had a faded six pack.

He started getting bigger and I smirked. I asked "So Niall how ya liking this?" He gave me a glare since I knew he was sexually frustrated. I laughed at how mad he was getting. I slowly took of my tight top. Niall gulped and kept eying to get out of the chains. I giggled a little bit. I ripped off his pants since I couldn't take it off any other way unless I released him. He gulped again this time scared of how strong I was. I slowly took of my blue shimmering pants and put them in a pile to the side. He tried escaping so bad. I sat on his crotch. I was in only underwear and a bra and Niall in his boxers. I asked " Niall do ya think you have had enough" he shook his head vigoursly yes.

I thought about it for a while and said "ok know you know not to mess with me or El kay. " I let him go and through the chains into the deep lake. When I was bending down to get my clothes Niall came from behind me and pushed me to the ground. He growled " No one teases me" I laughed. He just smirked and slowly took off my underwear. I kneed him in the balls and quickly changed into my clothes. I ran to the house and locked every door , window even the chimney.

About an hour later there was a knock in the door. Louis said he would check who it was. He yelled to us " GUYS ITS NIALL" I said with a smirk " I took care of him in my way now ya can Louis." He asked me " Did you tease? He hates that the most" I smirked and said " I teased like never before."

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