University of Manchester

Rosa was first lost at University until thee famous Eleanor Calder helped found her. Rosa turned out to have her as a roommate How fun would that be? What happens when Eleanor throws her a surprise party and invites the lads? What will happen if she falls for one?


1. Fun in London

<> Rosa's POV<>

Hi I'm Rosa I have Brown hair with red and and yellow tips that reach my bum. I'm 5'10 and have brown eyes. In the dark my eyes are dark brown with lines in them but in the light they are light brown with lines also ( like in a cat :D).

It's been a month since I started univerisity!!!! I really loved it here plus I made a friend on the first day and we turned out to be roommates

(Flashback moment)

It was first day and I completely lost. I needed to find my room that I got and unpack the small bag I had since I was probably gonna wash once a month I decided to pack the least I could which was 40 sets of outfits but I wore 20 on the way here and 5 in butts with 15 in my small bag. So technically I didn't have any luggage. Everyone scoffed at me when I asked if they knew were my room was. Someone was finally kind enough to help. I gasped as I saw who it was. It was thee famous Eleanor Calder. I told her my room number and she said " Oh wow small university then... Your my new only other roommate... I didn't think they would find one so soon with the list I sent them about things that I couldn't stand roommates doing ." I giggled and said " well I guess I'm acceptable for thee beautiful Eleanor" she suddenly asked " Are you bi or les?" I laughed and said " No don't worry , I understand why there had to be requirements to get a roommate." She laughed.

And that's where it all began

( Flashback over)

Well today was the day before my birthday and Eleanor and me decided to go shopping for a surprise she said she was gonna give me tomorrow night. I mean I'm only gonna be 18. What could possibly go wrong? Right? I mean nothing even I though can finally drink beer!!! 18 is the age I'm finally allowed to drink. I told El to make sure I didn't get drunk on my birthday but she said she couldn't make any promises . I got worried but I shrugged it off the next. So went into thee Hot topic and then Wet Seal then Ragdolls but decided going back to Wet Seal to buy the dress. It was neon blue green and beautiful. It went midway between my thighs and knees. I tried it on and it my curves perfectly. I absolutely loved it so I went to go buy it. El and me then went to the One Direction Store and bought an outfit with their faces on it. I tried it on and El took a pic of me in it. She posted it on twitter saying : @Rosa_thee_zexy Oh my goodness!!!! We have a major fangirl in her Nerdy wide-eyed Glasses!!! Such a cute outfit! Love you lovelies xx

It got so many retweets I was happy. All the boys commented. Louis of course commented : aww how cute but I miss you soooooo much babe xoxoxo Liam commented : Now Now no need to fangirl ;) Harry commented: How's that sexy thang ;) I better get to meet her Niall commented : MUST MEET SHE WILL BE MY PRINCESS!! I giggled at what Niall said Zayn commented : Cool fangirl but when ya gonna visit so I can tell Perrie I CANT BELIEVE IM GOING TO MARRY THEE PERRIE EDWARDS The love of life , the future mother of our children ;) Hopefully one day

I was so happy for them all. I explained to El I wasn't a directioner she obvouisly asked why. When I finally hear bands they've been out making music already for a long time so I don't obsess yes there talented and cute but doesn't mean that there aren't human . I told her that and said " wow I wish more people realized that they are human too lol"

So then we went back to university caz it was getting late but we didn't have class tomorrow. Tomorrow was going to be Friday but more importantly MY BIRTHDAY

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