An accidental love.

Once you start... you won't be able to stop��


2. Olivia's reaction was priceless!

Olivia's POV

I checked my phone after I finished my homework, and I got 7 missed calls from Katie! Then, just as I was going to call her, she called again! What is going on with her? I guess I will answer it. "OLIVIA OLIVIA OLIVIA FRICK'IN MILLER!!! MY PARENTS JUST SCORED US 3rd ROW 1D TICKETS!!!" I was panting with a smile in my face, and I was dead silent... Am I going to be ok?! I took the phone off of my ear to see if she was still calling. Then I shouted at the top of my lunges: "OMG OMG OMG OMG I LOVE YOUR PARENTS!!!!!!!" We squealed together for about 15 minutes and talked about how hot Zayn and Niall were. I personally think Niall is the cutest though!!!

Katie's POV

After we hung up I went off to my job at my local Starbucks. I figured I would get a little extra money, since I was in such a good mood. As always, before I leave, I get to pick up a free drink. I drove home, and as I was driving I called Olivia. "Hey Girlllll" I say "Hey! So I know it is a school night, but we should have a sleepover! Talk about some 1D and read fan fictions!" ... "Yea sure! Come over at 8:00!!" I say. Then I hang up with a smile on my face, today has been magical, but June 26th will be even more magical!

Liam's POV

I am so excited for the concert in St. Louis this weekend! I got an idea that we could pick a girl from the 5 girls from the audience, and take them on a trip with us! I am so excited, but they will have to be some hot chicks, with a good personality too. "Yo Niall, is it just me or are you excited about this weekend." I said "Bro I'm excited." He said.

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