An accidental love.

Once you start... you won't be able to stop��


1. Are you kidding me?!

I just got home from school, and started on my homework. "Katie?! Come here sweetie! You have chores!!" shouts my mom from downstairs. Great... A great start to my afternoon. I walk step by step sighing each one, and my shoulders are hunched over. "Why are you sad sweetie... You really shouldn't be because... WE JUST GOT YOU AND YOUR FREIND OLIVIA TWO TICKETS TO A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!" ...what... It took me a few minutes to process, but then I let out a huge squeal. "EEK!!" My mom bursts laughing and I dance around the house and called Olivia.

Author's notes:

Heyy! So this is my first story, and I know the chapter is super short.. But I am just setting the stage..😏

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