Keep me Safe and Warm (A Niall Horan Love Story) (Remake of a Remake) (On Hold)

One girl has been friends with Niall Horan since they were kids. As her fifteenth birthday comes up, Eva ends up moving to New Jersey. Months after moving, she falls into an abusive relationship. Shortly after she turned eighteen, she finally gets the courage to dump him.

Now nineteen, she reconnects with Niall, and meets his band mates. Months after Niall and Eva connects, she finds her crush on Niall has come back, but stronger.

As the days go by, Eva's abusive ex-boyfriend comes back, vowing to make Eva his once more.


3. Chapter Three

I had just finished cleaning when someone knocks on my front door.

I go to the door and open the ir to see a young woman. Long naturally curly brown hair and light blue eyes.

I couldn't help, but think how much she looked like my older sister Maria.

"Do you recognize me?" I hear the woman whisper.

My eyes widened, tears swelling into my eyes, "Maria?" I whispered.

The woman grinned, "Yup,"

I flung my arms around my thirty-nine year old sister and began to cry.


*A/N: Sorry for the short chapter... And the long wait...*

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