Keep me Safe and Warm (A Niall Horan Love Story) (Remake of a Remake) (On Hold)

One girl has been friends with Niall Horan since they were kids. As her fifteenth birthday comes up, Eva ends up moving to New Jersey. Months after moving, she falls into an abusive relationship. Shortly after she turned eighteen, she finally gets the courage to dump him.

Now nineteen, she reconnects with Niall, and meets his band mates. Months after Niall and Eva connects, she finds her crush on Niall has come back, but stronger.

As the days go by, Eva's abusive ex-boyfriend comes back, vowing to make Eva his once more.


1. Chapter One


I was at the park, sitting against a tree, listening to Niall sing. "You should totally go for X-Factor Niall," I tell him.

"You sure I'll make it?" Niall asked, his thick Irish accent filled with concern.

"Nope." I started, Niall frowned, "I'm positive you will. You have an amazing voice, who wouldn't want you to be a famous rocks star? Who knows, maybe one of your band mates will be a girl and you might fall for her," I tell him with a smile. I of course was joking, especially since I have a huge crush on him, though I'll never admit it,  I mean I'm fourteen for crying out loud, far too young to date.

"Well in that case, you should try out too, then you might be in a band with a guy, and fall for him," Niall joked back.

"Nah, I'm good," I tell him with a smile.

"But Eva! You have to! We might even be in a band together!" He begs, using his role playing voice.

I giggled. "I'm sorry Niall, but I con't," I tell him, also using my role playing voice.

"But why? Being a rock star would be so much fun?" He asks.

"Because, I always wanted to be... A princess." I tell him trying to keep a straight face.

"A princess? But why? Singing is so much cooler than a princess," Niall asked, also trying to keep a straight face.

"Is not." I started standing up, "A princess can do all kind of things," I tell him.

"Really, what kind of things?" He asked.

"Like dancing with fairy', talking to animals, and all kinds of stuff." I replied, my straight face back in place.

"True. But rock stars can do more." Niall spoke.

I playfully roll my eyes. "Oh really? Like what?" I ask.

"Well let’s see, they can sing over a crowd, lots and lots of fans that love you and cheers for you, plus the fame and money." Niall responded.

I of course knew Niall didn't care about the fame and money, but then again we were doing an improve roll play.

I playfully gasp. "Niall!" I said playfully slapping his arm. "One should not be a famous rock star for fame and money." I tell him playfully glaring at him, that's when we broke into laughter.



I was getting ready for my first job in London. I would be a waitress at Nandos, and I was really nervous. Someone knocks on my door, “Coming,” I holler and walk over to my door.

I opened it to see my best friend Kathy. “Ready for our first day at Nandos?” She asked.

I nod my head with a smile. Kathy was my second friend I ever made. I met her after I moved to New Jersey, and she was a great help to me, especially when my mother died in a terrible car crash, as well with Josh, my abusive ex, who I finally got the courage to dump a year ago. After that, Josh kept bugging me, trying to get me back, and I became scared, so Kathy called her mom (who is very rich) and asked her to get us tickets to London, and after telling her mother the situation, she agreed. She even got us a job at Nandos, which made me even more thankful to Kathy’s mom.


When Kathy and I get to Nandos, we went in and Jazlyn, our boss and she explained to us what to do and that she prefers being called Jaz.

After several minutes of working, the doorbell chimed, seeing as I was the only one available, I went ahead to greet the customer.

“Hello boys’, would you like a table or a booth?” I asked the three boys’, my Irish accent sticking out.

“Booth please, we’re also expecting two more lads,” One of the boys spoke.

I nod my head, “Follow me please.” I tell them.

“Would you like anything to drink?” I asked.

“Yes please. I would like water.” The first boy spoke.

I nod and wrote down his order. After the two other boys’ gave me their order, they told me their names.

A few minutes later, the door chimes again so I walk over to the door to see two boys’.

“Hi, have three friends here, Liam. Harry, and Zayn,” A boy spoke.

I nod my head, “Right this way please,”

“Finally, what took you so long?” Harry asked.

“Louis over here lost the car keys.” The last boy spoke pointing to Louis.

“Did not,” Louis spoke.

Liam sighed, “Just sit down you two,”

“Yes Daddy Direction,” Louis said sitting down.

Confusion fills my face as I take Louis’s and the other boy’s, who I still don’t know the name of, order I went to turn it in.


~Niall’s POV~

“I’m surprised she didn’t know who we were,” Harry spoke.

“How do you know she don’t know who were? She might not be a fan of One Direction,” I asked confused.

“She looked confused  when Louis called Liam ‘Daddy Direction’” Harry explained.

“Oh, makes since,” I respond nodding

A few minutes later, our waitress came back with food. “Here you are,” She spoke a smile on her face.

“Thank you ma’am.” I spoke.

She turned her head to me, “You’re welcome sir,”

“Eva,” I hear a girl whine.

“Kathy,” Our waitress whined back.

“Why didn’t you come get me to help you with the food? Didn’t we promise each other we’ll help each other if we have an over load?” Kathy spoke.

“Oops. Sorry I forgot.” Eva spoke.

“Aww, someone has a crush,” Louis gushed.

Eva and Kathy looked at us, confusion in their face

“I don’t have a crush on anyone Louis.” The boy spoke.

“Sure you don’t, and that’s why you brightened up when you learned Eva’s name, which happens to be the same name you keep mentioning.” Louis spoke, a smirk on his face.

Confusion fills Eva’s face as she turned to Kathy, who had a shocked look. “Kathy? Why do you look shocked?” Eva asked.

“Because I just realized why they look familiar. Why didn’t you tell me your first friend was Niall Horan?” Kathy spoke.

Eva gave her a look, “I did tell you his name.”

“Oh.” Kathy spoke.

“Aha!” Louis spoke, causing everyone to look at him.

“Louis?” I asked.

“I told you she was your first friend Niall,” Louis said smirking.

“Eva! Kathy! Get back to work please.” Jaz called out.

“Sorry,” The two girls said in sync.

“Wait, before you go,” Louis said writing something down.

He ripped the paper out of his pad and gave it to Eva, “It’s the boys’ and my number, so you can stay in touch with Niall and the rest of us,” Louis spoke.

Eva nods her head, “Alright thank you Louis,”

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