Did You Miss Me?

Jim Moriarty had spent years pretending to be dead, watching Sherlock Holmes destroy his work and dismantling his network. Years had gone by since the two last met, but now they would lock horns once again.


2. Pretty Mary Kay

  Sherlock looked at the clock. It was 3:58, leaving them with little over an hour and a half to find Mary, with seemingly nothing to go on. John was holding himself together well, but Sherlock knew he would be of little use.

"I don't suppose there is anything in that Mind Palace of yours which will save my Wife?" John was distraught. He knew that Sherlock was going to try his hardest, but there was no evidence to go on, was there? Moriarty had not given them any clues, but then again...

"She is in a hospital, Moriarty said himself that she was in an infirmary, as the song alluded to. Which hospital? I don't know." Sherlock thought furiously. Moriarty would have left a trail for Sherlock to follow, as he always did. Being a genius was no good if there wasn't someone to appreciate it. Moriarty had told them where Mary was, but what had he said?

"We're in London, there are plenty of stations, but we don't have time to go to all of them, even if we phoned your brother or Greg"

"Whose Greg? Wait, it doesn't matter" Sherlock couldn't fill his head with useless information now. Nobody could save Mary except him.

Something Moriarty had said would lead them to Mary. She was in a hospital, and by the sounds over the phone she was outside. Not St. Barts, he wouldn't go there again. What had he said...

The texts. Sherlock was sure his meant nothing, but the ones to John...

"Give me your phone" he ordered, and John, to his credit, knew better than to ask what he was doing.

'NW0' and a link to the New World Order. But he didn't write 'NWO', but rather used a zero instead of a letter...

"They're coordinates John. The Latitude and Longitude of  a hospital where he's keeping Mary. North and West and one of the numbers is a 0. But that doesn't narrow it down..."

51. Every hour for the last three days on the 51st minute. Why be so precise, every hour for 3 days, but not send the text at 50?

"John, write this down. We've got N, W, zero, and 51. Maybe 51 twice seeing as he sent it to you as well. How long have you been getting these texts?"

John grabbed a pen and started jotting it down. "Uh..about 3 days. Well, 3 days exactly I guess."

"Ok, then write down 3, but I don't know if he would make it so easy." Think Sherlock, think.

1731. Moriarty hadn't said be here at half past 5, or  31 minutes past 5, he said 1731. It wasn't a time, it was a coordinate.

"1731, but that means we are one number short. But if I change the three into 72 hours..." He closed his eyes. For the location to be in London, the North coordinate had to start with the 52. The West would have to be 0, but that wasn't helping. He cross-referenced in his Mind Palace the coordinates, whizzing round London faster than anyone could ever hope.

It had to be a hospital. It had to be close to a train station, seeing as that was Mary was going, wouldn't it? Was there another piece of the puzzle missing that he didn't understand? Moriarty had  told them where Mary was, but Sherlock could find nothing. He kept trying different combinations, until...

"51.5172 North, 0.1731 West. St Mary's Hospital. Get Graham on the phone and get him there now" It had snapped together so satisfyingly that Sherlock couldn't help but smile. It was quick work, even by his standards. 

John didn't even argue. He was wondering if Sherlock kept calling Greg the wrong name on purpose, but he didn't care. He didn't even ask Sherlock if he was sure, because it was pointless. If he wasn't sure, he would have kept quiet. It had all happened so fast. Even after all these years, Sherlock still amazed him.

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