Did You Miss Me?

Jim Moriarty had spent years pretending to be dead, watching Sherlock Holmes destroy his work and dismantling his network. Years had gone by since the two last met, but now they would lock horns once again.


1. Did You Miss Me?

    Sherlock sat in his flat in Baker street, his mind a tempest of thoughts and questions. How did Moriarty survive? Why was he back now? What did it all mean? Only days ago he was being exiled under his own brother's orders, now he was being begged to come back and sort out another mess for the British Government.

'Did You Miss Me?'

Another text from Moriarty, one every hour for the last three days, 51 minutes past the hour without exception. Right on schedule, the small vibration in his pocket reminded him that Jim Moriarty was back in the Game, and Sherlock had never been happier. It was like Sherlock had been drowning in mediocrity, at least until Magnussen came along. Whilst the dearly departed news tyrant was like a life boat for Sherlock, Moriarty was like an island. Somewhere you could stay afloat, if you had the skills to survive.

Although his own death had been easy to fake, Sherlock know Moriarty had trumped him. Fooling people into believing you jumped off a building was one thing. Shooting yourself in the face and living to tell the tale was another.

Sherlock would have gone mad thinking about the possibilities, so it was for the best when Dr John Watson burst into the room.

"How the bloody hell has he got my number?" 

"John, are you seriously asking me how a criminal mastermind who nearly stole the crown jewels and faked his own death in front of my very own eyes acquired your mobile number?"

"Sherlock, he keeps texting me the same thing over and over and I don't know why, but i do not like the fact that a psychopath keeps sending me bloody messages on my phone!"

"Did you miss me?"


"The texts, I'm getting them too. Every hour he keeps messaging me 'Did you miss me'. I don't know why but I assume it is a part of some elaborate criminal scheme that I for one am extremely excited to be a part of."

John looked at his friend incredulously. And here he was thinking he would be sad if Sherlock was exiled.

"No actually", John managed, "He keeps spamming me with links, telling me to join the New World Order, or something. I asked Mary but she didn't have a clue what it meant"

"Curious" Sherlock exclaimed, reaching over and taking his colleague's phone. Sure enough,one text every hour with links to the 'NW0', signed off from 'Your friend Jim'. "And did Mary get anything?"

"No, nothing She's gone to a conference for the weekend but she said she would let me know if anything changed."John was sickened. The fact that it  was so easy for Moriarty to get into his life was terrifying, especially as a family man.

Sherlock could find no link between the messages, or any significance behind the New World Order other than the conspiracy theory it implied in regards to capitalist dictatorship, but that was of no use to him. He decided to place it in his Mind Palace, just in case.

The phone rang. Sherlock knew who it would be before he even answered it. Moriarty knew that John would go over to see Sherlock at some point, and it wasn't hard to have him followed. The Game was on.

Sherlock looked at John anxiously and waited, nothing but silence greeting them on the other end of the line. Minutes stretched out, and then, music.

"Almost Forgot, started to say, Rode into the sun, Asked everyone, Hallelujah, Pretty Mary Kay.

I Found faith in Infirmary, There's  a soldier lying in bed, with a wound to the head, calling out to pretty Mary Kay"

John went white. He had left his wife at home only hours ago, but knew as soon as the song started  what he was going to hear.

"John?" the voice was weak, and Mary had clearly been crying, her voice rough and sore.

"Mary...Mary where are you"

"Oh Johnny boy!" It was Moriarty, his voice filled with glee, rising as much as his mood surely was. "Dr. John Watson. Happily married and settled down. But here I am, with your wife! I might misbehave, John, fancy letting her out of your sight! Its funny isn't it. Sherlock nearly killed me, Mary nearly killed Sherlock and here I am in the infirmary, nearly killing Mary!"

"Let her go you bastard"

"Oh come now John, play nicely! You there too Sherlock? Did you miss me? You haven't  been replying to me. Its kinda' rude actually"

Sherlock looked at his phone. Moriarty was his island in the ocean, but it was no place for John and Mary. Damn him for making it personal.

"Le her go. I'm the one you want."

"Oh but Sherlock we were having so much fun! Me and Mary were having such a good gossip! I can't believe you never invited me to the wedding, John. I'll assume the invite was lost in the post?"

"I swear to you Moriarty I'll-"

"Oh John hush now!" Moriarty interrupted. "I just wanted to get your attention!"

"You've got it" Sherlock added "Now let her go, she never knew you and never did anything to you."

"True" Moriarty added. Soft sobs escaped Mary in the background, the wind picking up on the other side of the line, making the scene more harrowing. Moriarty let the silence hang over them all before breaking it. "I died because of you, Sherlock. I saw you destroy my Empire, and I could do nothing to stop you without revealing myself. Well, consider this my homecoming. Be here at 17:31. On the dot."

"Mary.."John was close to sobbing, his face a mixture of rage and sorrow, close to breaking point

"And I could tell you where we are fellas...but maybe I already did"

With that, the phone went dead.



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