Did You Miss Me?

Jim Moriarty had spent years pretending to be dead, watching Sherlock Holmes destroy his work and dismantling his network. Years had gone by since the two last met, but now they would lock horns once again.


3. Conclusion

  Within the hour, John and Mary were reunited. They had found her tied to a chair in one of the upper  stories of the hospital, the windows all thrown open and Mary completely exposed to the shooter who was undoubtedly positioned across the road, waiting for the time to run out, waiting for the call from Moriarty that Mary had to die. 

Greg and his men found no traps, no explosives or anything untoward, and Mary was completely unharmed and safe. Her reunion with John might have touched Sherlock, had he not been so worried about how easily Moriarty had taken her. Still, he had found her, but he knew that was what Moriarty had wanted all along. After all, this was all a Game.

His pocket vibrated. He slowly reached into his coat and took out the phone. One new message received from unknown. He was unsure whether or not there would be a new twist, a new case that Moriarty had just laid at their feet, cutting short the happy return of Mary and heralding in a new era of their long-standing rivalry. He opened the text, and smirked.

'Did you miss me?'

"Jim Moriarty" he said to nobody in particular, "You have no idea."



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