The Summer Of 2014

Today is Bella and Emma's last day of school and then the One Direction concert! They've waited for this concert since January! Now it's finally here! But something tells me that there's gonna be summer love! But that's the thing about summer love... It never lasts
*Finished* new book! The Fall Of 2014


5. 5. Harry's Idea

Bella's p.o.v

"Stop it! Bella I'll make you feel so good-" he stopped as I started laughing. "Not like that Bella!" He said smiling. I laughed again and started tearing up. "Gosh go take a show and wash that dirty mind." He joked. I stopped laughing. "You ruined it..." I said.


I was in my hotel room with Emma, Harry and me got to the hotel about an hour ago but we decided to call it a night. I looked at my clock. Holy Sh*t! It was 2:03 am! I gotta get to bed. I laid down in bed. I plugged my phone in and started to fall asleep.

I woke up and looked at the time. 10:27 am. I groaned and pulled myself out of bed. I heard somebody knocking on they're door. "I GOT IT!!!" Emma yelled. I heard faint talking as Emma walked up to me. "Get out there it's for you!" She said pointing towards the door.

I walked to the door and saw Harry. "Hello!" I said smiling. He smiled back. "Hey, I wanna get to know you better so wanna go for a walk?" He asked. I nodded "So what do you wanna be when you grow up?" He asked. I laughed a little. "Well I always wanted to be a singer!" I said smiling. He looked at me for a minute. "Well! Then let's make you a singer!" He said smiling. "Follow me!" He said grabbing my hand. He pulled me outside down the sidewalk. We walked up to a huge studio. "Now, let's make you famous!" He said smiling.

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