The Summer Of 2014

Today is Bella and Emma's last day of school and then the One Direction concert! They've waited for this concert since January! Now it's finally here! But something tells me that there's gonna be summer love! But that's the thing about summer love... It never lasts
*Finished* new book! The Fall Of 2014


3. 3. She Kissed Him

Bella's p.o.v

I smiled. "We should get going!" I said smiling. He nodded as we walked to the car. We got in and drove back to the hotel. Paparazzi was everywhere. "Ignore them and don't answer any questions, okay?" He said. I nodded we got out and walked inside the hotel. I saw Emma, the boys, and a unfamiliar face. She ran to Harry. "Oh my god Harry I love you do much!!! I missed you!" She yelled kissing him passionately. That hurt a lot. Knowing she was kissing his soft lips that moments ago I was kissing. I felt something in my chest. I started getting really dizzy and light headed. Emma looked at me. She said something but I didn't hear everything was muffled. Then black, black...


I tried to open my eyes but they were heavy. It was hard but I slowly opened them. I saw white walls. Then Emma, then the boys, then Harry... "BELLA!!!" Emma yelled. "Are you okay.!?" She asked. I looked around. "Nope! I wish your mom never bought those stupid concert tickets!" I mumbled. She looked at me. "But we met them! Bella we really met them.! You met Harry!!" She said. I laughed. "Yeah and I wish I didn't!" I said. Niall stood up. "You say that why?" He asked. "Oh I don't know? Seeing someone you just kissed kiss someone else, someone you just told them you loved them see someone else tell them that." Niall looked at his feet. Zayn and Louis stood up. "We need some air." They said. "Me too!" Liam chimed in. Harry stood up. He walked over. I turned my head. "Go away! Shoo shoo!" I said. He laughed. "Shoo shoo? What are you 5?" He said jokingly. I rolled my eyes. "Stop I'm mad at you.!" I said. "I have a perfect song for this!" Emma said. She grabbed her phone and put on I Knew You Were Trouble, I laughed. "Yeah perfect!" I said. Harry rolled his eyes. "Who was that girl Harry?" I asked. "Kendall..." Was all he said. I already knew who she was now. Kendall Jenner. I just stared at him. "I'm sorry Bella I already yelled at her." He said. Emma laughed. "Bella it's true! Harry has a side of him you NEVER wanna see!" She said still laughing. Me and Harry stared at her. "What? I was trying to lighten the mood!" She piped. Harry looked at me. I looked into his eyes and immediately regretted it. They had love, hurt, trust in them. "Please Bella," He said. "Promise it won't happen again?" I asked. He smiled and I laughed. God how much I love that smile! "Yes! Yes, I pinky promise!" He held out his pinky and I wrapped it around mine. "Well sorry Bella not to leave you here or anything but I gotta go. So do the boys..." She said. "But I'm staying.!" Harry said grabbing my hand. I smiled. "Thank you!" I said. "What should I sing?" He asked. I laughed "What?" I asked he smiled. "Your a Directioner isn't this your dream? I wanna sing to you! Pick a song!" He said still smiling. "Hmmm, Over Again?" I asked he nodded. I smiled. After he was done he looked at me. "This isn't real..." I said. He looked at me. "It's to good to be true, I'm waiting to wake up to my alarm." I said. "Well this isn't a dream." He said smiling. "Neither is this." He slowly moved his lips closer to mine. He gently kissed me. Then he pulled away. I blushed and smiled. I never imagined this would ever happen.


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