The Summer Of 2014

Today is Bella and Emma's last day of school and then the One Direction concert! They've waited for this concert since January! Now it's finally here! But something tells me that there's gonna be summer love! But that's the thing about summer love... It never lasts
*Finished* new book! The Fall Of 2014


24. 20. Wait What

Bella's p.o.v

This is crazy... You wake up in a hospital and they say your boyfriends Harry Styles!? And Niall Horan is my bestfriend.? I don't think I could EVER forget that... But there's like, a little voice in my head saying "Stay away from Harry..." What's that supposed to mean? I'm so confused! I just wish I had a little bit of memory though... I mean wouldn't you wanna remember kissing Harry Styles? I went on Twitter and a ton of famous people we're saying "Get Better!" Or "I'm so sorry!" What exactly happened? I was supposed to be just a small town girl.. I mean, actually I don't know what I mean, my head is spinning around in circles.


It's been a week since I woke up, the doctor said I had a surprisingly quick recovery, me and Emma were packing up my stuff so I could leave, Harry was helping too, he hadn't left my side since the day I woke up. "Ignore the paparazzi! Okay?" Harry warned. I nodded, Emma frowned, "They're EVERYWHERE! Your like the biggest thing everyone's talking about right now," she said. I looked confused, then I remember. I'm supposably "famous". I nodded and walked to the front desk to check out. We walked outside and I saw a ton of people, I waved and smiled, we got in Harry's car and started driving home,

*Skip boring car ride*

We walked up to the house, I opened the door and my mouth dropped, Kylan, Abi, Houston, Sarah, and Emalie were here. I dropped my bags, "What are you guys doing here?" I asked. They laughed and hugged me, I walked over to Kylan. "Hi," I said as I looked at my feet. "Bella, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have hurt you like that. I'm sorry Bella. You were right Maddi was only gonna hurt me. Bella, your the one I wanna be with..." He said. I looked around and saw everybody staring at us, Harry looked angry as hell... I looked back at Kylan. "Kylan, I don't- No, I can't, I won't do this! You hurt me." I said, it was taking everything in me to tell him no, I know I had an amazing guy, Harry. But Kylan was my first love, I still loved him. Kylan grabbed my face and kissed me. Sweetly, soft, nice, I tried to get away but he was to strong. Emma ran over to me and Kylan, "You need to go Kylan! Bella, you need to see Harry, he's outside in the backyard..." She said dragging Kylan away. Tears were in my eyes. I looked at the others, they had shocked expressions,

I ran past them outside to my backyard, I saw Harry crying standing by my tree, he hadn't noticed me yet. I ran up to him. He looked up at me, "Harry..." I whispered. He looked at me and laughed, "I was afraid you would do that! I can't believe you... How could you? I loved you! How dare you!?" He yelled, tears streamed down my face. "Loved.?." I whispered. "Bella, we're done, through, OVER!" He screamed and walked towards his car, "Harry! Stop your breaking me please!" I yelled, then I remembered, I was in this exact moment with Kylan... He got in his car and drove off.

I fell to the ground, what just happened? What the hell did I just do!? I hugged my knees to my chest, Emma walked out and her face shocked... "Did he-" I cut her off by nodding. Tears formed in her eyes. "I wanna be alone. Can you have everyone go home?" I asked, she nodded.


It had been a 4 weeks since Harry broke up with me, I got my memory back. Me and Taylor wrote a song, I was going on tour with her as her opening act. I became a singer, I got a album, I got signed and now I was going to start my career! Me and Selena, Austin became good friends, we do everything together! Kylan never talked to me again after that day... I'll never forget Harry... I loved him more everyday that passed by... It was the end of August... Summer was practically over... I'll never forget my summer love with Harry though... It was an amazing experience.. But summer love never lasts... This was my summer...





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