The Summer Of 2014

Today is Bella and Emma's last day of school and then the One Direction concert! They've waited for this concert since January! Now it's finally here! But something tells me that there's gonna be summer love! But that's the thing about summer love... It never lasts
*Finished* new book! The Fall Of 2014


2. 2. Night At The Hotel

Bella's p.o.v

We arrived at the restaurant. Harry opened the door for me. "Oh thanks!" I said smiling. He shook his head. "Oh no problem!" He smiled. God his smile could light up the entire world! We walked in and ordered a table. We all sat down as two girls came up to us. "Will you sign this for us?" One of them asked. They nodded. The other girl looked at me and laughed. "Cough cough slut!" She said. I looked at her. I stood up from my seat when Emma grabbed my arm and pulled me down. "No Bella! Not here not now!" She said. I rolled my eyes. "Whatever.." I mumbled under my breath. "Thank you!" She said smiling.


It was time to go home, we all got inside the Limo and headed home. We all got out of the limo and walked into the hotel. Someone was calling me on my phone and I answered it and walked away from everybody else.

"Hello?" I asked

"Hey it's me Kylan! Can we talk?"


"I know I said I loved you and stuff but I love Madi more so. Don't talk to me anymore. Don't look at me. Don't call or text me. Just forget about me."

Then he hung up. I walked over to Emma, tears streaming down my face. Everybody turned and looked at me. "We're going home." I said. Emma looked at me. "What Why?" She asked. "K-Kylan..." Was all that would come out. She looked at me. "No baby no! We're standing here talking to the most amazing boys in the world! Your dating one! Forget him!" She said. I shook my head. "You don't get it do you?" I asked. She shook her head. "I'm sorry?" She said. I walked outside crying. I fell to the ground. I felt a hand on my shoulder. "What?" I asked. "Come here..." He said. I grabbed me and pulled me in a hug. I looked into his green eyes. "Now can you tell me who Kylan is?" He asked. "The boy I was inlove with." I replied. Harry broke the hug. "Would you like to tell me why you said was? And not is?" He asked. "He was the boy I loved so much, but then there's Madi who he likes. He never loved me he always loved her. I was gonna commit suicide because of the things they said to me and did. Then Emma made me listen to your music... Things changed. Things seemed okay for awhile... But then he said he hated me... And well here I'm..." I said crying... "Did you cut?" He asked with tears in his eyes. I gulped and nodded. He looked at my arms. He ran his fingers over my scars, I flinched. "Does that hurt.?" He asked pulling his hand away. "A little..." He softly grabbed my arm and kissed every scar. "Please never ever do this again." He said. "I can't promise-" he cut me off. "Okay, then I want you to cut my arm instead of yours." He said. "I can't hurt you like that-" I stopped and looked at him. "Promise me..." He asked. I nodded and started crying. He hugged me and softly sang What Makes You Beautiful in my ear. I laughed and smiled. "Do me a favor.?" He asked. I looked up at him. "Tell Kylan that your new boyfriend is Harry Fucking Styles and he fell inlove with you the moment he saw you in front row with your eyes closed singing what makes you beautiful." My mouth dropped. "Oh and that he loves you with all his heart!" I stared at him in disbelief. "Actually! Hand me your phone," he said. I did as I was told and handed him on my phone. He grabbed it and dialed a number. "Hello?" Pause "This is Harry," pause "Harry Styles" pause "Don't fuck with the girl I'm inlove with I swear to god if you touch her or even look at her I will kill you! You understand?" Pause "Good!" He hung up the phone. "He's all taken care of!" He said. I smiled. "Now follow me Love!" I nodded as we walked to his car. We got in as he started driving. I looked at the window. I could tell Harry was looking at me. "You know I meant every word I said back there?" He said. I turned my head to face him. I looked at my hands. "You know that right?" I looked him in the eyes. "You know, I'm not sure I do. Your famous. I'm a small town girl who's really sensitive. You've had a lot of girlfriends so I'm not sure, Harry I've never felt like this before... Besides Kylan... But I'm not sure that I love you. I want to say I do. I want to be with you. I really do! But I'm not sure I do..." I said looking away from him. He sighed. "A lot of girls say that... But I'm not a heart breaker... I'm not what the tabloids say I'm... I'm a nice guy." He said tightening his grip on the steering wheel. I looked at him. "I know your not. I'm a Directioner. You keep forgetting that. I know who you are," I said laughing. He smiled. "Yeah I forgot you were a Directioner." He said. "Always will be!" He looked at me. He smiled. We stopped driving and we were at a empty beach. He got out of the car. I opened my door. But he came over and pushed me in and shut the door. Then opened it and helped me out. "What was that all about?" I asked. He smiled. "A lady isn't supposed to open her door. A gentleman is!" I smiled and laughed. We walked down the beach hand in hand. He started singing They Don't Know About Us, I smiled. "That's my favorite song." I said. He smiled "They don't know about the things we do, they don't know about the I love you's" I said smiling. He laughed. He looked at my lips then my eyes then my lips again while biting his. He pulled my waist closer to him and softly pressed his lips against mine. He pulled away and smiled. "I wanted to do that all night..." He said.

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