The Summer Of 2014

Today is Bella and Emma's last day of school and then the One Direction concert! They've waited for this concert since January! Now it's finally here! But something tells me that there's gonna be summer love! But that's the thing about summer love... It never lasts
*Finished* new book! The Fall Of 2014


13. 12. He Just Left

Bella's p.o.v

I looked all over, no Harry... The Grammy's was already over. I saw Austin chatting with Selena. I ran over to them. "Austin! I can't find Harry! Anywhere!" I said. Selena looked at me. "Bella... He left." She exclaimed. I stared wide eyed at her. "You don't know why do you?" She asked. I shook my head. "Bella, he left you..." Selena said. I stood there. I didn't know what to say... I could fell tears forming. "What do you mean?" I asked. Austin looked at Selena. "You sang a song about him in front of him with his ex... He also got mad at you because he was jealous that you were hanging out with me..." Austin said. I felt tears come down my face. "Let me give you a ride home..." Selena offered. I nodded as I said goodbye to Austin. We walked to her car and she dropped me off. I got out and thanked her for the ride. I walked inside and saw Emma. She looked at me and pointed to my room. I walked inside and saw a letter on my bed. I walked over and picked it up. What I read put tears in my eyes...

Dear Bella,

I loved you... You embarrassed me.! In front of EVERYBODY! How could you? You sang a song about me with my ex in front of everybody... This was a mistake... Kylan was right.

Please Hate,


I sat there on my bed crying. I picked up my phone. I called Harry.


"No Bella."

"Harry wait I can explain!"


"Harry? Please!! Don't hurt me like Kylan! I can't go through that again Harry..."

"Meet me outside then..."

He hung up and I walked to my front porch and saw Harry.

I ran up to him and hugged him. But he pushed me. "No, I'm not here for this. You wanted to explain. Explain.." He looked at me. "I'm so sorry... I didn't know it would hurt you. It wasn't my idea!" I said. I started crying. "No no no please Bella don't cry!" He begged. I started crying harder. I tried to stop but I couldn't. He hugged me. "I'm sorry... I won't ever hurt you again." He hugged me tighter. "I promise..."

I tensed up. How was this real? I was a nothing!!! Harry was famous and nice and an amazing boyfriend! I was just a toy that he would throw out once he got bored. I didn't want that. I'm pretty sure no girl did. Then that note flashed back in my head "Kylan was right." That pissed me off. "No Harry! Taylor Swift was right." I said walking inside slamming the door in his face. "Bella??" Emma asked. I looked at her. "Yes?" She took a deep breath. "Bella that's Harry Styles you just broke up with-" I cut her off. "No! I don't even care if he's a celebrity! Okay Emma!? I'm not boy band crazy anymore!!!" I said walking in my room. I pulled out my phone from my back pocket. I clicked on Taylor's contact. I pressed call and waited for an answer.


"Hi Taylor it's Bella! Wanna go to the mall?"

"Haha need some girl time?"

"Little bit!"

"Okay! I'm on my way."

"K bye!"I hung up and after about 7 minutes I saw her car pull up. Harry was on the sidewalk pacing when he saw me. He ran up to me after I stepped out on my porch. "No Harry I need girl time!" I said pointing to Taylor as I walked to her car and got in. We drove off to a mall in Hollywood.

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