What happens when you feel everything just go... numb? When you've passed the anger, the pain, and the suffering, and you just sort of sit there, staring blankly at a wall. You wonder what can bring you from this unbearable feeling. What makes it go away? When does it all stop? Ava Foster hasn't always had the best life. This is her life. This is her story.


4. Early Moring Start

Ava's P.O.V.

I open to my eyes and smile before getting out of bed. I start to unpack my things into the chest of drawers. I look at the note in the bottom of my backpack and the envelope of money. I don't want to use it unless I absolutely have to. I take the envelope and the note and put it in the back of my underwear drawer. I don't even want to think about that note right now. That woman drives me insane and I don't even know her! I finish putting my things away in the bedroom and bathroom before heading into the kitchen. Kelsey is there, and when she see's me, she smiles.

"Hey, I made some tea if you want." I nod politely and look around for a cup, some milk, and some honey. I sit on one of the four kitchen chairs and Kelsey and I engage in a light conversation.

"Do you know your way around?" I ask. "Like, any good places for a job?" I squint a bit.

"Yea, I know that there is a bar a couple blocks away that is hiring." She says, still smiling. "It's quite popular. Here, I'll give you the directions" I nod and go to my room to get ready for the day. I see a set of keys on the counter in the kitchen with my name on the tag and assume they are the keys to the apartment. I take them and slip them into my bag, before leaving. I follow Kelsey's directions to the pub and ask to speak to the manager, giving her my resume. She introduces herself as Mary.

"Well," She says, quickly looking over it. "We have been quite busy. And you look like you have some good experience here. Would you like to come into my office and talk about it?" I smile and nod at her. I've really been trying to make a good first impression lately. Not that I care, I just don't want to be a bitch to everyone right off the bat (unless of course they deserve it). We go into her office and talk for about 30 minutes. We decided that I would work on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights from 5-11. Not too bad. I get 8 pounds an hour, which is more than fine with me, on top of tip. For my clothes I just have to wear a black t-shirt and jeans or something, simple. So my first day is, well, tonight considering it's a Tuesday. I shake Mary's hand and thank her once more before heading out. Just as I open the door, someone coming the opposite way bumps into me.


"Hey, watch it." I say and look up to the man. He is tall with a black quiff and brown eyes. He looks about my age. He has a bit of a stubble on his face and tattoos cover his arms. He looks like a prick at the least. Carrying his leather jacket in his hands and his back pack swung over one shoulder while he bits his bottom lip between his teeth.

"Wouldn't count on it darlin'." He smirks at me and walks towards the bar. I scoff at him and roll my eyes before I walk of there. Hopefully he isn't a regular here.

I walk around a bit and head into a Mark & Spencer's. I get all of the essentials from what little money a have. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, cream, a black, v-neck t-shirt for work, and some food. I pay for my items before returning home. I love the way that sounds. Home. I don't think Kelsey is here.  I go into the kitchen and make myself a snack. I go back into my room and sit on the bed, organizing my things for school.I have five courses this semester: Photography, Philosophy, and Creative Writing on Monday's  and Wednesday's and I have English Literature then Studio time on Tuesdays and Fridays. I'm not really sure what 'Studio time' is, but it's mandatory, so I guess I will just have to figure it out.

Before I know it, it's almost time for me to start work. I race around the room and grab the black t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans, pulling them on before brushing my teeth and slipping on my converse and my black leather jacket, the most expensive piece of clothing I own. Actually, I got it at an H&M on sale, but who cares? I grab my bag and my keys before heading out the door. I rush over to the pub and get there just in time.

"Hey Mary" I say to her and smile, or at least try to. I guess it was enough cause she smile back.

"Right, okay so do you know how to bar tend?" She asks and I nod. "Okay, so we will start you up at the bar with Mike. He's working the same shift." I walk over to the bar area and see a tall guy with brown hair and fair skin preparing all of his items. When he notices me, he looks up and smiles. He has blue eyes. They are gorgeous.

"Hi, I'm Mike, you must be Ava?" He questions and shakes my hand.

"Yea, hi." I say and walk into the bar area. Mike hands me a half apron with pockets and I tie it around my waist. The place is empty for the first half an hour, but around 5:30, I hear the door bell ring.

"Hey Zayn! Back again?" Mary says to the customer.

"Yea." Just by the voice, I can tell who it is and my thoughts are verified when I see the prick walk around the corner and sit on one of the bar stools. Mike gestures with his head to go and take his order. I take a deep breath and walk over to him.

When he see's me, he smiles greedily and looks me up and down. He is disgusting. I roll my eyes a bit and open my mouth to speak.

"Hi, what can I get you." I say, trying my best to smile at this prick.

"Umm, I'll take a pint of Guinness..." He pauses and smirks. "and your number." Ok, that draws the line. This guy is such and asshole. I get his drink and give it to him, ignoring his snide comment.

"Hey babe, I'm waiting." He call out to me.

"Unfortunately that's not on the menu." I say and smile at him and walk away.

"He's a regular here." Mike says to me as we lean against the wall.

"Well that's just great." I say and roll my eyes. I feel his eyes on me.

"Yea, he never leaves without a...partner." Mike says. "He is pretty well known around here."

"I couldn't imagine why." I say, trying to make my sarcasm as obvious as possible.

"Well, I'm just saying. Be careful with him. He likes to get what he wants." Mike warms me.

"He won't be a problem." I say blankly. I stare back over to Zayn and meet his hazel gaze. He leans back onto the back of his chair and rests is elbow there. He looks me up and down, like he is trying to see through me or something. What an ass.


Zayn's P.O.V.

I look her up and down, undressing her with my eyes. She is new around here. I want her. More than usual. She's feisty, and I like that. The only problem is, is that she's not afraid to say 'No'... and that only makes me want her more. I will get her. Just like every other girl. It doesn't matter to me what happens after I fuck them. Only that I do. I do, then I leave them in the dust. That's how it is. That's how it always has been, and how it always will be. Except for Rachel. She's different. The only one to ever love me. The only one I will always go back to. I finish my beer and leave a 10 on the counter before grabbing my leather jacket and storming out of there. I need to to see her.

I get into my range rover and drive there. 15 minutes outside of London is where she stays. Where she will remain until I join her. I get out of the car and lock it before walking through the field. Where she is waiting for me. I sit in front of her cross-legged and stare. At the cold stone and the dark writing that she will always be remembered by.

In Loving Memory

Rachel McMorrow

Remembered Always and Never Forgotten

Her grave lies before me. A picture of her, still remains. I will forever belong to her, as my heart and soul was taken with her the night that she left. It's my fault, and I am stuck here, waiting for the day when I will be taken too. When I can stop hurting.



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