Bradford bad boy's sister

Zayn and the boys are on break from tour and there staying at the Malik's house
What happens when a certain Irish boy meets Zayn's sister?
Is it love at first sight?
Will Zayn ever approve?


3. you've changed

Angel's (p.o.v.)

I got up and Zayn studied me he looked at all my tattoos and gauges I went up stairs and grabbed a cigarette I went on the balcony and took a long drag Zayn came up to me and said " you've changed Angel " I nodded and said " well when your only brother leaves you've got to stick up for yourself " he sighed and said " I remembered you use to wear dresses everyday and said no to tats and smoking " I I took a drag and said " well I decided I need to change I never felt comfortable in the girly stuff so I went on the edge side " he nodded and he is the first person to understand finally

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