Bradford bad boy's sister

Zayn and the boys are on break from tour and there staying at the Malik's house
What happens when a certain Irish boy meets Zayn's sister?
Is it love at first sight?
Will Zayn ever approve?


2. Stuck in a bowl?

Angels (p.o.v.)

Well in a few minutes Zayn should be here I grabbed my ripped skinny jeans my black v-neck and my black Jordan's and threw them on I grabbed my obey snap back and my creature skateboard and headed to the skate ramps out side in the backyard and yes we have a skatepark in the back yard me and Zayn loved skateboarding so much that we designed it I started skating slowly then I went into the giant bowl and started skating around the edges I did a few tricks then I heard someone yell " ANGEL!!!" And I crashed into the side of the bowl then I heard someone yell " SHIT " I moaned in pain then my stupid brother was right in front of me with the rest of one direction Zayn asked " are you ok " I replied " ya I'm fine I just crashed into the side of the bowl and possibly have a concussion but I'm ok " note the sarcasm he sighed and said " oh good I thought you were hurt " the boys chuckled I rolled my eyes and slowly sat up I grabbed my board and stood up Harry said " your really good at skating " I replied " thanks " I climbed up the bowl and so did Zayn but we had a little trouble getting Niall Liam and Harry out Louis new how to get out but these three idiots did not it took a lot of energy and sandwiches but we got Niall out then Liam well we just threw a spoon and he jumped out and well Harry I grabbed his boots and well he climbed out and now we are all laying down exhausted it took us a good 3 hours to get them out but it still wasn't worth it ugh

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