Bradford bad boy's sister

Zayn and the boys are on break from tour and there staying at the Malik's house
What happens when a certain Irish boy meets Zayn's sister?
Is it love at first sight?
Will Zayn ever approve?


4. MOVIE NIGHT and feelings

Angels (p.o.v.)

I was texting my boyfriend Jacob when Zayn said " hey An can you go with Niall to go get pizza for the movie night he can't go by himself he will eat it before he gets home " I looked over at Niall and he was blushing I nodded and slid my phone in my back pocket. Me and Niall then started walking he asked me " so um well to formally introduce myself I'm Niall James Horan " I looked over and he stuck out his hand I shook his hand and said " well hello Niall James Horan I'm angel Grace Malik " he smiled we walked into the pizza place and I went up to Jacob because he was working here I turned to Niall and asked " what pizza do we get " he looked at the piece of paper and said " 2 cheese 2 pepperoni 2 meat lovers and that's it " I nodded and Jacob looked back and forward I said " my brothers back and we are having a movie night you can come over if you'd like after work " he nodded we payed and headed home. When we got home we settled everything down and there was a nock at the door I answered it and it was Jacob I smiled and called Zayn over then I said " Zayn this is Jacob my boyfriend Jacob, Jacob this is Zayn my brother " they shook hands and we went to the living room

Niall's (p.o.v.)

I sat at the end of the couch and I looked over at angel and Jacob and she was cuddled up into his chest and he was playing with her hair she looked up at him and he looked down at her and what happened next broke my heart.....they kissed I wish I was him so I could tell her how much I love her ever since I've seen a picture over and when we actually met I think I fell in love

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