Bradford bad boy's sister

Zayn and the boys are on break from tour and there staying at the Malik's house
What happens when a certain Irish boy meets Zayn's sister?
Is it love at first sight?
Will Zayn ever approve?


6. MORNING PRANK!!!!!!!!

Angels (p.o.v.)

Me and Louis woke up before everyone and decided to pull a prank I grabbed liquid white glue and put it all over my brothers hair then we hid all the food in Louis' car then we hid Harry's clothes and just left his shoes then we surrounded Liam in spoons and I had my own special prank for Louis. I yelled " LOUIS CONE IN THE KITCHEN FOR A SECOND " it's then when he opened the door a bucked of melted chocolate came pouring down just then the boys came slipping in Liam had spoons taped all over him Zayn had glue in his hair Niall was panicking over that there was no food Harry only had boxers on with his boots and Louis and all the others looked pissed Louis opened his arms and came running to me I squealed and started running he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and swung me around I laughed and he set me down he hugged me from the front and now we were all covered in chocolate this was the best morning ever.

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