"I'm trusting you on this."

Grace's parents are going on a 3 month business trip. That means Grace gets to go to London and stay with her cousin... Harry Styles, and the rest of One Direction. But what happens when she falls in love with one of them and he breaks his promise?


2. His house

Grace's P.O.V.

We pulled up into the driveway of a beautiful mansion. "Oh my gosh Harry! Is this where you live?!?!" "Yep! And this is also where you will be living for the next 3 months!" He said. I still couldn't believe that I was staying with One Direcion; let alone 5 boys for 3 months. "You ready to go upstairs and meet the lads?" Harry said happily. "Yeah!" I exclaimed. Harry grabbed my bags and we walked into the front door and I couldn't believe my eyes! It was a beautiful house with an enormous kitchen, in which I saw a blonde haired boy sitting down and eating cookies. "Niall!" Harry whispered. "Whaaaaaat?!" He replied with his mouth full. "My cousin is here!" "Oooohh! I want to meet her!" Niall said. "Hi nice to mee-" I started but he pulled me into a hug. I kind of liked it... "I'm Niall!!!" He said cheerfully. "I'm Grace" I said. He let go of me and then went back to his midnight snack.

Niall's P.O.V.

Harry's cousin was beautiful! I pulled her into a huge hug but I hope it didn't startle her. The rest of the boys are sleeping so they will meet her tomorrow. Harry said he was going to bed and told me to show Grace her room. I looked over and saw Grace sleeping on the couch. I didn't want her to wake up and not know where she is, so I slept on the other side of the couch because we have a sectional or an L-shaped couch. Grace was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen! With her dirty blonde hair and emerald eyes, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. I grabbed 2 blankets and laid one over Grace's petite body, and then laid down and pulled the blanket over me as well. I drifted off into a deep slumber, with Grace next to me.

Author's note-

Hiiiiii!! I hope u guys like this chapter! I promise I'll make the next one longer :) do u think Niall will ask Grace out? Comment what u think of it so far in the comments!:)

xx Olivia

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