"I'm trusting you on this."

Grace's parents are going on a 3 month business trip. That means Grace gets to go to London and stay with her cousin... Harry Styles, and the rest of One Direction. But what happens when she falls in love with one of them and he breaks his promise?


1. Excited

Grace's P.O.V.

I was so excited. My mom was driving me to the airport because I was going on a trip. This trip happened to be taking me to London. I was staying with my cousin, Harry Styles.My parents had to go on a huge work trip together and when they asked me where I wanted to go, I immediately said Harry's. You see, Harry and I were really close and even though he was in the most famous boy band in the world, he still wanted me to come and see him in London. "I can't wait to see Harry!" I said to my mom. "Just don't go around kissin' those bandmates of his!" She replied. I had completely forgot about what Harry had told me. I would be staying with him... But also his 4 other mates for 3 months.

~after the plane ride~

I hopped out of my seat and my legs hurt. 6 hours is a long time to be sitting down. I thanked the flight attendants and walked into the airport. There were very few people there, probably because it was 11:30 p.m. there. I heard a British accent that I would know who it was from miles away. "HARRY?!?!" I screamed. A few people shot me glares but I didn't care. "GRACE!!" He yelled back. I ran up to My cousin and gave him a big bear hug; so big he almost fell over. "Hah. Sorry I'm just so happy to see you!!" I said while still in his warm embrace. "Don't worry you are fine! I missed you so much!" He replied. "So no paparazzi this late?" " Nah. They don't come around taking pictures at this time." He answered. "Well I'm kinda glad they weren't here because I wouldn't have been able to give u a huge hug!" I said. He smiled from ear to ear and hugged me tightly one last time.

Harry's P.O.V.

I was so excited to see Grace and but I was a little startled by her big hug-tackle. She was my most favorite cousin and I couldn't believe that she got to stay with the lads and I for 3 months!! "I'll help you with your luggage." I offered. "No it's fine!" She said. "Come on! Pleeeeeeaaaassseee!!!" I insisted. Instead of begging her more, I just grabbed her bags and ran. "Harry!!!! Come back!!" She yelled. I felt bad so I waited for her to catch up. "That was s-" She started. Then all of the sudden, she grabbed the bags and raced me to my car. I loved my cousin. "You little stinker!" I teased. "Gotcha again Styles!" She said. We drove home and she told me about how she was so excited to see me and how she really wants to meet the boys. "That one Niall is pretty cute in the pictures I've seen!" She said playfully. "Ooooohh! Someone's got a crush!" I teased. She gave me a playful glare but then we ended up laughing about it. But I did wonder if she was gonna act different around Niall or just be her normal self.

Authors note- Hi!! Sorry it's short but hope u guys like it so far!! It's my first movella! xx


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