I need You. kian Lawley Story!

Courtney flys away from her place with her Bestfriend Charli. She goes to a party and meets a guy. (Kian) is it love? Is it hate? Is it the one???


9. ;) you

Kian's p.o.v

Im so upset Courtney's mad...still. She won't answer to everything I say yet she's giving me a chance. Why would she do that? Oh right. Charli kissed me. I'm glad I have her though. I could never be without her. She's amazing tho and I love her. "So-" I try talking to her but she cuts me off and walks upstairs! UGH!! "LISTEN. Courtney I'm not putting up with jack shit." "That's nice." She said it softly but I could still here. "EHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! YOUR GIVING ME A CHNACE BUT YOU WONT EVEN MAKE A CONVERSATION WITH ME!" "Whatever." She keeps walking upstairs. "WHATEVER!" I walked straight to the door grabbed my jacket put my shoes on and walked out the door. I slammed it behind me. "KIAN!" I heard her shout. "Kian, Kian, kian." She puts her hand on my shoulder.

"Sorry. I know ive been a bitch, but so have you. And You know it don't try and get out of it. Ever since I came here I've wanted to move away from the past. And I have, but bad things are happening after I get past the, you know what. Whatever." I think I just lost the best thing in the world forever. I was a butch but couldn't help it. She turns around and walks back into her house. The door shuts lightly. Tears escape my eyes.

"I love you." I wish I told her everyday.

Courtney's p.o.v

I shut the door lightly because well, I'm not someone who would slam the door in a persons face, mostly because Kian didn't deserve it. Well he kinda did but whatever. Maybe I should date his friend... No no no. I mean. Is it okay? Or not. I don't know. Tears escaped my eyes fast. I soaked before speaking.

"I love you." I wish I told him everyday. But I didn't. And it's too late to tell Him. It's to late to get him back. :( it's the end of us.

PLEASE READ!! Okay guys, so I was wondering if you want me to do a sequel kinda thing. So I will make a new book or chapter saying like maybe .. 6 years later and make chapters of what happens 6 years later, like if she moves or something. So I'm gonna be making that. So uhh yeh. Xox.

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