I need You. kian Lawley Story!

Courtney flys away from her place with her Bestfriend Charli. She goes to a party and meets a guy. (Kian) is it love? Is it hate? Is it the one???


5. Why Charli!- Chapter 5

I woke up at 11:30am. Kian wasn't in my bed and I got a bit worried. I was wearing a singlet only so I put on Kian's jumper that was xxL on me. I walked downstairs in my pj shorts that were black and my hair in a messy bun. Kian seemed to like that. "Morning babe." Holy crap. Kian Lawley called me babe! I love him so so much. But him loving me?? WHHHHAAAATTTTT? "Morning." He smiles at me before coming up to me and kissing me on the cheek. Charli was giggling and Ava wasn't home. "Something wrong Charli!?" "HAHAHAHAH! Nope. Everything's perfect." I looked at Kian. I walked away. Up the stairs into my bedroom. Kian follows me. "Courtney are y-" I cut him off my slamming the door shut. I say to myself. "What did I do! Take of this jumper because obviously it should belong on Charli!" I take the jumper off and throw it on the ground. He opens the door and walks in. "What do you mean it belongs on Charli!!!" He heard me ... "You like Charli! Charli made you kiss me and I know it! If you love her so much just have her!! Should've never went to that party!" "Why the party?" "Cause that's how I met you!!! REMEMBER!" "Oh yeah! CALM DOWN COURTNEY! I don't love Charli!! She didn't make me kiss you. I kissed you because I wanted to!" "You kissed me on the cheek! If you kissed me on the cheek and not be worried or whatever you would have kissed me on the lips!!" "Because I don't want to screw up Courtney!! Look your mine and only mine. Charli did say som-" "what did she say!?" "That she wants me to dump you for her." "Wait dump? We're together!!" I smiled. "Um if you wanna be?" "What are you saying?" "Haha. You want me to ask you the old fashion way." "Yepppp." "Courtney Liko Rose will you go out with me?" "YES!" I have him the biggest hug ever! He smiled and laughed. "Now will you put my jumper back on?" "Why Kian?" "Because you look so cute in an xxL jumper." "Fine. Hehe." We walked downstairs and saw Charli writing a letter. I looked at Kian madly. WhT is she doing! "Kian." "I swear. I didn't do anything." Charli dropped the pen, smiled and walked to her bedroom. Kian and I walked quietly to see the note. Charli had wrote the note to Kian. The not said.

"To Kian,

I hope we can be more than friends. Just dump Courtney for me. If Courtney ends up reading this. Sorry Courtney but he will be mine. Kian I love you. Be mine please!


"Can I move in with you?" I said. I regret how I said it. I said it so desperately. "I'll have to check with my mum." "Please Kian." I frowned and looked at my feet. Kian laughed. "Why are you laughing?" "Because your so adorable in my jumper." I smiled and hugged him. He hugged me back.

Kian's p.o.v

She hugged me and I hugged her back. She was going through so much shit. I needed to help her in some way. "Courtney I'm gonna call my mum. I'll ask her." "Okay thanks Kiki." I smile at Courtney and walk away. I called my mum. "Hey mum. Can my girlfriend move in? Only for a couple of nights! "Kian. Why can't she stay at home?" "That's why she wants to move." "Actually yes you can! She can! I was so happy! But why would mum say no then yes. "Why'd you change-" "Kian. I'm moving out." "Why?" "Because of my work. They need me to move overseas. Besides you will have...her name?" "Oh Courtney." "Ah Courtney. You will live with her!" "Thanks mum." "No worries. See you tonight. Tonight's my last night. I leave 12:30am." "Okay Seeya." "Bye." I hung up and went to Courtney. "Come tonight." "Yay!" I gave her a hug and smiled. She kissed me. I smiled more. "I love you." She says. "I like you too." "What?" "I was joking. I love you too!" "Kian. I was so worries for a sec!" "Get packing." "I will Kian. Come help me." We spent an hour packing her bag. Courtney say down and started tearing up. I stopped what I was doing and sat next to her on the bed. She hugs me. Her head on my chest. We heard Charli come in. I could tell Courtney wanted to punch Charli. "Court." "Charli I don't need to hear you talk. I'm moving in with Kian. His mums moving so GOODBYE." "Courtney. Please." "Seeya." I said nothing. I grabbed her suitcase to be a gentleman and we headed down stairs leaving Charli in Courtney's "room." We walk out the door. Courtney texts Ava. I felt bad for Courtney. I had to take care of Courtney.

Courtney's p.o.v

We walk out the door.I texted Ava.

Me- Ava. I moved out. Charli tried to still my boyfriend. I kept the note so if you want to see it you can. I'm no longer living with my Bestfriend or her sister. I have to depend on my boyfriend. Thanks for the like day or 2.

Ava- I want to see that note.

Me- Sure. When you get home, just text me.

Ava- I finished early. I'm in the car now. Where is your boys house?

Me- btw it's Kian. And he's next door.

Ava- OMG Kian Lawley. LUCKY!!

Me- I know.

Ava- I'll be there in 3 minutes.

Me- sure.

Ava- okay Seeya.

Me- Seeya.

"Kian. Ava is coming to your house just to see the note that Charli wrote. I don't care how much trouble she's in. No one will take me away from you. I know the man is meant to say that but. I'm saying it for you.

3 minutes later we are in the house watching Paranormal Activity 4. We get a knock on the door that scared both of us. We laughed and I went to open the door. It was Ava of course. "The note?" She said. "Here." I handed Ava the note. She was in shock. I started to cry. GET YOURSELF TOGETHER COURTNEY! Kian pauses the movie and walks up to me. He puts his arms around my waist from the back of me. He kisses my ear. "Courtney I'm so sorry. Charlis in trouble for sure." "Thanks Ava." "You two. Soooo cute!!" "Ahaa thanks." "Seeya." "Bye Ava."

Ava walks to her house and I shut the door. Kian let's go and sits on the couch looking at me while I walk over here. I sit down and watch the movie with Kian. The movie ended and we didn't know what to do. It wasn't late at night. It's now 2:00pm. Later that day we just cuddled and watched movies. It was 10:30pm and we decided to go to bed. I moved into the spare room that was next to Kian's.

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