I need You. kian Lawley Story!

Courtney flys away from her place with her Bestfriend Charli. She goes to a party and meets a guy. (Kian) is it love? Is it hate? Is it the one???


2. Plane Day- Chapter 2

Courtney's p.o.v

After we left the off I looked at Charli. She was smiling while texting someone. I got curious.

"Who you texting char?"

"Oh my friend who lives in California. She's having a party. She's inviting you and I! Isn't that great?"

"Oh that's so cool! Don't you think we will be a bit tired? Or something?"

"We have like 7 hours on this thing! Proba-" I cut Charli off.

"Charli. Shut up. Your too loud." I whisper to her. We looked at each other and laughed. She did have a point. I was excited bout the party But I don't know anyone. I pulled out my iPad and went on YouTube. I love how we have free wifi on the plane. I started to watch Our 2nd Life. I love Sam most. He is the babe! I started to get sleepy so I put my iPad back in my bag and zipped the bag up. Charli was texting her boyfriend Lawry. She was tearing up. I think I knew where this was going.

"Char-" I yawned. "Excuse me. Okay so what's wrong. Your tearing up."

"It's Lawry. I wasn't texting him. I was on his Instagram. He ... Well take a look."

I took her phone and looked at the video that Lawry posted on Instagram.

Lawry- "HEy guys so I'm here with my babe Britney! She's da bitch guys! Go watch our girlfriend/boyfriend tag on YouTube. Link is down below! Like and follow! Okay byeee!" *Kisses Brit*

"What a mo fo." I say to try and be funny. Charli giggles and cries again. I didn't know what to say or do. I wanted to sleep but she's my Bestfriend. She saw me yawn twice.

"Go to sleep Courtney. I know your tired." Charli says quietly. She's calming down. I smiled and she smiled back. I needed sleep so bad. I barley got sleep last night. Mostly from mum screaming and shouting at my brother. He moved away just like what I'm doing. Because of our parents. See look what they did. I needed to sleep this minute. From all that stress. I had to get a

I woke up and went to talk to Charli. She wasn't there. No one was. I smelt smoke coming from the top of the plane. I got up out of my seat and went towards the smell. It was a fire! I suddenly woke up. It was a dream. Thanks god for that. I looked next to me to see an Angel (Charli) sleeping. She looks cute when she sleeps. I went on my phone to see if I got any texts or anything.

3 new messages.




Hey guys so I hope my story is good so far!

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