I need You. kian Lawley Story!

Courtney flys away from her place with her Bestfriend Charli. She goes to a party and meets a guy. (Kian) is it love? Is it hate? Is it the one???


1. Morning Stress- Chapter 1

Courtney's p.o.v

I woke up and went straight into the bathroom. The bathroom is apart of my room btw. I fixed up my hair then went into my room to pick some of my clothes that I buy. Mum always buys me suits and jumpers. Like what "good", "innocent" people do. Like those good children. That go to church. She gets me those clothes. I like ripped shorts, short tops, vans, (Vans of the wall) and I like Lakers hats. Or something like that. Mum doesn't get me so today ... I'm leaving. Me and my Bestfriend are leaving to go to California. I think it's good. 1. No one knows I'm alive. 2. I get ignored. 2. I get shitty clothes. 3. My room looks like a 5 year old little girls room. 4. I pretend to like what my parents like. And I'm over it. And 5. I'm done with pretending and faking. I'm 18 I want to live my life free! I wanna be me. My Bestfriend Charli is coming with me. We are getting a taxi to the airport then ... We are done. We leave at 2:00pm and I'm pretty sure out flight leaves at 2:10pm. I'm really happy that I woke up at 12:30pm. Which was like 5 mins ago. Because I can get ready, tell my mum, then leave. I had a shower and washed my darky blondy brown hair and washed my body so I was clean and fresh. Because you never know what we are going to do when we get there. Charlis older sister lives there. Her names Ava. She's like 24. Charli and I are 18 almost on 19. By the time I got out of the shower it was 12:45pm. Long shower. I go into my room and put some ripped shorts on and a white baggy short top on aswell as a bra underneath. I put my black bounce socks on and got my sports girl bag out. I started to pack. I got all the clothes I bought and loved. I put alllll my vans in my bag and all my make up in too. I packed my laptop, phone, iPad and jewellery in my bag plus I put my favourite hair things in ma bag. I'm obsessed with how I look. I zipped the zipper and locked my door from behind me. I started to walk downstairs the time is now 1:15. I did my makeup in the downstairs bathroom with the bag on the 2nd last step of the staircase along with my black vans. Mum and dad were in bed. I hear mum get up. I brushed my hair after applying foundation, powder, tiny bit of blush, little eye shadow and some lip gloss. I brushed my straight brown hair into a high pony tail. I went info the kitchen to see mum making cereal. She then said

"Little dressed up for the morning him?" She said in a giggly voice.

"K." I didn't say anything. I was going to tell her when the taxi was out front with Charli inside.

"What's wrong?" Mum seemed concerned. First time in like 3 weeks. No seriously.

"Why do you care? You've been ignoring me for 3 weeks. Does it matter. Just because I'm dressed up you think something's wrong? But when I'm crying and asking you for help, you think it's just puberty and shit?! That's fucked up." I was getting mad. My dead blue eyes started getting tears. Why? I felt good after saying it.

"EXCUSE ME!" Mum yells waking step dad up. He comes storming into the kitchen and yells. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!!"

"NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS." I shouted. I finished my cereal. I walked to the kitchen table and sat there instead of the couch.

"Courtney?" My step dad said in his regular voice.

"Yes?" I reply scared and confused. He sounded nice.

"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? WHATCH YOUR MOUTH OR ELSE YOUR FUCKING SLUTTY ASS WILL BE GROUNDED!!!" He screamed and shouted at me. He didn't bare to take a breath. I just ignored it. In my head I was like fuck this shit. They barely care bout me. Fuck em.

"Will. Let's leave her alone. She's 18. She can find her own way. Seems like she knows what she's doing what her life." I heard my mum say to my STEP dad. I just looked on my phone that I was still holding. Checked the time. It's just about 2:00pm. Time goes fricken quick. I grabbed my bowl that still had food in it into the sink.

"Ah. Finish it." Mum says to me.

"No leave me alone. I'm not hungry." I say rudely.


"Did you not hear me? No. I'm not hungry." I had won already.

"Fucken hell. Whatever. Your a bitch aren't you?" My mum tried to fight it.

Just then my step dad says to mum. "She's probably a slut." I turned around and said

"IM NOT A SLUT, OR A BITCH!! IM NOT A CHEATER! IM NOT A BAD GIRL. IM THE MOST NICEST GIRL YOULL PROBABLY EVER MEET!!!!! JUST BECAUSE I DRESS LIKE THIS. DOSENT MEAN IM A FUCKEN MOTHERFUCKER! I LIKE WHO I AM BUT YOU CHOOSE TO IGNORE ME. SO DO THAT!" I shouted while being proud. I ran to the staircase and grabbed my shoes, put them on, I picked up my bag and said to mum and step dad.

"Im leaving." I said it proudly.

"Be back at 3:30pm." Mum said. She crossed her arms but had a calm voice.

"No I mean I'm leaving. Charli and I are going. On a plane." I said it. I felt rude and mean for saying it but they are so disrespectful to me. They don't give a shit about me.

Mum looked at Will. And responded. "No your not."

"Oh yes I am! You don't control my life." That second I walked out the door. Slamming it behind me. The taxi was here. I looked inside the back seat and saw my beautiful dark dark dark brown headed best friend Charli.

"Hey." Charli said as I shut the door after getting in the taxi.

"Hey, you ready?" I said so worried.

"Obviously. Let's do this." She was so happy.

We go to the airport at 2:06. We waited 2 minutes before leaving. At 2:08 we had to get on the plane. 2:10pm. We left. Cali here we come.

Sorry if this chapter is really long or really short. This story is about Kian Lawley not 1D but read my other fanfics because some are bout One Direction! Be a darling and fan me! Like aswell!

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