I need You. kian Lawley Story!

Courtney flys away from her place with her Bestfriend Charli. She goes to a party and meets a guy. (Kian) is it love? Is it hate? Is it the one???


6. Is this a joke to You? Chapter 6

Kian's p.o.v

"Morning." I heard a voice. I knew it was Courtney. I open my eyes to see my ex girlfriend Ashley. "Ashley! Why are you here!?" "To see you Kian." "How did you get in?!" "The door was open." "GET OUT!" I shouted too loud that Courtney came in my room. At this point Ashley was sitting in on top of me. "KIAN!?" Courtney shouted angrily. Shit. "COURTNEY! ITS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS-" "oh save it Kian." I literally pushed Ashley off me and ran to Courtney's room. I opened the door to see her packing her bag. "What do you think your doing Packing your bag?" I said to her. I felt so bad. I hurt her. "Idk. What do you think your doing with another girl!?" Fuckin Ashley!!! I hate her. I walked up to Courtney and stopped her from packing. I kissed her but she didn't try to kiss back. I could tell she's mad. "Courtney listen. She's my-" "girlfriend? Yeah saw that." "No!!! Ew. She's my ex tho. I dumped her because I found you. I met you and she made me realise, she is a bitch. Your so nice and gorgeous. She's Ashley." "BUT she's gorgeous!!" "Again. She's Ashley!" After I said that I heard Ashley shout out "YES KIAN?!" She walks out of my room and walks into Courtney's room. (The one Courtney and I were in.) "Ashley I hate you." "Excuse me babe." "Babe? Ew. I hate you. Stop it. This gorgeous lady right next to me is my BABE." "Your actually serious?" "Yes Ashley." "Your drunk. Haha. Love you." "I'm not drunk. Get out. Or." "Or WHAT!?" "I'll call the police for getting in my house." "FINE. GOODBYE." Ashley walks out of my house and slams the door. "Courtney. I'm sorry. Seeing that I hurt you. It hurt me. I never want to hurt you again. I promise I won't." "Hmm."

Courtney's p.o.v

"I love you." Kian says smiling. "Love you too." Why did I say that! I was soo angry at him. They words just flew out of my mouth. But I knew I meant it. "So Courtney. Unpack?" "Sure bub."

(3 hours later)

"Courtney?" "Yeh babe?" "Would you?" "Yes?" "Be my date?" "It's not a yes." "What?" "It's an OBVIOUSLY YES!" I hugged Kian and gave him a kiss. He's taking me on a date!!! I was so happy! That minute I got a text from my mother. I stop kissing Kian and answered the text.


Me- Somewhere you'll never look/go.


Me- Taking this to the police. Your so rude. I swear your not my mother.


Me- You never listen to me. No wonder I left you. Besides you have will.


Me- no you didn't. I have a boyfriend who really does love me.


Me- yep. *sends a picture of Kian*

Mum- ... Smart ass.

Me- thanks. Bye.

I put my phone down and realise Kian was watching the whole time.

"So when's are first date?" I felt bad for not socialising with Kian so I asked him in a cute Courtney voice. "Tonight." I smile at Kian and fall asleep while watching Titanic. It was pretty boring since I had watched it so many times! I woke me up a couple of hours later. It was all dark and I was getting creeped out. Where was Kian? Why was it dar- "hello Courtney." Kian cut my thoughts. I was so happy to see him. He was all dressed up in a tux and he had 3 bright red roses. He had a touch in one hand and roses in the other. "I remember when I first laid my eyes on you." A massive smile grew on me and I started to blush really badly. I think you could tell. "I remember spraying whipped cream over you." "Hahaha. YAAAASSSSSS." He chuckles. "Courtney." "Yes kian?" "Will You?" "Yes?" "Make me a sandwich?" What?! That was he was going to ask me?!? The lights turned on. Everyone was laughing. WHAT THE HELL??? I thought he was really going to ask me out? Harry Styles, Sam Pottorf even Trevor Moran was there!!! My smile faded. I looked at Kian. He was laughing. Not near me but he was close by. He stopped laughing when he looked at me. I started tearing up. I was definitely going to cry. It's already 6:30pm. I should've been in a beautiful dress or shorts. Never know. And wIth the guy I love. He watched my every step. "Courtney!" He shouted my name as I was half way up the stairs by now. Everyone was talking about how I actually believed it. I was so mad. I never wanted to see Kian again! I can't go home because of my mum. I can't go to my other home because Charli will try to steal Kian! And I can't leave here because I'll die out there. But I did it anyway. I heard footsteps get closer to the door. I quickly grabbed my phone, opened the window and climbed onto the tree branch. "Courtney? Whee are you Courtney?" I heard Kian's voice from the tree branch. I started to climb higher where I could see PERFECTLY through the window. I sAw Charli walk in. I heard them as well because the window was kinda open. "Kian Where is she?" "I don't know Charli, it was a joke at f-" my jaw dropped. She kissed Kian. I left the window open a tiny bit and when I started crying heavily... They heard me. Kian pushed Charli away and looked straight at me through the window. I looked away still crying heavily like I had just lost him. Well I did. "Courtney!" Kian screamed my name. I jumped off the branch onto the ground. I slipped a little and fell but I didn't care. I had to go. I was so pissed that the love of my life well thought my love of my life would ever cheat on me. He didn't seem to care that I was hurt, that she was I love with him.

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