I need You. kian Lawley Story!

Courtney flys away from her place with her Bestfriend Charli. She goes to a party and meets a guy. (Kian) is it love? Is it hate? Is it the one???


4. ❤️- Chapter 4

After spraying each other with whip cream, we went to clean up. He had whipped cream on his body and face. I only had it on my body. He flirted with me a lot so I'm obviously guessing that he likes me. After we cleaned up we had some drinks. I didn't want to drink alcohol but I didn't want to seem like a good girl. I wasn't trying to fit in. I mean if I didn't drink Kian won't like me. I think it's easier to just do it. Hours later I wasn't drunk neither was Kian. I told him I don't want to get drunk. I had 2 drinks. He had a few more then me but not that he could get drunk. I walked to Charli and Ariana. Kian follows. I didn't mind he seems to be nicer in life. "Charli I think we have to go. It's 2:00. It takes us 10 minutes to walk home." "Courtney calm down. We can leave soon." "Charli! We will get in so much trouble." "So what. Ava doesn't control us. Besides we can leave at 2:20. Ava finishes at 2:30 so if we leave at 2:20 and it takes 10 minutes to walk home. Then she will think we have been home. She normally comes home at 2:35am." I did agree with her. I turned around and saw Kian confused. "She doesn't control us? What was that?" He said to me concerned. "Oh can I tell u tomorrow or well later. Maybe we can catch up at like 11:30am. Today. (Since it's now the next day.) "um okay sure. Do you want me to walk you home?" "It's alright. You don't have to." "No but it takes 10 minutes to walk home aswell for me. So if you want me to I can." "Awh thanks Kian." I walked over to Charli while Kian said goodbye to his friends. "Charli, Kian is going to walk me home." "Why?" "Because I'm going to get in trouble. And he might sleep over aswell." "Okay. Ill see u later." "Seeya." Kian came over to me and we walked to my house. "That's your house? That's mine next to it." "No way." Kian Lawley lives next to me!! "I guess we will be neighbours!" I love his voice so much. I texted Ava. "1 second Kian." "Sure." Kian was on his phone. He was on tumblr.

Me- Can a friend of mine sleepover? His name is Kian.

Ava- Aren't you home yet!?

Me- Yes.

Ava- I hope so. I knocked off work early. I come home in 5 minutes.

Me- Oh why!?

Ava- Too many workers.

Me- Oh Okay. So can he sleep over?

Ava- As long as he isn't drunk.

Me- Yeah he's so nice and he's not drunk.

Ava- Okay. Yes he can sleep over. See you soon.

Me- K Seeya.

I texted Charli straight away!

Me- Charli!!! Ava knocked off work early! She comes home in 5 minutes! I told you we should be home on time!


Charli- I'm running home. Thank god I didn't drink!

Me- OKAY! Be careful!

Charli- Ill be fine!

Me- Kay!

I snapped to reality. "Kian." He puts his phone away. "Yes." "You can sleep over. My friend Charli is coming home now and so is Charlis sister Ava is coming home." "Okay. Tell me bout the thing?" "Okay. Let's go inside first." I unlock the door and we walk in. I shut the door and We walk upstairs to my room. We sit on my bed. "Okay so this is what's like you know happening. I moved away from my parents today. Well now yesterday. They ignored me and just hated me. They didn't try to stop me. Charli moved away aswell because she wants to. Her parents know. Ava is Charlis older sister and she works really late. This is Ava's house and now it's Charli and I's." "Ohh okay. You shouldn't move away. You should have tried to work-" I cut him off. "I did try. That didn't want to tho." "Oh well I'm sorry." "Don't be." Kian kisses my forehead. I here Ava slam the door. "WHY DIDNT YOU COME HOME WITH COURTNEY!!" She shouts at Charli and Charli Shouts back. "BECAUSE COURTNEY DIDNT WANT TO GET INTROUBLE. BESIDES SHE WAS WITH SOME GUY! I WAS HAVING FUN! WITH ARIANA!" "UGH!!! WHY ARENT YOU LIKE COURTNEY!!" "BECAUSE IM NOT COURTNEY!!!"

They go to their rooms and go to sleep. Kian sleeps in my bed and I do too. We puts his arm around my waist while I was lying on my side. I turn around and hug him. He hugs back. I had butterflies. I get them every time I do something with him of he kisses/hugs me. We drift of to sleep.

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