Blood halls: blood & tears

A young boy has been seperated from a band of survivors fighting against the many horrors in the labrynth but in his final, grizzly moments meets a being more evil than any creature he has seen.


1. Blood halls: blood & tears

Hey there, movellas this is my first ever publish so don't be too harsh but not to nice eitheir love where its due, hate where its due. If you could please leave a coment with some feedback on what you think of my story that would highly appreciated as i wrote this for two reasons: 1. i needed to vent and 2. i really wanted to publish something. So with no further a due..... read! It is your destiny! As the great words of Vader were.




Blood & Tears

William H Steelcrow brushed his long, blonde hair behind his ear and took in a deep breath. After that he mentally cured himself for still being obsessed with his own looks rather than the task at hand he also cursed himself for breathing so sharply. He turned his head round the corner and stared down the dark, damp stone hallway. Drips of water slithered out of the cracks in the stone ceiling and down the stone bricks onto the dirt floor. Whilst listening intently, he turned the corner and creeped down the hallway, sweat growing across the whole of his body. Rare torches lit the hallway and Will plucked one from the wall and held it as far from his body that was possible. He had never liked fire in fact he feard it but in a place like he was now it was the lesser of many evils. Eventually he came to a wooden door painted with scratches up and down with a a rusted knob. He opened it and just before he stepped into the room he slipped out his steel knife readying himself for what ever could possibly come. In the room there was one object: a box. Will rushed to it dropping the torch, the knife and prying the lock open with his fingers. Despite his run of rotten luck it clicked open, his heart quickening Will threw the box open and the first thing he saw was an axe. There was also cheese, grapes, berries and bread wrapped in leather pouches but no water. A furious rage overcame him and he threw the chest into a wall, a torrent of tears welted in his eyes and he let them stay there. He needed water more than anything because frankly his throat was so dry it felt as if it was burning, his mouth was shrivelling up and his body shook occasionally from the lack of the precious, cool water. Will wiped his tears back and cocked his head. He heard it again: a slow pitter patter of feet moving down the hallway. Moving towards the room. It was coming for him. Wills hands rushed through the air scooping up the food and his weapons and despite he really didn't want to he left the torch in the chest. He couldn't go out into that hallway with light now, not when he knew the creatures were on the move, beside someone else could have it. He stood with his back to the wall beside the open door, his axe in his right hand knife in the other for he wasnt going down with out a fight. It was then that he really wished he was with the other survivors for in times like these he needed support. Even if he was only with Jonah who barely spoke a word because just a human presence was all you needed to keep you sane, not normal though. The creature was five steps away form the doorway, he knew it. Four steps. Three steps. Two steps. One step. No steps. Will sprung from the corner, lunging at the tall, anorexic, dog-faced creature and stabbed with his knife. The knife dug into it's eye all the way down to the hilt but Will didn't stop to look at his handy work. Instead he sprinted down the hallway, ignoring the rage engulfed howl that followed him down the hallway and the aproaching, lumbering beast it came from. The axe slowed him down, he pondered for a split second of dropping it but it was too precious, too rare. He grasped his side out of breath and in pain, his lungs burning he needed to rest, but he didn't. Biting his tounge he jogged on and turned a corner, he fell to his knees and waited. When the creature came he would strike, he would kill it and he would live. He bit back his tounge and held his breath even though it burnt his lungs. He could hear the beast breathing. A shallow, sharp intale of breaths so fast it couldn't be possible, he looked up and saw ribs bulging out of tight, irritated skin. He roared and swung his axe and the beast's knee, he heard it shatter and stumbled to the side. Blood and shattered bone exploded out of the beast's leg but still it came towards him. It flexed its fingers, Will saw it's claws glint like glass for just half a second before a gash of blood sprayed from his face. His cheek was torn and tattered, his right eye stung intensly and a fast, steady stream of blood flowed freely from the remmanets of his nose. He licked his lips, they were bleeding too. Another flash of light but this time Will was expecting it, he ducked and the razors sliced through only his hair. He jumped back swinging his axe to keep distance. The beast pounced and Will's axe clattered to the floor, he hacked at the creature's stomach and his bones and his ribs but none of it, none of it, was of any use. It's claws slipped through his flesh and glided through his stomach scraping his guts. And then it dropped him to the floor. He looked up and watched as it walked away down the hallway. He looked down to his stomach, he looked away. His efforts were in vain but he didn't cry for he had survived longer than others could even imagine. This was his reward: a peaceful, quiet, secluded death on his own, free of those sick creatures and the other surviviors. One last moment of peace, he thought, before i die. "Not yet, i'm sorry," an almost silent, female voice whispered. Will glanced up and stared at a girl his age, around 15, in a white dress with red decorative flowers sown into it. The dress reached her ankles and was completly plain except for the red flower patterens. She kneeled beside him and Will almost flinched. He didn't instead his arm leapt up, the knife diving for her throat but she caught his wrist, stopping it inches from her flesh. She pulled the knife from his grip and delicatly layed it onto the floor. She wasn't human, Will felt a sick feeling in his heart, something he hadn't felt when facing every creature in this labrynth, she was wrong. She smiled and stroked his hair whilst smiling sweetly. When he was with the other surviviors they had told stories although he didn't believe them then he ceartantly did now. She pushed a flock of hair behind her ear and Will saw asingle tear leave a trail down her cheek which fell from her chin and landed onto the floor that was drowning in his blood. She stroked his cheek with the back of her hand and whispered "Do you want some water?" He blinked and nodded. She reached behind and pulled out a leather water bottle. She brought it to his lips and poured cool, refreshing water down raw throat. He sighed and she took his hand, he glanced up. She was beautiful, unlike anything he had seen, her hair raven black, eyes starling blue with skin like snow. "What are you?" His voice cracking.

"You don't want to know," she leaned down and kissed his cold lips but he had died in the time it took her to answer. His lips were starting to grow blue and she felt a shift in the air, she shivered and felt him recede into the unknown a place she had thought about often in her life. What was her judgment to be when she left this world? Who would judge her? Would they understand what it was like to live this way, to walk these halls and pick your food like you would at a dining table? No, they wouldn't. She curled her lips and pressed her fangs into the recently deceased boys neck, the blood warmed her throat and it felt good. Of course it does, she thought, this is what you are monster, you have no other way to live, no where else to go. Whilst she fed she listened to the skittering of the creatures that stalked her prey, hoping that one day she could leave the place that she had been raised to call home.

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