The Sorcerer's Stone: Untold story

What if it wasn't only Ron, Hermione and Harry getting in trouble? What if they actually met 3 odd girls that became friends with them and helped them along the would the story go?


4. Trust issues and dragons

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Chapter 4: Trust issues and dragons

The six of them stood there looking at the Professors present and the disapproving looks in every one of their faces.

“Well?! Explain yourselves” McGonagall ordered “And it better be a good one at that” McGonagall was beyond displease; yes there were students from different houses but there were 4 students from HER house and that did not please her. The students fidgeted and stuttered trying to explain not making any sense at all.

“It’s my fault” Hermione said stepping forward and earning disbelieving looks from the other 5 teens. “ I went looking for the troll, I’ve read about them and I really thought I could take it down…But I was wrong… If they didn’t come along when they did… I would be dead” Hermione finished explaining. The other 5 looked at each other asking silently, did she really just take all the blame?

“What is she doing?” Alexandra asked in a whispered tone to the others and they all shrugged.

“Well, I’m very disappointed in you Miss Granger… Be that as it may it was an extremely foolish thing to do” While McGonagall said this Harry had been distracted with the leg of a certain Professor. “5 points will be taken from Gryffindor” Those words woke Harry out of his thoughts “For your serious lack of judgment… As for you” The five teens straighten up and looked at McGonagall a tad scared. “ I hope you realize how fortunate you are, not many first year students could take on a mountain troll and live to tell the tale” She said “Five points…” Linalee and Jasmine on instinct slump their shoulders knowing the points were going to be taken away “Will be awarded to each of you” She said and the five teens smiled. “For sheer dumb luck” McGonagall finished looking at the troll one last time and leaving.

Hermione smiled at her now new friends; because if saving each other from a near death experience by a troll isn’t friendship then she didn’t know what it was. And they left the bathroom after noticing that Professor Snape had glared at Quirrell before leaving, two of the teens wondering, why? Or did they just imagine it?

After this incident they had become closer especially with Hermione, though Alexandra still had a hard time trying not to slap her when she corrected anyone at all. Jasmine and Linalee knowing this just laugh it off every time earning glares from the girl.

At the beginning of November the cold weather started, the group was having one of their snacking times as Linalee named them, talking about how mermaids were not as pretty as the boys say they were.

“Dude, have you seen a mermaid?!” Alexandra said exasperated.

“No! But I’m sure they are the most beautiful creatures in the world!! Just like their singing” Ron defended.

“You do know that in our ears they’re just annoying shrieking screams right?” Linalee pointed out drinking from her hot chocolate.

“And that they look like aquatic monkeys” Jasmine finished.

“AHHHH Harry help me out here” Ron asked. Harry looked at him then the girls.

“I uhhh I haven’t seen a mermaid so I can’t help you” Harry tried to save himself.

“THEY HAVEN’T EITHER!” Ron said agitated.

“WE READ” The three said in unison.

“Hermione who wins?” Ron said hoping Hermione would take his side.

“Mermaids aren’t as beautiful as you think they are, I’ve read about them too and You are wrong” She finished giving him an apologetic smile.

“HA!” Said Jasmine doing a little victory dance, while Linalee just stuck out her tongue and Alexandra just kept doing her homework.

“Lively as always I see, Linalee Can I speak with you?” Linalee looked away from Ron and to the source of the voice.

“Oh uhhh sure Wood” She said standing up hearing the mocking voice of Jasmine saying things like “She has another one wuuuuhuuuu” Alexandra laughing at what Jasmine did. Ignoring them Linalee went with Wood.

“So, what’s up?” She asked a bit nervous.

“Well I’ve talked to McGonagall about your position in the team” Linalee brighten up.

“So what she say? Did she say yes? am I playing in the next game? Do I get a broom? And the uniform? I’ll practice all I need to I promise!” Wood laughed at her enthusiastic behavior and calmed her down.

“You’re on standby, but you will practice with us so you’ll get used to it and then we’ll put you to play, those were the terms McGonagall offered” Linalee was not as excited as she was.

“Well it’s something; I’m still on the team right?” She asked her head slightly to the side, which Wood found adorable and laughed.

“Yes you’re on the team” That did it; she jumped up and down and hugged him kissing his cheek.

“Thank you!!!” And she went back to her friends to tell them her exciting news. Just as she was telling them that she made it to the Gryffindor team Snape stopped beside their group.

“Good luck on the next game Potter… Then again, now that you’ve proven yourself against a troll a little game of Quidditch should be easy…Even if it is against Slytherin” He looked down on Harry one last time before limping away. Limping?

“I knew it, he’s limping” Harry stated as if he had just discovered something crucial.

“What do you mean?” Alexandra asked. Linalee sat down eating her snack with the brightest smile she could muster.

“Listen, when the troll incident happened I noticed that Snape’s leg was all bloody. I think he let the troll in and tried to take whatever the three headed dog is guarding, but he got himself bitten so that’s why he’s limping” He whispered only for them to hear. Jasmine snorted.

“Right because Professor Snape is a villain” She said sarcastically but everyone looked at her seriously. “You’re not seriously thinking that Snape wants to steal something from Hogwarts do you?”

“WE don’t have any evidence but...” Ron started.

“Jas everything points to him right now, I'm not saying he does since I know a little bit of him thanks to my mom but it’s a big possibility” Alexandra finished. Jasmine appalled stood up.

“Well if that’s how’s it gonna be I guess I can’t hang out with you till you see that he is NOT a bad guy” And she left. Muttering things in Spanish like “Estupidos ignorantes” (stupid ignorants) and such.

“I still don’t get how he’s her favorite professor” Linalee said looking at her leave.

"I do" muttered Alex.

“Anyway Harry let’s go we have to go to practice” said Linalee.

“So you’re going to be on the team with me?” Harry said standing up happily, she smiled at him.

“Yeah, though I’m not playing in the next game” Linalee said a bit sad.

“You’re still going to practice knowing that?” Ron asked and she just replied with a smile.

“Quidditch is something I like, I don’t do it for being on the team, I just like it” She shrugged

“Even though she’s a horrible loser” Alexandra said snickering thinking that later she’ll talk to Jasmine. Linalee glared but left with Harry.

~At the quidditch pit~

“Okay team, let me introduce you to our new member Linalee” Wood said with a smile.

“Hi it’s great to be able to play quidditch with you guys ummm I hope we can have fun together” Linalee said, though a few of them smiled some were not convinced with her.

“Wood tell me you’re kidding” a girl said leaning on her broom. “She’s a first year isn’t she? Have fun? WE have to win this year no matter what and having “fun” it’s not an option” The girl said to Linalee who slightly frowned.

"I'm not kidding; Linalee is a good flyer and would help us achieve what we want. Besides Harry is a first year too and you didn't have a problem with him. Now lets us begin the practice" said Wood frowning at the girl disapprovingly and thinking that he would have a talk with her later.

Linalee was giving her all proving the girl why they choose her to be on the team. But it wasn’t easy since the same girl tried to make her mess up every move she made, without the others noticing of course . After the practice was over Wood congratulated them and ask the girl that complained earlier to stay. Once everyone had left to the showers he looked at her seriously.

“What is your problem? “ Wood looked at her seriously, the captain attitude kicking in.

"I don’t have any problem I was just worried if it was a good idea to have another first year in the team one first year’s fine but two? Besides all the positions are filled" she said

"Don't concerned yourself with that, as the captain of the team, I know what I'm doing and as you saw today she is a good flyer and has the potential" Wood told her making his authority known. "Besides Prof. McGonagall approved of her besides she’s not playing yet for the reason you exactly mention, though after today and what if seen I’ll consider it" He left leaving a gaping girl glaring at nothing.

~The next morning~

It was a bright and cool November morning. The hall was full of excited whispers for today’s match. Though a few were dabbling on nervousness and doubt.

"Harry you have to eat something" said a concerned Hermione.

"I'm not hungry" he answered.

"Even if it’s a piece of toast" she begged

Both Jasmine and Harry were nervous, this would be their first game and to top it all it would be between their houses. That’s why that day they were eating at their respective tables.

"Are you okay? If you like I can give you a calming draught?” Alexandra asked Jasmine. Last night Alex finally talked with Jasmine making her see reason and promising to help her prove the Potions Professor innocence, even if she had her doubts.

"It's okay; I don’t want to be a ginea pig today. Thanks for the offer thought" Jasmine said pushing her plate in front of her.

At eleven every student gathered at the Quidditch pitch. Jasmine and Harry's friend had a surprise for them. Dean, Linalee and Alexandra having a talent for drawing and painting created two banners, one with Gryffindors lion and the other with Slytherins snake (even do Dean disagreed with the one for Jasmine). And Hermione did a trick so the paint flashed different colors.

Meanwhile, on the changing rooms, Harry, Jasmine and the rest of the team were changing into their uniforms, scarlet for Gryffindor and green for Slytherin.

Wood cleared its throat asking for silence.

"Well, men..."he started

"And women" added one of their chasers, Angelina Johnson.

"And women" said Wood. “This is..."

"The big one" said Fred Weasley

"The one we were waiting for" continued George

"We know from memory Oliver's speech." said Fred to Harry. “We were on the team last year.”

"Shut up you two!" ordered Wood "This is the best team Gryffindor has had in years. And we are going to win."

He gave them a look that said 'or else'

"Good. Now is time. Good luck everyone."

Harry followed Fred and George out of the changing rooms to the pitch.

Prof. Hooch was the referee. She was on the middle of the pitch, waiting for the two teams to appear, broom in hand.

"Good. I want a clean game without problems, from everyone" she said as soon they were surrounding her. Harry noticed she said this especially to the Slytherin Captain Marcus Flint, a fifth year boy. From the corner of his eyes he saw the banners, and his heart accelerated, giving him courage.

"Mount your brooms, please"

After everyone mounted she gave a loud whistle. Fifteen brooms rose to the sky.

"And the quaffle has been catch by Angelina Johnson from Gryffindor...What an excellent chaser she is and an attractive one at that..."


"Sorry Professor"

The Weasley's twin’s friend, Lee Jordan, was the commentaries of the game, closely watched by Professor McGonagall.

"She passed it to Alicia Spinnet, the great discovery of Oliver Wood, since last year she was in reserve ... Johnson again and  ... No, Slytherin have taken the quaffle, Slytherin Captain, Marcus Flint seized the quaffle and away he goes ... Flint flying like an eagle ... is about to ... No, stop by an excellent move from Gryffindor's keeper and Captain, Oliver Wood, and Gryffindor has the quaffle ... Here is the chaser Katie Bell of Gryffindor; nice flight surrounding Flint, she raise again and .. Ouch!, That had to hurt, a bludger blow in the neck ... The Slytherins now held the quaffle ... Jasmine Rivera, Slytherins new chaser...she ducks Spinets...does a dive missing hitting Johnson and pass it to Adrian Pucey...who's taking speed toward the goal posts, but is block by a bludger, sent by Fred or George Weasley, don't know which one ... nice play from Gryffindor's beater, and Johnson again in possession of the quaffle, the field is clear and there she goes, she really flies, avoids a bludger, the goal posts are there ... come on, now Angelina ... the guardian Bletchley launches ... fails ... GRYFFINDOR SCORED!"

The Gryffindor's screams filled the cold air, along with the whistles and Slytherins moans. At this Harry's and Jasmine's friends cheered. They were sitting exactly where the houses bleachers meet.

"Come on, let me some space"

"Hagrid!" They said in unison.

The friends got together to make room for Hagrid.

"I was watching from my cabin," said Hagrid, showing the long pair of binoculars dangling from his neck. "But it is not the same as being with the crowd. Still no sign of the snitch, right?"

"No," said Ron." Harry still has yet do something."

"Staying out of trouble is something" said Hagrid, catching his binoculars and fixing them in the speck that was Harry.

Above them, Harry flew over the field, waiting for some sign of the snitch. That was part of the plan they had with Wood.

"Stay out of the game until you see the snitch" Wood had told him. "We don't want you attacking before you have too"

When Angelina scored a point, Harry did a somersault to release tension, and returned to watch the arrival of the snitch. In a moment he saw a golden glow, but it was the reflection of the wrist watch of one of the Weasley twins; in another, a bludger decided to chase him, like a cannon ball, but Harry dodged it and Fred Weasley went to catch it.

"Are you all right, Harry?" Fred had time to scream while throwing the bludger furiously toward Marcus Flint.

"Slytherin takes possession," said Lee Jordan. "Pucey dodges two bludgers, two Weasleys and the chaser Bell, and speeds ... wait a minute ... Isn't it the snitch?"

A murmur ran through the crowd as Adrian Pucey dropped the quaffle; too busy looking over his shoulder at the golden lightning, which passed next to his left ear. Harry saw it and in a burst of excitement shot down behind the flash of gold. The Slytherin seeker, Terence Higgs, had seen it too. Nose to nose, they rushed towards the snitch ... All chasers seemed to have forgotten what they should do and were suspended in the air looking at them.

Harry was faster than Higgs. He could see the small ball, flapping its wings, flying forward. He increased his speed and ...PUM! A roar of rage echoed from the Gryffindors in the stands (this includes their friends) ... Marcus Flint had closed Harry's path; to divert the direction of his broom, making him hang to dear life almost getting knocked right out of the air.

"Foul!" cried the Gryffindors.

Madam Hooch yelled angrily to Flint and then ordered free throw to Gryffindor in the goal post. But with all the confusion, the Golden Snitch, as expected, was gone again. Down in the stands, Dean Thomas screamed.

"Hey Ref!, red card!"

"This is not soccer, Dean" Alexandra reminded him. "You cannot take out the players"

"What’s a red card?" asked Ron

"Later" said Linalee she was keeping a close eye on Harry and the game. That move that that Flint had made could’ve killed Harry.

Hagrid was with Dean. "They should change the rules. Flint could have taken Harry off the air"

Lee Jordan had trouble being impartial.

"So ... after that obvious and disgusting trap ..."

"Jordan!" Professor McGonagall scolded.

"I mean, after that obvious and disgusting lack ..."

"Jordan, do not say I did not warn you ...!"

"Very well, very well. Flint nearly kills the Gryffindor seeker, which can happen to anyone, I'm sure, so a penalty to Gryffindor, Spinnet grabs the quaffle, pulling, nothing happens, and continue to play, Gryffindor still in possession of the ball."

When Harry dodged another bludger, which went dangerously close to his head, it happened. His broom gave a sudden, frightening lurch. For a second he thought he would fall. He gripped the broom tightly with both hands and knees. Never having experienced anything like it. It happened again. It was as though the broom was trying to bring him down. But Nimbus 2,000 suddenly decided not to throw their riders. Harry tried to go to the Gryffindor posts to tell Wood to request a time out, and then realized that his broom was completely out of his control. He couldn't turn it. He could not direct it in any way. He was zigzagging through the air and, occasionally some violent shaking that nearly made him fall.

Lee was commenting on the game.

"Slytherin in possession ... Flint with the quaffle ... Spinnet takes it, pass it to Bell ... a bludger hitting hard in the face, I hope you break your nose (it was a joke, Professor), Slytherin scores somewhat, oh, no ..."

The Slytherins cheered. Nobody seemed to have noticed the strange behavior of Harry's broom, except for Alexandra who started to scan the stands looking for the culprit, taking him higher and away from the game shaking and twitching.

"I do not know what he's doing" Hagrid murmured looking with the binoculars.

“Those Slytherins and their nasty tricks!” Ron said

“No student can conjure a charm like that, it had to be dark magic and no student has that power” As soon as those words left Linalee’s lips Hermione joined Alexandra in scanning the crowd.

Suddenly, people started pointing at Harry over the stands noticing what’s happening. Its broom had started to spin and he could barely hold on. Then the crowd gasped. Harry's broom sprang and Harry was left hanging only with one hand. Linalee seeing this left the stands.

“Lina where are you going?” Alex questioned but Linalee was gone.

"Did something happen when Flint blocked his way?" Seamus whispered.

"It cannot be" said Hagrid, his voice shaking. "Nothing can interfere with a broom, except powerful dark magic ... No student can do that to a Nimbus 2,000"

Noticing at last Hermione and Alexandra’s effort of scanning through the crowd Ron took Hagrid binoculars and passed them to Hermione. She grabbed them and looked at the teachers stand.

"What are you doing?" Ron groan, his face greyish.

"I knew it" Hermione hissed. "Its Snape ... look"

Alexandra raised an eyebrow at that. Ron grabbed the binoculars. Snape was in the middle of the stands opposite them. His eyes were fixed on Harry and muttering something without stopping. After Ron saw this Alexandra took the binoculars and noticed Snape but also noticed something more.

"He’s jinxing the broom" said Hermione.

"What can we do?" Ron said helpless.

"Leave it to me" and before Ron could say another word, Hermione had disappeared. Ron refocused on Harry. The broom was vibrating so much it was almost impossible for him to hang for much longer.

~Jasmine's POV~

I don't know what to do. I want to go help him but I’m torn between loyalty to my house and saving a friend’s life. If I choose to help him my very temperamental Captain would kick me out of the team and if I don't do anything I would feel guilty. Making up my mind I moved discreetly towards him ready to catch him if he fell. I started looking for our friends but before I could, a reflection of light started flashing in my face. I looked at the source and it was Linalee with a broom. She started doing signs that at first I didn’t get (she’s horrible at signs) but then I understood she motioned me not worry and keep playing. Reassured that she was there if something happened I kept on with the game.

~Normal POV~

Everyone looked terrified while the Weasley's flew towards him trying to get Harry safely to one of their brooms. But what was worse: every time you approached him, the broom jumped higher. They let themselves fall, next to Jasmine, and began to fly in circles, with the evident purpose to catch him if he fell. Jasmine signaling them to look down flew away to keep doing her job as a chaser, the twins finally noticing Linalee and understanding her message started to do their jobs. Marcus Flint grabbed the quaffle and scored five times without anyone noticing.

"Come on, Hermione" Ron muttered desperately.

Hermione had crossed the stands to where Snape was running along the bottom row. Without being noticed she came under the stands where Snape was, she crouched, pulled out her wand and whispered a few well-chosen words. Blue flames shot out of her wand and jumped into Snape's robes. It took about thirty seconds to the Professor realize he was on fire. A sudden howl, told the girl she had done her job. Snape desperate started pushing and franticly trying to put out the fire. After that suddenly Harry could climb back to his broom. Linalee sighing in relived watch the game from there just in case.

"Neville, you can look!" Ron said. Neville had been crying in Hagrid's jacket those last five minutes.

Harry speeding to where the Slytherin seeker was trying to catch the snitch, flew passed him, trying to reach the snitch.  In attempt to escape the snitch abruptly flew down. Seeing that they would hit the ground the Slytherin seeker retracted and Harry made his broom turn just in time. Now standing on his broom he tried reaching the snitch flying a few feet off the ground and then he jumped. Every one gasped and Harry rolled on the ground and ended sitting on it. Linalee pulling her hair and thinking she would kill him for scaring her looked curiously when Harry looked like he was about to barf. Suddenly something shiny came out his mouth. And Harry stood up with excitement.

"I have the snitch!" he shouted, waving over it his head, and ending the match in total confusion.

"Is not that you caught it, it’s more like you nearly swallowed it" Flint shouted twenty minutes later. But that did not change anything. Harry had not broken any rule and Lee Jordan was still happily proclaiming the result. Gryffindor had won by sixty hundred seventy points. But Harry did not hear anything. Linalee nearly tackled him in a hug congratulating him and then hitting him upside the head for scaring her soul out her as she expressed.  The twins laughing at the girls reaction and bugging her about worrying about her little Potter. After they showered and changed they left to meet their friends.  Harry meeting Jasmine half way since Linalee said she’d go on first and left him to walk alone.

"Are you alright Harry?" Jasmine asks him worried.

"Yeah, don't worry" he answered with a smile

"I'm sorry I couldn't do much" She sighed, she still felt guilty.

"Don't worry I know that you tried your best like everyone else beside you risk your position in your team by trying to save me…I guess we’re lucky to have friends to go those lengths to help us. Plus Linalee was ready to catch me right?" He said finally putting Jasmines worry to rest.

"You're my friend, we do that" Jasmine finally said.

Together they headed to Hagrid's hut where they drank a cup of strong tea.

"It was Snape" explained Ron. "Hermione and I saw him" Jasmine was going to argue but Alexandra stop her shaking her head and whispering in her ear that they should let them do whatever they wanted for now until they gathered enough evidence to prove them wrong.

"He was cursing your broom. He was muttering and wouldn't take his eyes off of you.” Hermione explained, Linalee a bit lost being that she left the stands first.

"Rubbish" said Hagrid, who had not heard a word of what had happened. "Why would Professor Snape do something like that?"

“Thank you” Jasmine said hearing a voice of reason.

Harry look at his friends pondering if they should tell him. Harry decided to tell the truth.

"We found out something about him" he said to Hagrid. Jasmine couldn't stop the snort that escapes her mouth.

"He tried to go to that dog with the three heads, on Halloween. And the dog bit him. We thought he's going to steal what that dog is guarding." Again, Jasmine couldn't stop the snort that escape her mouth but this time Alexandra was with her. Linalee elbowed them both.

“Actually we’re just dabbling on that we don’t have enough-“She stop and mid-sentence.

Hagrid dropped the teapot.

"How do you know Fluffy?" he said.

"Fluffy?" they ask surprised

“That thing has a name” Ron said.

“Well of course... he's mine... I bought it from a Greek chappie I met at the bar last year ... and I lent it to Dumbledore to guard the ..."

"Yes?" Harry said expectantly. The others hearing intently too.

"Well, don't ask me anymore" said Hagrid gruffly. "It's a secret, that’s what that is"

"But Snape tried to steal it." Ron reasoned.

"Nonsense" repeated Hagrid. "Snape is a Hogwarts teacher; he would never do something like that.”

"Then why did he try to kill Harry?" Hermione said. Sometimes Hermione could be really stupid, Alexandra thought. Though she couldn’t voice anything yet, what she saw were two people muttering things while looking intently at Harry. How would she know if it was countering or jinxing? And who did what? The events of that day seemed to have changed her mind about Snape.

"I know a jinx when I see one Hagrid. I've read all about them. You have to keep your eyes on you target and Snape did not blink, I saw it!" Hermione said franticly to get some answers.

"I tell you that you are wrong" Hagrid continued "I don't know why Harry's broom reacted that way... But Snape wouldn’t try to kill a student! Now listen well, you're getting into things that do not concern you and that is dangerous. Forget the dog and forget what you saw. In it, the only people who have a role are Professor Dumbledore and Nicolas Flamel ..."

At that Alexandra’s eyes widened. Her mind was working a mile.

"Aha!" Harry said. "Then someone called Nicolas Flamel is involved in this, right?"

Hagrid looked furious with himself. After that Hagrid kind of kicked them out saying or more like demanding they’d forget everything. But that was something that at this point was impossible to do.

Christmas was nearing quickly as classed passed by and they learned more. Every lesson was even more interesting than the one before. And before they knew it one morning they found Hogwarts covered in several feet of snow. The Weasley twins got in trouble for enchanting some snow balls that followed Professor Quirrell around, bouncing on the back of his turban. The owls that managed to make their way on the stormy night to deliver the mail had to be treated after by Hagrid before they could fly off again. Everyone was waiting for the holidays. Though the worst part had been the cold, it was warmer in the Great Hall and the common rooms but the halls were bitterly freezing. They still had yet to figure how Linalee had been so hyper active.

“How can yo-you have so much energy?” Ron said a bit annoyed at her hyperness, shivering from the cold.

“I was born in winter I loooooooooooove this time of year and I like the cold weather” She said smiling.

They headed one day to their potions class which to everyone was the worst. The dungeons were freezing and everyone kept as close as possible to their cauldrons just to feel a little bit warmer.

“I do feel sorry” Draco started “For all the people who have to stay at Hogwarts for Christmas because they’re not wanted at home” Harry knew that was directed to him and just as Crab and Goyle laughed Draco’s cauldron exploded.  Harry laughed and unknown to him a certain black haired girl smirked. Jasmine elbowed her friend and she shrugged.

Harry actually didn’t mind the comment; this would probably be the best Christmas he’s had. When McGonagall started making the list of students that were staying Harry had been the first in sign in, later were the Weasley’s who had to stay because their parents were going to visit their brother Charlie in Romania. And he still didn’t understand why Linalee was staying but when he asked she’d just smile and say it was to keep him company. Alex had been a bit mad that she did.

“You signed up to stay!?” Alex said furious, glaring down at a now nervous Linalee.

“Hello! How are you today?” Trying to calm her friend down, Ron and Harry staring in silence afraid of getting their heads bite off.

“Don’t try to calm me down you traitor!! Now I have to spend Christmas with my parents in who knows where!!” Alex glared at her and Linalee just sighed.

“That’s actually a good thing, you’ll have a nice Christmas with your parents, in any case I’m staying because at some point I’ll get called home anyway” Alexandra looking at her suspiciously sighed.

“Fine, stay…not like I care what you do in this frozen block of ice”

“But I like cold, I’m going skating probably who knows” Linalee shrugged and they just started talking about the exams before the winter break. They were walking out the door when they ran into Hagrid and they all smiled, seeing him carry a big tree, to finish the decorations they guessed.

“Hi Hagrid, need any help?” Ron asked noticing he had a little trouble just as Malfoy laughed was heard.

“Are you training to become a game keeper yourself Weasley? Though thinking about it, his hut might seem like a castle to you” He taunted and laughed. Ron had had enough and he launched himself at him and just then Professor Snape passed.

“WEASLEY!!” And he rushed to where the teens were. Ron let go of Malfoy’s robes and backed away, the group looking at Snape arrive.

“He was provoked Professor Snape” Hagrid defended.

“Be as it may there’s still no fighting in Hogwarts, five points from Gryffindor and Weasley be greatful it isn’t more. Now move along!” And Draco and his goons smirking pushed Ron on their way out. Most were furious, few didn’t mind and 1 was staring at the retreating back of the greasy headed Professor.

“Come on now lighten up! It’s Christmas in a few days!” Hagrid said lighten up the mood.

“ SI!!! Voy a derretir mi traserito al fin” Jasmine said satisfied (trans. “Yes, At last I’ll melt my little ass”)

Alexandra laughed being the only one who understood what she said.  Hagrid invited them to see how the Great Hall had turned out and it was absolutely beautiful all the decoration screamed Happy Christmas but they didn’t stay long Hermione had given them each some books to look for who was Nicolas Flamel and they hadn’t yet found anything. Hagrid was very mad at this but well he couldn’t stop them from reading books, can he now? Alexandra decided she didn’t want to read and said she’d go drawing, Jasmine being who she was escaped the work section and so did Linalee who went skating on the frozen solid lake. Hermione, Harry and Ron how ever went to the library to search. Days passed and winter break had started.  4 of the teens were now in the middle of a tournament of wizard chess when Hermione showed up.

“Check” Had said Alexandra and the piece took its chair and destroyed the other. Hermione looked at it in distaste.

“That’s barbaric”

Linalee took out one of Harry’s pieces. “Nah, this just how war works”  said Linalee trying to figure out what Harry had in mind.

“Plus is a question of loyalty cause Seamus pieces won’t stop screaming what I should do and won’t listen when I give an order” Harry said sulking.

“Hey you guys” Jasmine said “I’ll be sure to send at least some candy over…normal candy”

“Normal candy is fine” Alexandra said waving Jasmine off, Ron was actually having an advantage over her.

“We should go the train will be leaving soon” Hermione reminded, Alexandra stood up.

“This isn’t over Weasley, I have to go. You sure you want to stay Lina?”

“Yup, besides who’ll keep this two out of trouble” Pointing to Ron and Harry.

“And doing what they should, while we’re gone you 3 will keep looking for info on Nicolas Flamel” Hermione reminded, Jasmine laughed.

“Yeah… that too, have fun on Christmas send me souvenirs” Linalee said practically shooing them out of the Great Hall.

“I mean it!” Hermione said noticing the lack of commitment Linalee had when she said she’d have to look for information.

“I do too, I’ll sleep in the library if I have too” Linalee said though it was hard to tell if she was joking or not. Alexandra laughed though so Hermione figured she was just teasing her again.

“Linalee! You have to-“

“Aren’t you late for the train?” Linalee interrupted before Hermione gave her a lecture.

“You’re right! Let’s get going!” Hermione pulled Jasmine away and Alexandra after waving good bye left too. The days that went by weren’t as boring as they thought it would be though at least once they did go to the library. When Christmas came the first one to wake was Ron he kept making noise and woke his brothers. Fred and George being the first and following with Percy, after he decided to wake up Harry and then he thought it’d be a good idea to try and wake up Linalee being the only girl in the Gryffindor house that was staying it wouldn’t have been a bad idea to scream or make noise for her to wake up, right?

That would have been true if it weren’t for the fact that Linalee has never been a morning person. After she insulted them at the top of her lungs and told them she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again thanks to them she decided to join them, though Ron was still in shock on how a girl that’s so nice normally could scream and insult in such a way.

“Maybe hanging with Alex so much?” Ron thought but all thoughts were forgotten when he saw the gifts once again. “Merry Christmas everybody” he said happily.

“Yeah yeah” Linalee waved off taking a pillow from Fred and laying on one of the couches in the common room.  Harry laughed.

“Happy Christmas to you too, and too you Lina” Harry said looking at the almost asleep Linalee.

“Thank youuuuu~” She said yawning.

Harry was heading out the door thinking maybe he’d bring food here so they could eat together. He wouldn’t have to carry much since Ron’s brothers were not present anymore. Just as he was about to exit Ron spoke up and asked him if he wasn’t going to open his presents first.

“I got presents?” Harry went straight to the tree to confirm it himself before Ron answered.

“What you expect turnips?” Ron said. Harry statement sparked Linalee’s interest and soon enough she was wide awake and staring at him opening his presents. Had his guardians been that horrible to him? A lot of questions like that surfaced in her mind as she looked at the scene.  Harry’s eyes were gleaming and if she knew anything it was that he wanted to cry. Harry opened an envelope that apparently was from his uncle and aunt.  He tapped the envelope and 50 pence fell down. Ron was amazed.

“Is that money?” He looked at it as if it were a diamond.

“Yes” Harry simply said

“What a shape!” the amazement continued to increase in him.

“You are very easy to amaze my friend” Linalee said sitting down next Harry and Ron to see what she received.

“I’ve never seen anything like it” Ron continued

“You can keep it if you want it” Harry said and continued to his next present. He opened Hermione’s who sent him chocolate frogs, Jasmine’s who sent him a weird thing that later Linalee let them know it was an instrument from where Jasmine is from (GÜiro, google it people), and Alexandra’s was some magical glasses that fixed themselves whenever they got broken, Linalee gave them her gift which was a warming scarf, she charmed it so even if you were just wearing that you’d be warm, though it wore off she still hadn’t figured how to make it last. To Harry that was impressive, she was a first year raised by muggles after all. Harry was down to his last gift and he looked at it weirdly.

“Who’s it from?” Ron asked eating the every flavor beans that Hermione had sent him. And the “Marrallo” Jasmine had sent too. It was some kind of coconut taffy.

“I don’t know who’s it from” Harry said reading the card and putting it aside looking at the package.

“Well it’s not gonna open itself is it now?” Linalee said looking over his shoulder. Harry opened it.

“It’s a cape” Harry said a bit disappointed but put it on none the less. Linalee took the card and read it and Ron butted in.

“Use it well?” they said in unison. And when they looked at Harry they only saw his head.

“And invisibility cloak” Ron said in awe, Harry looked at his feet and saw nothing.


“Those are rare and really valuable” Linalee said slightly amazed and looked at the card again.

“I’d do anything to have one of those” Ron stated and looked at Harry. “Are you okay?” And Linalee looked up. Harry nodded though questions ran through his mind, hearing someone coming Harry stuffed the cape back where it came from. Fred and George Weasley came back to the room hypered up.

“Hey look! Harry got a Weasley sweater!” George said, Fred grabbed it and inspected.

“Clearly she put more effort if you’re not in the family, why aren’t you wearing yours?” Fred demanded looking at his little brother.

“I hate maroon” Ron said half-heartedly and put it on.

“Yours doesn’t have a letter” The twins accused Ron. Linalee laughed.

“And putting one on yours is a mistake, right Feorge and Gred?” She laughed harder at their confused faces. They sat at either way of her and questioned her.

“How can you tell us apart?” The asked in unison.

“It be a bit insulting if I tell you but I’m not the only one who can tell” she said and kept eating her chocolate frogs.

“Who else?” Fred asked.

“Or is it that you learned from someone else?”

“Alex is observant, though she tells you apart differently”

“She can’t”

“You’re lying”

“Wanna bet on that?” Linalee challenged, and they vigorously accepted her challenge. “Okay then stand up” She took a picture and put it in the book on her lap.

“What does that do?” Ron asked, fairly curious himself.

“It’s difficult to explain though is like sending mail only instantly” Linalee said and opened the book smirked and showed the book to the twins who fell reading Alex’s words.

“What with Gred and Feorge? They bored or something?” the twins protested saying it was a cheap trick but Linalee proved them wrong.

Linalee was about to ask for her reward when Percy appeared.

“What’s with all the commotion?” You can tell he was in the middle of opening his gift and the twins jumped at the chance to bug their prefect brother.

“You got a sweater too” Fred started

“And it has a P” George continued

“For prefect, we get it” They finished in unison, and in annoyed Percy to no end.

“Why don’t you have it on?” George asked

“I don’t-“ But before he could finished they had put it over his head in the process pinning his arms to his sides.

“And you’re not eating with the prefects, Christmas if time for family” They added and on their merry way and against Percy’s wishes they went to eat at the Great Hall.

It was a very wonderful evening, and so far the best Christmas Harry has ever had. The food was incredible and so was the company. Though the highlight of the night was when Hagrid had actually had gotten drunk enough to kiss Professor McGonagall in the cheek and she was drunk enough to giggle. And leaving the Great Hall they came across a mistletoe and Linalee kissed Harry’s cheek his ear going red, Ron protested and got one on the forehead though the twins made him regret ever saying anything. Linalee said her good byes as she went to her room and the boys to their. Ron fell asleep almost instantly because of all the chicken and all the cake he had stuffed down. Harry could not sleep; he was too busy thinking about the cape. Soon enough he picked it up and held the silky fabric asking himself if it really belong to his father.

“Use it well” He whispered to himself feeling the texture of the fabric, and then he felt wide awake. Hogwarts was open for him to explore. He could go anywhere he wanted and Filch would never know. And then it hit him, he could go to the restricted section of the library and read all he wanted…or as long as it took for him to learn who Nicolas Flamel is. He got out of bed, put the cloak on and thought about waking Ron up, but he decided against it. This was his first time using the cloak so he was going to do it alone.

Walking without any problems to the library and straight to the restricted section, he started opening books, finding nothing in them. He saw chained books and others with stains that look suspiciously like blood. Picking another one he opened it and almost dropped it since it started screaming. Getting scared of being caught he closed it and placed it back. Trying to put his cape back on he made the lamp he brought with him, fall making a loud sound in the deserted place.

Suddenly the most horrible sound in this forsaken world was heard…Filch and his cat Mrs. Norris appeared. He started to run as quietly as he could passing by to the exit. He ran and ran until he didn’t know where he was. Trying to locate himself he heard people talking, stopping in his track at what he saw. Professor Snape had Professor Quirrell trapped against a wall.

“Don’t lie to me Quirrell” said Snape to the stuttering man

“I-I don-don’t kn-know w-what your ta-talking abo-about?” said man stuttered out.

Harry was trying to regulate his breathing, that was quiet labored thanks to the run he did, but it seems he wasn’t successful since Snape reached his hand towards him as if to grab him. He stepped back not wanting to be caught especially by HIM.

On his retreat he entered an empty classroom that had a big mirror on its center. Approaching it he could see an inscription that read Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi. On closer inspection he not only saw his reflection but his parents. This not only brought happiness but confusion. Looking behind his back he saw nothing that indicted that his parents where there. Turning to look at the mirror again he called out to his parents.

“Mom,” looking at her “Dad,” turning to him. They smiled at him and he smile back. Reaching with his hand he touches the mirrors surface which made him sad. His mom looks at him and touch where his hand is with an apologetic smile. He stood there for hours just looking at them, memorizing their faces. After sometime he finally leaves with the promise of coming back, putting his cape on, he leaves running back to his dorm. He had to tell someone what he saw. Reaching the dorm he pulls on Ron’s sheets shaking him awake, taking his cape off.

“What? What is it?” he asks barely awake.

“Come on! I have to show you something” pulls him by his leg making him fall on his face


“I’m up! I’m up!” Ron said standing and putting his shoes on. Harry grabbing his cape draped it over him and Ron once he was next to him. They walked for an hour trying to trace Harry’s steps but no avail.

“Harry my feet are freezing, let’s just forget about it and go” Ron whined.

“NO!..” Harry stated, looking at the dark corridor seeing if he could find his way again. And finally he saw the door. “There it is!” and he hurried Ron to open the door and go inside the room. Harry took the cape off and ran to the mirror. “Look! That’s my Mum and my Dad” He said excitedly.

“Harry I don’t see anything I only see you” Ron said yawning.

“What? No, you’re standing wrong stand here where I am” And so Ron did and Harry stepped aside but he no longer saw his family, just Ron in his pajamas with a now surprised look on his face.


“Do you see them? There’s my- “

“It’s me, and I’m head boy and captain of the quidditch team, and I’m holding the house and Quidditch cup, but I look older…this amazing. Do you think this mirrors shows the future?” Ron said not being able to take his gaze off the mirror. Harry looked down sadly.

“How can it? My family is all dead… Let me see them again.” Slightly pushing Ron out of the way.

“Hey you’ve had enough time let me have a turn” Ron said pushing him back

“What’s so interesting about being head boy or quidditch captain? I want to see my family” Harry said pushing him again.

“Hey! Stop pushing, let me have my turn” Ron said and they both started pushing trying to get a turn.

“Would you two shut up?” Linalee said smirking slightly when Harry and Ron jumped in fright.

“Bloody hell Lina! You scared the soul out of me” Ron said paler than usual.

“Well you two were screaming I was just getting a glass of water” Linalee showed them the glass.

“Lina would you step here, look in the mirror and tell me what you see?” Harry said curious if she’d be able to see his family. Linalee raised an eyebrow and looked at the mirror.

“Uhhh I think I’d see my own reflection don’t you think?” She said slightly sarcastic.

“Just stand there would you” Ron said annoying Linalee a bit.

“Okay?” She walked over to where Harry told her too, and looked at the mirror, she stared for a few minutes and she dropped her glass of water, she trembled slightly and in Harry’s eyes, her eyes were teary. As soon as the glass fell they heard a noise and to cover everything Harry took his cloak and covered the 3 of them. Just as the cape fell on them Mrs. Norris appeared, seeing nothing she retreated. Two of them sigh in relieved while the other just stared at the huge mirror in front of her.

“Let’s leave before she comes back with Filch” Ron said, obviously still panicked by Mrs. Norris appearance.

“No! I want to stay for a while with the mi-“

“You are never coming back here again” Harry looked at Linalee as if she was joking but only found a hard look he’d never seen on her face.

“But why?” Harry asked but didn’t get an answer.

“If you do come back I’ll tell on you, and I’m not joking” Linalee finished her sentence and walked right passed him and out of the room.

“Let’s go Harry” Ron said and Harry without complaining followed. Not really thinking about the threat Linalee made but of returning to the mirror to see his family.


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