The Sorcerer's Stone: Untold story

What if it wasn't only Ron, Hermione and Harry getting in trouble? What if they actually met 3 odd girls that became friends with them and helped them along the would the story go?


5. Continuation chap 4

Days passed and nights as well and on the 7th night Harry was on his way desperate to get to the mirror not really caring for the noise he was most likely making in his haste. He got to the room already knowing the path and drop his cloak, looking at his parents and family members smiling at him and he sat in front of the mirror staring at the family he deeply desired.

“I see you’ve come again Harry” At hearing that voice Harry’s insides froze.

“Pr-Proffe-sor I can” And as he turned he didn’t know if to be surprised or plainly enraged. Standing next to the Professor was his friend, or at least he thought she was. “You told on me?” Harry asked Linalee feeling a bit betrayed.

“I warned you” Linalee simply said a bit guilty.

“You may go to your dorm room Miss Corvinous” Dumbledore said to Linalee. She nodded and left looking at Harry apologetically before leaving. Harry glaring unconsciously.

“She didn’t have to inform me for me to know Harry” He smiled at Harry who seem frighten until he saw his smile.

“You’re not mad?” Harry asked.

“Sometimes we’re in such a hurry we don’t take notice of the things that surround us. And you always come here in such a hurry, and I would not blame you. Many men have fallen to the wonders of this mirror…Do you know what the mirror shows you Harry?” He asked, Harry looked at the mirror and again at Dumbledore.

“It shows what you really want?” Harry said more a question than an answer.

“Harry, the happiest man looked in this mirror and saw himself as he was. This mirror has had men bow before it, fallen to its charm of what could be, but so entrance by it they let life pass and failed to try and achieve what the mirror shows” He explained to Harry who stared at the mirror in wonder. “For you who have never had a family but want one desperately it’s dangerous. That is why tomorrow it will have a new home, and I’ll ask you not to go looking for it” Harry looked at him a bit frighten, sad and angry.

“I’ll let you enjoy it for a last time, but promise me you won’t go looking for it” Harry nodded and Dumbledore with one last smile went on his marry way.

“Professor?” Harry said getting the attention of the retreating professor.

“Yes Harry??”

“What do you see in the mirror?” Harry’s curiosity getting the best of him.

“I see myself, holding a pair of woolen socks. I’ve wanted a pair for Christmas but for some reason everyone keeps giving me books” He smiled and walked away. Harry didn’t know if to believe him, but then he thought that was kind of a very personal question wasn’t it?

Days went by and Harry refused to talk to Linalee. He couldn’t stop thinking of the mirror, but Dumbledore had convinced him of not looking for the mirror…and for the rest of the Christmas break the invisibility cloak stayed at the bottom of his trunk. Though he was mad at his friend for telling on him, he wished he could forget the mirror. After knowing of its existence and having it gotten ripped away, he started having nightmares. Over and over again he would dream of his parents’ disappearance in a ray of green light.

“See Dumbledore was right that mirror could drive anyone mad” Ron had said once. After all he was the one who had to wake him up every night.

Two days before the term had started Hermione, Alexandra and Jasmine came back and Harry told them what happen explaining why he was still upset with Linalee and refused to talk to her.

“If Filch had caught you!!” Hermione said with a bit of horror, and still trying to get him to reason “She did it for you own well-being you know”

Harry had gotten the same reply even from Ron and it was starting to bug him; the term started and he was still furious with Linalee, though seeing her alone at the corner of the table was starting to make him regret that decision.

Two Days into the term and Hermione was scolding them because they had forgotten all about looking for information on Nicolas Flamel. They agree to later on go look in the library once again

Just as they were about finished eating heading to their potions class next, Alexandra came with a cake putting it in front of Linalee and smiled at her.

“Happy birthday” Alexandra said and Linalee blinked a few times.

“Today’s my birthday?” Everyone sweat dropped.

“Yes Lina, January 5 your day of birth.” And sat down.

“I thought that was tomorrow. Thanks for the cake” she smiled back, and cut it discovering it had chocolate inside.

“Why didn’t you tell us today was your birthday?” Ron said looking at the tasty cake.

“For one I thought it was tomorrow, two I didn’t think you’d care and three I’m not a fan of sharing chocolate cake” She took another bite of the tasty cake Ron practically drooling.

“Happy Birthday then Linalee, I’m a tad hurt that you wouldn’t tell your roommate” Hermione told her while she got up to get her things.

“I’ve never been that fond of my birthday” She finished up eating the cake and stood up “We are late for class guys” She said while leaving.

The 5 teenager followed after and went to their respective class. Not nearly soon enough, after being released from Snape’s torturing class and Jasmines repeated sighs, it was time for independent studies in the library and Hermione had the idea to use that time to look for Flamel too. It went on for days and every break was taken to look for information on Flamel. Linalee and Harry were still in non-speaking terms and it became harder to keep that up when they had quidditch practice. Wood had been exploding them with practice. The Weasley twins had complained that Wood had become a fanatic but all in all he was right. If they beat Hufflepuff in the next game it would be the first time in seven years that Gryffindor would overtake Slytherin and that was something they really wanted to accomplish. Apart from that Harry had found that he was able to sleep quiet well and without nightmares after quidditch practices.

Everything went well except from one particularly wet and muddy afternoon when Wood gave them some bad news after the Weasley’s had made him lose it after pretending to fall of their brooms.

“Would you stop it!! This is the kind of thing that could lose us the match, especially now that Snape is refereeing it!!” At this George Weasley actually did fall and had a mouth full of mud.

“Snape’s refereeing?” He muttered with his mud fill mouth.

“He’s never done that before” Fred continued. Everyone on the team landed to complain about it.

“I know it’s unfair but we have to practice to make sure we make a clean game as to not give him reason to take points from Gryffindor” Wood replied.

“We might as well quit already then” Everyone on the team stared at the one person that would have never uttered those words, Linalee. She looked at them a bit freaked “What?”

“The hyper active happy quidditch player just told us to quit” Fred said a bit gaping

“Hope is lost mate, even she sees that” George finished putting a muddy arm around Wood. He brushed it off and looked at Linalee.

“How can you say that?!” Wood walked up to her.

“Well honestly Snape hates our guts we breathe loudly and he takes point from Gryffindor might as well give it up and- “Her words cut short by the fact that Oliver Wood had just taken a ball of mud and drop it in the girls head. The team gaped.

“What the hell Wood!!” Linalee said mad beyond believe, he smirked.

“Are you gonna take that?” He simply asked. With a slight sarcastic smile.

“What? Are you nuts?” Linalee said thinking he really had gone bonkers.

“Answer me! Are you gonna take that?!”  Linalee looked at him as realization hit her and she smiled a bit.

“No” she replied a bit quiet.

“I didn’t get that”

“NO” The others caught on.

“I said are you gonna take that!!??”

“NO IM NOT!!!” Linalee screamed.

“Then let’s practice!” Everyone screamed and Linalee took her little revenge by doing the same to Oliver only his mud apparently had Trevor in it. They laughed and continued with practice and after practice they stayed and chat for a bit. But Harry continued to the Gryffindor common room where he found Ron and Hermione playing chess, the only thing Hermione would lose at. In their opinion losing was something good for her.

“Don’t talk to me “Ron started, “I have to con-“ He saw his expression white as a paper “What happened to you?”

And so he poured out his soul, telling them about everything.

“Don’t play” Hermione said

“Fake sickness” Ron continued

“Pretend to break your leg” Hermione added

“Break a leg? Come on guys I can’t at this point, Gryffindor doesn’t have a backup seeker so if I don’t play the team doesn’t play at all” Harry said. Just then Neville came in with his feet locked, who knows how he got inside the common room, but by the looks of it he had to hop his way through everyone laughed except Hermione, just when she stood up to make a counter spell a muddy Linalee appeared with  Trevor on her head.

“Would you people stop bullying poor Neville, I swear I’ll put a snake in your bed while you sleep” Hermione smiled a bit at her and undid the spell. Linalee took the frog off her head.

“Here I found him at the pit” She smiled, Neville sighed.

“Thanks, it wasn’t from Gryffindor by the way” He said in a tiny voice.

“Who was it then?” Linalee asked curious.

“Malfoy again? Neville you have to report him” Hermione said

“I don’t want more trouble” He said as he sat with Trevor in hand.

“you have to stand up to him some day” Ron said.

“Yeah…well I’m going to shower I’m kind of dirty” Was walking pass Ron and Harry, when suddenly it hit him. Linalee was a great candidate for seeker she had great eyes and could spot it.

“Linalee!” Harry stood up, forgetting they were on bad terms.

“Oh? I’m sorry, I thought you weren’t speaking to me” She glared slightly and left.

“Bad move” Hermione said

“Bloody hell mate she was the only one who could’ve saved your arse” Ron said and it downed on Harry. He even got mad at her again for everything; he almost forgot that thanks to her seeing his parents was no longer a possibility because she didn’t trust him to know when to stop.

He looked at Neville and sat next to him, seeing that he was going to cry he took the last chocolate frog he had and gave it to Neville.

“You know just because he likes to walk over people doesn’t mean you’re going to lay down to make it easier for him” Harry told him.

“I don’t need you to tell me I’m not brave enough to be a Gryffindor…Malfoy has gone ahead and said that”

“You’re worth 100 times Malfoy” Neville managed to twitch a smile while taking the chocolate frog and opened it.

“Thanks Harry, I think I’m going to bed” He took the card and gave it to Harry “Here, you collect them right?” And with that he left, Harry looked at the card only to see Dumbledore once again.

“I got Dumbledore again” Turned it to read and sat up “Guys! I found Flamel!” the two of the bundled next to him “Listen! Dumbledore is particularly famous for his defeat of the dark wizard Grindelwald in 1945, for his discovery of twelve uses for dragon blood, and his alchemy work with Nicolas Flamel!!”

Hermione jumped off excitingly “I never thought of looking there” and she ran to the girl’s dorm but came back “Stay there!” And she left. After a few minutes she came back with and annoyed Linalee and a huge old book. “I took this out of the library weeks before for a bit of light reading” Dropping it on the table.

“Light?” Ron looked at her sarcastically and she stuck out her tongue and motioned them to shut up, she started passing pages frantically and muttering to herself. “I knew it, I knew it!”

“Are we allowed to speak now?” Ron asked but she ignored him.

“Nicola Flamel” She read under her breath “The only known maker of the…Sorcerer’s Stone” She didn’t get the reaction she hoped.

“Don’t you guys read at all?!” and she pushed the book their way.

Linalee read it from afar since the one who had the book was Harry and well they still were mad at each other.

“The ancient study of alchemy is concern with the making of the Sorcerer’s Stone, a legendary substance with astonishing power. The stone will transform any metal into pure gold. It also produces the elixir of life. Which will make the drinker immortal.

There have been many reports of the Sorcerer’s Stone over the centuries, but the only stone currently in existence belongs to Mr. Nicolas Flamel, the noted alchemist and opera lover. Mr. Flamel, who celebrated his six hundred and sixty-fifth birthday last year, enjoys a quiet life in Devon with his wife Perenelle (658).”

“See?” Hermione said

“So the dog… is protecting the Elixir of life?”  Linalee said a bit uncertain “But why would they hide it here? And why would Snape want it? It doesn’t make any sense at all”

“Turns metal to gold and keeps you from dying?  I think the question is who wouldn’t want it” Ron said as if it were obvious.

“Honestly I don’t think it’s something a Professor who can bottle fame and put a stopper to death would need this kind of thing” Linalee expressed and earned a glare from Ron “ You know what I’m not going to be a part of this” She stood up leaving an even angrier Harry.

Did she just take the side of someone who had tried to kill him? The nerve of that girl!!! Classes went by as did the days. Harry became paranoid and said he ran in to Snape everywhere, the match getting nearer and the worst it got, the quidditch team was nervous yes but Harry knowing what Snape was after had been torture. Like for instance the fact that Snape had been horrible to Harry in potions class for the last days. Did he know they knew? It’d be impossible…unless Linalee had told him. She wouldn’t stoop that low would she?

The day of the match arrived, and the Gryffindor’s were nervous, specially a certain black haired girl. It was her first game and she didn’t know what to do.

“Okay you can call Katie back I don’t want to do this” trying to run off but being held by one of the Weasley’s

“Hey! come now don’t fret, it’ll be fine…. somewhat” George said not really calming her down.

“Somewhat?!  I might die hit by lightning or worst! Snape may take all our points!” Linalee said frantic

“You’re spending way too much time with Hermione” Harry muttered, thankfully she didn’t hear it.

“So it’s time!” Wood came in and said, and Linalee tried running for it again failing miserably.

“Captain we have a little problem with our little puppet” Fred said referring to Linalee.

“Fine! I’ll go” She said walking to the door and looking back the twins blocked her way out and she sighed. “If I die I’ll hunt you both for life”

“I don’t want to pressure you Potter but if there was a time where you need to catch that snitch its today” Wood told him “Finish the game before Snape favors Hufflepuff too much” Harry just nodded

“The whole school is out there!!” Fred Said looking out to the crowd.

“Blimey even Dumbledore is there” George continued and grabbed the running away Linalee by the cape.

Harry on the other hand felt relieved, if Dumbledore was there that meant that Snape wouldn’t be able to do anything against him. So far it was turning out to be a good day.

“I’ve never seen Snape look so mean before” Ron told Hermione, not even 5 minutes to the game the first fault was granted to Hufllepuff because George Weasley accidently sent a bludger near Snape.

“Hey Linalee’s not half ba- ouch!” Someone poked Ron in the head, when he looked back it was none other than Malfoy.

“Ouh sorry Weasley I didn’t see you there” He grinned at Crabbe and Goyle.

Ron decided to ignore him, and focus on the game.

“I wonder how long Potter will be able to stay on his broom this time. Who wants to bet? How about you Weasley?”  Ron ignored Draco and continued observing the game. Snape had just awarded another penalty without reason. Hermione was looking at Harry circling the pit looking for the snitch like a hawk.

“You know how I think they choose people for the Gryffindor team?” Malfoy started just then Jasmine and Alex sat behind him listening. Another penalty awarded because Linalee made and impressive jump off her broom making a point that was not granted and landed back on her broom. “It’s people to feel sorry for. See, there’s Potter who has no parents, then there’s the Weasley’s who have no money, Corvinous who has no parents and has no money-  you should be on the team Longbottom you’ve got no brains”  And he laughed with Crabbe and Goyle. Alexandra was about to retort when she saw Neville go red with anger.

“I’m worth hundrerds of you Malfoy!!!” He said stammering and Malfoy and his goons laughed harder.

“If your brains were gold you’d be even poorer than Weasley and that’s saying something!” He said while laughing.

“One more word Malfoy and I swear-“ Ron was interrupted by Hermione.

“Ron look!!” She said pulling his sleeve.

“What? Where?” Ron asked while spotting Harry, who did a spectacular dive earning cheers and gasps. Hermione, Ron, Alexandra and Jasmine stood up in expectation as they saw Harry streak toward the ground like a bullet.

“You’re in luck Weasley, clearly Potter spotted some money on the ground!” said Malfoy.

Ron snapped, before anyone knew Ron was on top of Malfoy wrestling him down. Jasmine was laughing and cheering for Ron, Neville was trying to process what just happened and Alex was just staring deciding if to intervene. Hermione on the other hand had just witness Harry make a record for the fastest Snitch caught of history.

Harry held his hand high in the air with the snitch, all the Gryffindor’s cheering.

“Ron!! Harry did it!! He caught the snitch! Gryffindor’s in the lead!! Where are you?” hugging Parvati Patil celebrating until she noticed the two boys on the floor. “Ron!!”

Harry had never been happier! The game lasted almost 5 minutes at most and they all landed to congrats him. Snape seemed upset and glared but not even he could ruin their mood. Linalee landed and hugged him.

“You did it!!” Then she realized what she did and stepped back “I mean good job….” And walked away, Harry looked after his friend and was disturbed by a hand on his shoulder that belonged to Dumbledore.

“Well done! I’m happy to see you’ve been keeping busy without the mirror “And he smiled at him…was this a test? Harry thought… or was he trying to say something. He did not dwell in it much because he couldn’t contain his happiness. He stayed in the locker rooms alone. Happily he walked out thinking about the Gryffindor students who ran down to lift him up. He was no longer just a name, what he did today proved it. He walked to the Dining Hall and noticed Hermione trying to calm Linalee down. Linalee, who was by the way walking to the Slytherin table, followed by Jasmine and Alexandra.

She stopped in front of Malfoy and glared death.

“I dare you, no, no I DOUBLE dare you to say it again!” What was happening?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Corvinous” Malfoy said biting his apple once again.

“What you said, in the stands about Harry, Fred, George, Ron and Neville I dare you”

“Linalee let it go you’ll get in trouble” Said Alexandra glancing at the Professors who might notice the slight crowd surrounding them.

“Oh that!” Draco said smirking only getting Linalee more aggravated.

“Lina I don’t think this is the best time” Jasmine whispered seeing Snape now attentive to the crowd.

“I said that Gryffindor picks their player for whom to feel more sorry fo-“ And what happened next was the talk of the school for a week. Why Malfoy didn’t finish his sentence? Well happy go lucky Linalee punched, I repeat PUNCHED Draco Malfoy…and got away with it. How?

“MY FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS!!” Malfoy screamed at her and Snape was on his way, since it was so crowded he couldn’t see what happened. And Linalee smiled.

“Good, I really want to see your Fathers expression when you tell him a GIRL punched your pretty little face” She winked and back away from the table. Just then Snape arrived.

“What is the meaning of this Mr. Malfoy?” Malfoy was at a loss of words. And Snape turned to Linalee.

“You, Miss Corvinous, explain this theatrical confrontment?”

“Oh Professor I just came here to demand an apology, you see, I find it very distasteful that some people comment on others social status when said persons aren’t present to defend themselves, and for some unknown reason he started laughing at me and hits his face on the table” Linalee said innocently.

“Is that so Mr. Malfoy?” He looked at him.

“Y-Yes professor, I just don’t see why I should take orders from someone like her” He composed himself, going back to his usual self.

“Well I cannot make him apologize even if it is the right thing to do as you say Miss Corvinous, now go to your table or I’ll take it as a reason for detention” The professor said and Linalee glanced at Draco who was smirking but winced and she smiled almost satisfied and went to sit in her own table.

“That was brilliant” Ron said

“I didn’t know you had it in you” Fred Said

“It was almost unlike you really” George continued and petted her head.

“Oh that was unlike her, and she’s thinking about it now” Alexandra pointed out making the others look.

“At least she held back I thought she might hit him in the head with a plate or something” Jasmine added.

The boys looked at the two girls confused but when they look at Linalee they saw why.

“That was scary! How could I do that!? Am I in trouble? Oh Merlin I’m gonna get suspended aren’t OR WORST! No more quidditch!!” She whimpered “I might die….yup I might die” Her forehead hitting the table, Neville poked her shoulder and she looked at him her face not loosening contact with the table.

“Were you really scared?” Neville asked.

“Of course I was, I only have a temper not really bravery” She said sheepishly

“B-but you’re a Gryffindor aren’t you” Neville said and Linalee blinked and caught on and glanced at Alexandra who shooed her as if telling her you tell him what you think. She looked back at Neville and smiled. “Being in a house doesn’t define you, you are you. Besides you are brave. You stood up to Malfoy that something worth admiring” smiled

“T-thank you “looked down “How did you know though? You were playing” Linalee looked at his curious face and laughed.

“I’m a witch and that’s a secret” Harry couldn’t help but admire her for a second, maybe he should apologized…she only does what she thinks is best for others, he sighed, but remembered why he came here in the first place he called Hermione and Ron urgently.

“We won! You won! WE won!! We’re in the lead now!” Ron kept saying

“What’s with the long face Harry? Are you ok? What did you call us for anyway” Hermione asked him. He looked at them and started explaining.

“ I was going to put my broom on its shed when I saw Snape walking to the forbidden forest” Those words made them very attentive “ He was talking with Quirrell apparently they were to meet there because Snape asked him to”

“What did they talk about?” Ron asked

“Snape was pestering Quirrell about if he had found a way to get through Fluffy and questioned where his loyalties lay, it was very confusing and I didn’t hear all of it I almost got caught” Harry said

“This means we were right about Snape and he’s trying to get Quirrell to help him get it” Hermione said “Did you hear something else.

“He said …students weren’t supposed to know about the stone…and that he wouldn’t want him as an enemy” At this Ron paled.

“He knows we know?” Ron said a bit whining.

“Yes…” And they looked at each other a bit in terror. “He also said something about Quirrell hocus pocus or something like that”

“There’s probably tons of spells protecting that stone not just Fluffy and if he said Quirrells “hocus-pocus” Then that might means that Quirrell did one of the spells and he needs to know how to break it” Hermione said and looked up alarmed.

“So you’re saying that we depend on Quirrell standing up to Snape?” Harry asked hoping he misunderstood but no avail

“It’ll be gone by last Tuesday” Ron said. Unknown to them three girl were outside the classroom they were in.

“If this is true, we might need to plan ahead” Alexandra said fixing her glasses. And the other two nodded leaving the door before they got caught.

But apparently Quirrell was braver than they thought, he did seem thinner and paler but none the less Snape was on his bad moods so that must have meant he was not getting any near to achieving his goal. It had been a dramatic scene when Jasmine realized she was starting to doubt. They were in the library that day studying because Hermione and Alexandra, though they did not get along that well, had the same obsession for studying.

“Exams are eons away” Linalee said as Jasmine made a paper air plane that shoots tiny pieces of paper.

“That’s what we said!” Ron said from the other table, the two groups had started talking to each other but when it came to Harry and Linalee talk to each other…it was very uncomfortable to say the least.

“10 weeks, ten weeks it’s like a minute to Nicolas Flamel” Hermione said. Harry and Ron groaned it was a perfect sunny, forget-me-not blue sky kind of day. And instead of being outside, they were in the library studying. Linalee was passing a book to Hermione when suddenly Ron shot up.

“Hagrid? What are you doing in the library?” Ron questioned and Hagrid fidgeted a bit a hand behind his back.

“Just looking” He said in a shifty voice “What bout ye lot? You’re not still looking for Nicolas Flamel are ye?”

“We found out about him ages ago” Ron said proudly “And we know what the dog is guarding, it’s the Sorcerer’s Sto-“

“SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” Hagrid, Linalee, Alexandra and Jasmine shut him up.

“DO you want the whole world to know?” hitting him upside the head.

“Was that bloody necessary?” Ron asked Linalee who ignored his question.

“We need to ask you some questions, about what’s guarding the Stone besides Fluffy- “

“Shhh!” Hagrid did once more, looking everywhere making sure no one heard “Alrighty then, if yeh really wanna know, come see me later. I ain’t sayin’ I’ll tell yeh anythin’ but I don’t want you rabitin’ about it, no student’s supposed to know”

“See you later then” Hermione said and Hagrid walked away.

“What did he have on his back?” Jasmine said.

“Don’t know could be anything” Alexandra reasoned.

“I’m going to check the section he came from” Ron stood up and left.

“Am I the only one surprised he came up with that on his own?” Linalee said teasing tone.

“You shouldn’t tease him so much” Hermione told her.

“But it’s fun” Linalee pouted. Jasmine laughed and noticed a girl with black hair reading a book eagerly, coming from the same section Hagrid was in.

“Hey Alejandra” The girl looked up.

“What’s up Jas?” Alejandra asked curiously.

“Hey umm do you know by any chance what Hagrid was reading?” And she instantly brightens up and slightly jumped up and down.

“Oh that, well he comes here a lot lately to read about Dragons! And since that’s my favorite subject I talk to him a lot about it” the others looked at each other.

“What exactly do you talk about?” Alexandra asked from her seat.

“Well figuratively speaking about how we would take care of them or race them, the possibility of taming them, what they eat, the habitat, what kinds of dragons are most likely to be tamed or not, we talk about everything concerning them I guess” She shrugged, Jasmine thanked her and sent her on her merry way.

“Hagrid has always wanted a Dragon he told me so when we met” Harry said and seconds later Ron appeared.

“Dragons! He’s learning about dragons!” He said

“We know” they all replied. Ron turned beet read.

“How’d you know?”

“I asked a friend” Jasmine shrugged. Ron sighed and shook his head.

“Do you think Hagrid found himself a dragon?” Ron asked to no one in particular.

“Those are illegal aren’t they?” Linalee added.

“Of course they are, they cannot be tamed!! You should see the burns my brother Charlie got off some wild ones in Romania” Ron said reminiscing

“I want a dragon” Alexandra said in a little voice getting a glare from Linalee.

“They’re ILLEGAL!!” She screamed in a hush tone.

“But there aren’t any dragons in Britain right?” Harry asked afraid of the answer.

“Of course there are, I could tell you the Ministry of Magic has to erase a muggles memory every time they spot a Common Welsh Green and Hebridean Blacks.” Ron explained

“So THE question is, what is Hagrid up to?” Hermione said, a few getting ideas to the answer.

A few hour later the 6 of them walked up to Hagrid’s cabin and noticed that the curtains where closed, and when they knocked he asked who was it first and as soon as the last of them went in he closed the door.

“Holy Merlin, Hagrid open a window it’s blazing hot in here” Linalee said fanning herself.

“So what ye want to know?” Ignoring Lina’s statement.

“Actually we wanted to know what else is guarding the stone besides Fluffy” Hermione said, no point beating around the bush plus it’d be better to get out of there as soon as possible or possibly all of them would melt in there.

“Honestly I don’t know and if I did I wouldn’t tell yeh nothing, yeh know too much as it is” he said putting tea on the table. “Beats me how you found out bout Fluffy”

“It was not pleasant” Jasmine muttered.

“Oh Hagrid come on, you might not want to tell us but you know, you know everything that goes on around here” Hermione said in a flattering voice.” We really just wondered who else helped with the guarding really. Who else did Dumbledore trust besides you” She said smiling and Hagrids beard twitch, he was smiling and the flattery was working point one for Hermione.

“Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt to tell yeh that” He said” Well HE borrowed Fluffy from me, then there was some Professor’s, Professor Sprout, Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, Professor Quirrell and Dumbledore Himself did something’” He stated “Oh and there was someone else uhhh Professor Snape”

“HA!! I told you people!” Jasmine said smiling.

“Yeh still not going on about Professor Snape aren’t yeh? He’s helping protect the stone he isn’t about to go steal it” Hagrid said confident

“See, see I told you people!!” Jasmine said in victory.

That put them back to square one. But Harry was not so sure, if he was part of the teachers who put up the spells it’d be easy for him to find out how to overcome them except apparently for Quirrell’s and how to get pass Fluffy.

“No one knows how to get pass Fluffy right?” Harry asked anxiously.

“Not a soul, except for Professor Dumbledore an’ me self.

“Well that’s something” He sighed in relieve “Hagrid can we open a window?”

“Yes please I’m dying! Puedo cocinar un huevo frito en la cabeza de Ron!” Jasmine said earning a laugh from Alexandra who just waved them off (Translation: I can fry and egg on Ron’s head)

“I’m sorry but I can’t” He said a bit fidgety and glanced at the fire, making the teens do the same.

“What in 7 hells is that?” Linalee asked but every one of them had a very clear idea of what it was.

“Ah that er you see it’s a er…” Hagrid was very nervous to say the least; Ron kneeled in front of the fireplace and stared at the big black egg in wonder.

“Where’d you get it? It must of cost a fortune” Ron said

“Well I won it last night in a card game, the lad seemed quite happy to get rid of it though” He said

“Can I touch it?” Alexandra asked like a little kid.

“No you can’t and Hagrid don’t let her near it” Linalee stated.

“Why not?!” Alexandra demand

“I wonder” Linalee trailed off sighing.

“Me too that’s why I’m asking” Alexandra never got an answer.

“So what do you plan to do when it’s hatched?” Hermione asked truly curious. Hagrid brighten up just Alejandra had done earlier when they asked her.

“Well I‘ve bin doin’ some readin’,” he started pulling a large book from under his pillow. “Got this outta the library- Dragon Breeding for pleasure and profit- it’s a bit out of date o’ course, but it’s all in here. Keep the egg in fire, ‘cause their mothers breathe on em, see, an’ when it hatches feed it a bucket o’ brandy mixed with chicken blood every half hour. An’ see here- how ter recognize different eggs- what I got there’s a Norwegian Ridgeback. They’re rare, them”

He looked super pleased with himself, but few of them didn’t.

“You live in a cabin” Jasmine started

“A WOODEN Cabin” Hermione finished

But Hagrid wasn’t listening he was humming merrily as he stocked the fire. So we add this to another thing to worry about: What would happen if they found out Hagrid was hiding and illegal dragon in his hut?

Days went by and they were drowning in homework, Hermione and Alexandra had made sure they had study hours assign everyday so they could pass the finals.

“Oh Alex that’s very clever, how bout this?” Hermione said scribbling down.

“That’s very good actually I hadn’t thought of that and with this “Alexandra scribbled some more. They had been at it for four hour and a half.

“I wonder how it is to have a peaceful life” Ron asked to no one in a daze.

“It’s pretty much like this only with more sleep in it” Jasmine said trying to make a book tower.

“I wish I could’ve escaped with Lina and Harry they got lucky because they had quidditch practice” Ron sighed.

“Should’ve told my captain to do the same” Jasmine said her head hitting the table in complete boredom.

“Hey guys!” Linalee appeared with her quidditch uniform and a paper.

“Hey that’s mine!” Harry said.

“Shut it Potter, read” Linalee gave the paper to the four teen, and just 2 words were written on it.

It’s hatching.

And those words got them all out of the library, of course it would’ve been too easy to just say “Hey lets ditch Herbology and go see a Dragon Hatching!” As always there were people in disagreement. Hermione and Alexandra would not hear of it.

“Oh for the love of all that is good pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase can we go” Linalee pleaded.

“You’re 3 classes ahead anyway” Ron said.

“Actually I’m five” Alexandra said clearing that up.

“The more reason it wouldn’t matter if we left !” Jasmine said

“How many time do you get to see a hatching dr- “

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” Harry had cut them off, Draco Malfoy was walking by and stop dead, and they did not know how much he had heard. So to just get him off their track they went to Herbology and as soon as the professor dismissed them they ran off.

When they got there, there were deep cracks on the egg and Hagrid have never been seen so happy. The little one inside the egg kept moving trying to rack out the egg anyway it could.

“Can we help him?” Linalee asked feeling bad for the little dragon not being able to get out.

“No, they have to get out by themselves Lina” Alexandra told her.

“How do you know that?” Ron asked.

“I want a dragon someday who knows, might get one or two” She shrugged.

“If that happens the world will perish” Linalee said, and then it happen the little dragon finally came out.

“Ain’t he beautiful?” Hagrid said petting its head. It wasn’t beautiful at all it looked like a black prune with wings

“This is not how I pictured it” Ron said while looking at it

“It’s a new born and it’s adorable!” Alexandra said and Hagrid kept petting him until it looked at him.

“Aww bless him, he know his mummy” and then sparks came out like a cough and burnt Hagrid’s beard and he looked at the window curiously. “Is he a friend of yours?” At that all of them looked back and saw the distinctive platinum blonde hair of Draco Malfoy.

“No he’s not” They said in unison.

“Uh oh” Hagrid managed to say. And the rest just thought not only what would happen to Hagrid but also what would happen to them.

Days went by and all Draco Malfoy did was stare at them with this annoying smirk on his face.

“I can’t stand it why hasn’t he told on us yet?” Jasmine said a bit frustrated, they were back at Hagrid’s and the dragon was growing quite quickly.

“Maybe he wants us to suffer first. If I get expelled my parents will kill me” Alexandra said

“Nothing would happen to me but going back to a normal life when I know all this exist it’s not what I want” Linalee sighed. Harry could relate, just thinking he’d had to go back to his mean uncle and aunt and his stupid but violent cousin made him want to try and talk to Malfoy, but he knew that wouldn’t be of much her either.

“You should get rid of that dragon” Ron started.

“He’s a baby I’m not just gonna leave little Norbert, he’ll die” He said like a mother worried for her child, petting it and talking to it in a cute way.

“Norbert?” They asked in unison.

“Yes I decided to call him Norbert” He said happily

“HE’s gone mad” Ron whispered to Harry and then it hit him.

“Charlie” And he looked at Ron.

“You’ve gone mad too, you see I’m Ron” He said

“No stupid, your brother’ Harry right we can tell you brother Charlie about the dragon” Linalee said happily.

“He’ll take care of him until it can manage on its own, and set him free” Alexandra reasoned.

“We should write him as soon as possible” Harry said looking at the dragon and how big it’s gotten.

“B-but” Hagrid started.

“If this continues I’ll go insane” Linalee said “He stared at me in class with that stupid smirk and I swear I’ll punch him and that will get me expelled for sure”

“If this goes on Hagrid might need a bigger house” Alexandra said seeing as the dragon was getting annoyed of not having much space. After a long talk with Hagrid he finally agree and they wrote to Charlie, short after they received a later back that some friends of his would pick the dragon up on Hogwarts highest  tower and to wait for them there at midnight.

They looked at each other.

“We have and invisibility cloak it’ll fit 2 and Norbert” Harry said “This shouldn’t be so difficult, unless someone decides to oh geez I don’t tell the Headmaster about it” Linalee glared at him.

“It was for your own good” She defended.

“It wasn’t your decision to make!” Harry fought back and Hermione and Alexandra looked at each other.

“Linalee and Harry will take Norbert to the tower” Hermione stated.

“But they can’t stand each other” Ron reasoned and Jasmine shushed him.

“I am not going anywhere with him” Linalee said glaring a Harry.

“You know it’s better if you do come with me otherwise you might tell on me!” Harry finished.

“That’s enough!” Alexandra started “You two are going up there to give Norbert away and when you come down you better have make up or I’ll make sure Malfoy is the least of your problems” Linalee huffed and looked away and Harry glared at the floor and they each went to their separate common room. Hermione, Harry and Linalee were sitting in Gryffindors common room, and they stayed there after everyone had gone to sleep and were only them soon enough Ron appeared with a bloody hand.

“It bit me!” He complained

“Shhh! What you do to it?” Linalee asked.

“What I do to it? You see my bloody hand bleeding and you ask me what I did to it, bloody brilliant then!” Walking up to his room muttering under his breath.

“He’ll come back, you two go get Norbert and go to the tower” Waving Hermione off, the two teens left in an abnormal silence so as to not being noticed was not really an issue.

It took forever to take Norbert from Hagrid since he didn’t want to say good bye.

“There’s plenty of rats and Brandy for the journey…I’ve also put in his teddy bear in case he gets lonely” Hagrid said with a broken heart in the brick of tear.

“He’ll be fine Hagrid, You’re giving Norbert his best chance” Linalee smiled reassuringly.

“But what if the bigger fellows pick on him? He’s just a baby” Harry took out a handkerchief and gave it to Hagrid.

“He’ll be fine we promise, you can write to Charlie if you want to know how he’s doing” Harry reassured.

With that he finally let them go, but he was a crying mess. After that they waited for Peeves to stop playing tennis against the wall in the entrance hall. And they finally made it to the tower where an owl waited for them telling them they were arriving a bit late. SO Linalee and Harry just sat there... waiting …in silence…

“Here” Harry said giving Linalee a little box

“What is this? Tape so I don’t open my big snitched mouth?” Her tone was sarcastic and bored. Harry sighed.

“It’s a birthday present” She stared at him.

“Uhh thank…you?...It’s a little late though” She said while opening it “ Its already February 22, my birthday was the 5th of –“ Her words got stuck in her throat, it was a simple braided bracelet with a snitch in the middle but it was the best gift you could give her . “Thank you” Her voice was slightly high pitch while she stared at it.

“Didn’t think you’d like it that much, it’s just a cheap bracelet.” Harry said looking at her putting it on.

“Shut up its shiny” She put it on “I’ll take this as a peace offering” She grinned.

“I’m sorry about that… I know you did it for my own good, it’s just my parents …I’ve never really met them and that was-“

“I lost mine too you know…when I look in the mirror I see mine, but that’s not real now is it?” She smiled sadly “They aren’t coming back Harry, no matter how much or how hard we wish they won’t come back” she looked down a bit teary eyed and felt Harry hugged her from the side.

“I’m glad I meet you” Harry said and Linalee smiled.

“Like wise” She smiled and just then 4 brooms came from the horizon and stopped in front of them. They took the cage Norbert was in and handed it to them. After they secured it they thanked the two teens and they thanked them back and shook each their hands and then off they went.

A ton of weight was taken from their shoulders, Norbert was gone and Malfoy had nothing on them. They walked down the stairs and looked down the hall and there were Ron, Hermione, Alexandra, and Jasmine running toward them they smiled but their friends didn’t, they stopped dead in their tracks and looked behind them in horror.

“May, May aren’t we in trouble?” Said the last voice they ever wanted to hear. Harry and Linalee turned around and there he was, the devil himself…..Filch.


Holy Jezuz that took forever!!! I hope you like this chapter and the next one should be ready though it may be shorter. But any whoooooooooo~ After head whacking on my friends part (Yes I have a hole on my head thanks to the trusty itching Hand of Alexandra) I finished. Hope you enjoyed please rate comment and if it criticism put a sock in it cause well I really didn’t ask for it.

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