The Sorcerer's Stone: Untold story

What if it wasn't only Ron, Hermione and Harry getting in trouble? What if they actually met 3 odd girls that became friends with them and helped them along the would the story go?


1. A new life

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Chapter 1: The Start of a New Life

There are things that make us unique in this world. Things, which free us in our own ways. I’m not talking about singing or dancing, since that’s what muggles do; I’m talking about magic, something most only wish that it exist… Yet unknown to most of the world… because of magic, amazing and dark things have happened. Children were losing their parents, little girls making beautiful and amazing creations… yet, being called names for having such abilities…others making mischief… but is our wonderful and dying magical world…it’s used to protect what’s precious from he-who-shall-not-be-named…

~Privet drive~

“Are you sure is okay to leave the boy with this muggles Albus? I’ve been watching them for quite some time now and they are the worst kind of muggles I ever seen!” The elder woman told desperately to the older man standing next to her known as Albus Dumbledore. “They’re-“

“The only family he has left” He finished; his long white beard and hair standing out in the dark night.

“Are you certain? There will be no man or child in our world who won’t know his name” she retorted, looking at the infant in Albus arms.

“Exactly… I think he’s better off away from all that” He put the infant down on the door step smiling at him and putting a letter on top of him.

“Good luck…Harry”

~10 years later~


“Welcome!! You must be the new transfer student. You must be tired from the trip, child” The elder lady told the blonde girl in front of her. “Where were you from again?”

“Puerto Rico, originally. I transferred from the U.S. Wizarding School.” The girl said going inside with her luggage and looking around the odd house and all the rooms you could see just by looking up.

“Oh! Interesting, we have a few students here. Maybe you can make friends even before your first day at Hogwarts.” then the woman left to what our blonde friend imagined was the kitchen while she starts walking around, until suddenly she heard an explosion like sound and screaming.

“HOW COULD YOU!!!!???”The blonde jumped slightly looking at where the noise came from and just as she did a black haired girl ran past her almost running her over.

“Sorry!” was heard but she did not stop running and soon enough she was out of sight.

“Linalee Alexa Corvinous get back here!!!!” Then a brown haired girl with a braid appeared at the scene, running down the stairs and looking really pissed off, until her gray eyes landed on the blonde girl who looked frightened and freak out at the same time. Then the brunette’s facial expression changed drastically from pissed off to what the blonde could only imagined was friendly “Oh! Hello, who are you? And have you seen a black haired girl with brown eyes soon to be dead?” the brunette had a smile on her face while saying that sentence. The blonde just stared and blinked a few times.

“Pa’l carajo, aquí la gente está más loca que la de mi país” the blonde said looking upwards as if speaking to someone. The brunette looked at the spanish speaking blonde in front of her in question. (translation: Fuck this people are more crazy here than in my country.)

“You’re new around here right?” Just as the brunette spoke the black haired girl -Linalee as mention earlier- appeared out of nowhere eating what seemed like a cupcake and gave one to the brunette braided girl.

“Who’s she? OW!!!” She exclaimed after being wacked on the head by the brunette.

“That’s for eating my chocolate stash” Then she took a bite out of the cupcake she’d been given “And I don’t know, she hasn’t introduced herself. “

“She spoke spanish I think, are you from Spain? México… maybe?” Linalee looked at the blonde in question.

“Mejicana no! I’m from Puerto Rico” the blonde said a bit agitated.

“Okay then, Well spanish person my name is Linalee” She smiled “excuse my friends psychotic behavior she has this times where she just blows up for silly reasons- OW!!! What was that for!?” Linalee looked at the brunette accusingly.

“My hand itched” She replied plainly and smiled a bit “My name’s Alexandra and you are?” She asked the blonde.

“I’m Jasmine” She looked at the two girls; they didn’t look older than her. And by their antics they could actually pass off as being younger. “I’m guessing you two got accepted at Hogwarts too right?”

“So you’re a student at Hogwarts too” Linalee added.

“You’re from the Caribbean right?” Alexandra asked, pretty confident she was right.

"Yes, that’s quite right, Puerto Rico is so small I’m surprised you know where it is.” Jasmine replied.

“And where exactly is that?” Linalee asked a bit lost.

“You did not just ask that.” Alexandra said resisting the urge to face palm not only herself but Linalee too.

“Well I can’t know everything, I’m not you, you bookworm” Linalee stuck out her tongue.

“I can’t really blame you, it’s just a little dot in the map after all, but its home.” Jasmine smiled a bit. She looks like a good girl Linalee thought; Alexandra’s thought ending the same way.

“Well I’m from here, but my mom was from Japan” Linalee said with smile.

“Was from Japan?”Jasmine asked.

“She died” Linalee said “Well both my parents were murdered or so they say.” She shrugged unfazed by it.

“I’m so sorry.” Jasmine said not sure if she should have said something else. This is going to turn awkward, Jasmine thought.

“Want to go to the zoo?” Alexandra asked out of the blue. Jasmine twitched a bit at the abrupt changed of topic.  

“Sure, I guess” Jasmine said sighing.

“GREAT! We’re experimenting on a travel potion Alexandra invented, so it’s a great way to test it!”Linalee clasped her hands together happily.

“You’re right!”Alexandra ran to get her “experimental” potion.

Suddenly Jasmine was regretting greatly their offer to go to the zoo.

“En que carajos me he metido.” Jasmine said slapping a hand on her forehead. (Trans: What the hell did I just get into. )

~Privet drive~

“HEY POTTER WAKE UP!!!” a chubby recently 11 year old kid, screamed while running up and down the stairs. Under said stairs was a bed, and lying on top of it was a ten year old glasses wearing boy named Harry Potter.

“I’m up” He said hoping the bangs on top of his head would stop so the dirt would stop falling on top of him. Harry heard the footsteps fading down the stairs and assumed it was safe to go out. He opened the door and took a few steps outside only to be pushed inside hitting his head in the process and hearing the door slam shut once again.

“There’s my special little boy!” Harry heard his aunt Petunia say, he was once again outside his -so called- room heading for the kitchen. He looked at the chubby fellow -better known as his cousin Dudley- once again receiving a mountain of gifts he did nothing to deserve. Harry started making breakfast like his aunt had instructed him to do.

“Look darling we got you all this gifts, just for your special day” Petunia told her son who made a deep scold and looked at his father –or more like glared at his father-.

“HOW MANY ARE THERE?”His father accustomed to his behavior seemed unaffected by this.

“36, I counted them myself” His father, whose name is Vernon, said proudly. Dudley looked at him with rage evident on his features.

“36?! Last year I got 37!!” Vernon quickly reassuring his son said, “well they're bigger gifts this year.”

“I don’t care!!! I want more than last year!!!”

“Oh brother.” Harry thought, I mean how fake can you get? Although, Dudley might be just stupid enough to not be able to fake stupidity.

“Don’t worry sweetheart we’ll get you two more gifts after we go to the zoo” Petunia said undistracted, smiling reassuringly at her bundle of joy’s ridiculous request.

The lot of them went to the car and Vernon closed the door just before Harry was about to get in. He looked at his uncle, feeling aggravated but being accustomed to the treatment; he had learned to keep his face and body language in check. Otherwise there would be hell to pay.

“No funny business or we will leave you without rations for a week” He looked at Harry’s electric blue eyes deeply, trying to be intimidating. Harry just nodded and proceeded to get in the car, hoping somehow this day won’t be as horrible as it had turned out to be so far.

~At the zoo~

Jasmine was leaning against a rail in the reptile house, feeling as sick as ever thanks to Alexandra’s traveling potion. Linalee was just glad they didn’t end up in someone’s closet or bathroom, but the nausea still got her pretty bad. Alexandra was eating an ice cream cone admiring the snakes, uncaring of the greenish girls that she had used as guinea pigs.

“Never again, I’m never trying her experiments again” Linalee said breathing deeply to control her nausea.

“Esta tipa esta cabrona mano” Jasmine said putting her hand over her mouth as if stopping the barf from getting out. Linalee still looked at her trying to figure out what she said. (Trans.: This girl is fucking crazy….<for lack of a better translation I can’t literally translate it>)

“Hey, I really like snakes. Specially the cobra over there” Alexandra said as if she had discovered something new about herself.

“You’re beyond weird” Linalee replied breathing deeply to make the nausea disappear.

“You’re one to talk I just met you two and I know I’ll get in trouble…which reminds me, why are you so uncaringly ignoring our suffering?” Jasmine looked at Alexandra and Linalee realizing her question asked the same thing mentally.

“Why should I care? You helped me gather data to improve the potion, I should thank you.” Alexandra smiled in a way Linalee and Jasmine did not what to know what it meant. None the less they twitched at the brunette’s statement.

“She’s the devil in disguise.” Both thought in unison.

“MAKE IT MOVE!!” The three girls turned to where the noise came and their eyes fell on a family of muggles, the chubby one being the source of such an annoying sound.

“Muggles are quite annoying sometimes.” Alexandra said becoming annoyed herself.

“More like spoiled, they think they can own the world and they don’t know half of what makes the world.” Linalee’s tone a bit bitter.

“I’ve lived with muggles most of my life, they aren’t all that bad.” Jasmine defended.

“Oh please!~”Alexandra and Jasmine started to dispute about muggles and that just made Linalee want to tune them out. She got distracted with one of the kids from the muggle family they were observing. The kid himself didn’t get her attention, what got her attention was that he was speaking in a hushing sound, and the snake seemed to understand what he said.

“Did he just talk to the snake?” She whispered to herself, being completely ignored by the two bickering girls.

“Mom!! Dad!! You won’t believe what the snake is doing!!!” the chubby muggle screamed and pushed the kid with glasses, speaking the weird language.

“Well that was just rude.” Linalee said loud enough to make the two bickering girls stop and pay attention to what Linalee had just commented on. Linalee being as temperamental as she was, move to say something to the chubby kid for being a jerk, but her steps where frozen by the scene before her. The glass on which the chubby kid was leaning on seconds ago disappeared making him fall inside the artificial mini pond the snake had in its cage and in the process the snake scared the hell of the chubby jerky muggle and got out but not before stopping before the kid and –in Linalee’s point of view nodded at him- and then scaring everyone in its path the snake got away. The chubby muggle looked at the retreading snake getting up from the pond and went to exit the way he came in finding that the glass was back in place trapping him inside the cage and he started screaming. The three girls watched agape until they just couldn’t help but laugh their asses off. Just when they were about to talk to the blue eyed glasses wearing fellow the two muggle adults appeared. The woman got dramatic and started screaming looking at her dear boy inside the cage and the man just glared down at the glasses wearing kid who stopped laughing as soon as he laid eyes on him.

“I think we should talk to him maybe help him, he probably doesn’t know what happened” Jasmine surprisingly said.

“We should, but he’s gone…and by the looks of it, I think he’s in a load of trouble” Linalee said feeling sorry for the unknown boy.

“We’ll run into him at some point” Alexandra said walking out of the reptile house, the two girls following soon after. “After all, he is a wizard most likely from Hogwarts.” Alexandra shrugged.

“I guess you’re right.” Linalee said, her thought’s not leaving the curiosity of knowing what really happened with the snake, and how could he make it understand him.

~Privet Drive~

Harry got out of his so called room after preparing mentally for his day. After the zoo incident his uncle had made sure his life was even more …. Complicated? Might as well use it, for lack of a better word. He was heading to the kitchen when the sound of the dropping mail slot caught his attention.

“Mail’s here” Harry said to the other room, getting silence as a response. He knew very well that meant get it over here quickly, he’d lived there long enough to know that much. He picked the letters up and began passing each one of them, looking at what might upset his uncle… we wouldn’t want that, would we? He was going to stop inspecting them when a letter with his name on it caught his attention. But that was not what surprised him the most -or more like freaked out- the addressed in the envelope said to Mr. Harry Potter The cupboard under the stairs Privet Drive…the person who sent this knew he lived in a cupboard and that was something most people didn’t know.

He walked to the kitchen handing the rest of the mail to his uncle, his eyes never leaving the intriguing envelope. Sitting himself on the opposite side of his uncle, he decided to start opening the envelope. Dudley being the jerk he is, took it from his hands and gave it to his father.


“Give it back Dudley, is mine!” Harry said, his attitude getting the best of him. His uncle looked at him in a mocking way.

“Yours? Who would ever write to you?” He laughed slightly, looking at the envelope and widening his eyes seeing Harry’s name on it, then he turned the envelope to see the logo on the back; and what he saw made him paled, the logo belonged to the one and only, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Vernon glared hard at Harry for some unknown reasons to him and before he knew it he was looked up in the cupboard again.

After that one, more and more letters came, and to the common sense folk, with each new letter that arrived an owl stayed as if waiting for it to be replied. The week had passed and Sunday came. Harry looked at his uncle Vernon, thinking of why he would forbid him from reading one of those letters and why was it so bad that he had to go crazy about it. He had nailed a piece of wood right on top of the mail slot so that mail could not get it. And right now aunt Petunia was giving him cookies and he had this happy psychotic look on his face.

“Do you know why I love Sunday’s?” Vernon asked to no one in particular.

“Be-because…there’s no mail?” Dudley answered, doubtful of the answer himself. His father laughed in a maniac kind of way.

“Right you are Dudley, there’s no mail not even one…miserable…Le-WACK!!” An envelope hit him square on the forehead. For a second he looked confused and suddenly he realized what had hit him as hundreds of letters flew around the living room coming right out the chimney. Vernon started joining the screams of desperation and fear of his wife and son, while Harry, laughing happily tried to grab one of the flying letters. As soon as he felt one in his hand he ran for his tiny cupboard but before he could open the door Vernon caught him taking the letter away from him.

“Give it back!! They’re my letters!!” Harry screamed trying to free himself from Vernon’s grasp.

“THAT’S IT!!! WE'RE GOING AWAY!!! FAR AWAY, WHERE THEY CAN’T FIND US.” Vernon’s voice reached the maniacal tone that made his wife looked at him in terror as well as his son.

“Daddy’s gone mad hasn’t he?” Dudley asked his mother looking at his father in fear.

~in a house in the middle of nowhere, the ocean~

After the letter attack, Vernon had resorted to move hotel from hotel for a long while, but seeing that the letters kept arriving everywhere they stayed at, the only difference being the address. Vernon outraged and screaming asked himself, how do they keep finding us?, over and over again. He had passed the brink of sanity and made the drastic decision of getting on a boat to a house that didn’t even have a proper floor but dirt in its place, in the middle of nowhere. Harry was now on the floor while Dudley snored on the couch. Harry having trouble sleeping stayed up and started drawing a cake since he was minutes away from being 11. When the clock stroked 12 he looked at he’s already drawn cake.

“Make a wish Harry.” He closed his eyes and blew his dirt drawn candles; just seconds after he opened his eyes, someone started slamming their fist at the door. It was so loud, that the first time they knock it woke Dudley up and by the second knock, his uncle was up and down stairs, his aunt behind him and a shot gun in hand, not moving near the door, but staying at the stairs.

“Who’s there?” Vernon said frightened.

The thing or the person that was knocking at the door, knocked it down making the three Dursley’s scream in horror. Since there was a horrible storm and the only light source they had was lightning. Every time lightning stroke you could see the tall, huge figure taking steps inside. Harry getting scare hid in a corner as quick as he could. The tall dark figure came inside to reveal a really tall and large man with a black long bear and hair.

“Sorry about that!” He said, sounding more friendly than expected. He picked the door up putting it on its proper place. Vernon pointed the shotgun at the new comer.


“I demand you leave at once!! You are breaking and entering!!” Vernon said in a tone a lot more confident than his face made it seem. The stranger walked up to Vernon making him shake and Petunia shriek.

“Dry up Dursley, you great prune” compared to his tone earlier, he sounded serious. Before Vernon could shoot the stranger bent the shotgun upwards and Vernon ended up making a hole in the ceiling. The stranger walked up to Dudley and smiled opening his arms. “Boy! I haven’t seen you since you were a baby, Harry…You’re a bit more along that I would’ve expected…specially in the middle” Motioning "Harry’s" belly.

“I-I’m not Harry.” Dudley says stuttering. Hearing this, Harry had no other choice than to come out. Even if Dudley was a jerk, if they were looking for him he wouldn’t let Dudley take a hit….though it sounded tempting.

Harry walked up to the stranger and away from his safe corner and said, “I’m Harry.” Looking at the big guy unsure of what emotion he should express.

“Well, of course you are.” He smiled once again. “I got something for ya! I’m afraid I might’ve sat on it on the way, but I imagine it taste just the same…” He gave Harry a box that really did look like someone sat on it. “Made it myself…decorations and all.” Harry looked at him and then opened the box looking at it in disbelieve, inside layed  a cake that read “Happy Birthday Harry!” he smiled at bit looking back at the big guy.

“Thank you!” He said and looked back at the cake that had been given to him, never had he celebrated his birthday, this was a refreshing feeling…knowing someone cared you were born.

“Is not every day a young man turns 11” The stranger looked really happy as he said those words. He sat down and took his umbrella out pointing it at the chimney where it spat a ball of fire, lighting the whole room with a hearty fire. Harry looked agape and wide eye at what just happened. Harry put the cake down and noticed his aunt and uncle face's and then he directed himself back at the stranger sitting on the couch.

“ummmm, excuse me, but…who are you?” Harry looked at him in question.

“Rubeus Hagrid, keeper of the keys and grounds of Hogwarts” he said while looking at the fire but soon enough he looked at Harry. “Of course you would know all about Hogwarts.”

“Sorry, no.” Harry shook his head.

“No? Didn’t you ever wonder where your mum and dad learned it all?” He said with a very noticeable questioning stare.

“Learned what?” Harry said even more confused.

“You’re a wizard Harry.” Hagrid said smiling at the blue eyed boy.”And a good one with a little training I wagered”

“No, you must of made a mistake…. that can’t be…I’m just….I’m just Harry.” He said while laughing a bit, confusion clear on his face.

“Well just Harry, did you make strange things happen? Anything you couldn’t explain? When you were angry or scared?” Harry thought of Hagrid’s words and looked back at him just when realization hit him. Hagrid stood up and took a letter out of his pocket giving it to Harry. He looked at it; open it, and started reading.

“Dear Mr. Potter we are pleased to accept you at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” Harry finished surprised at what he was reading. Vernon was already at his side.

“He will not be going!! We swore we’d put an end to all this rubbish.” he said firmly.

“You knew? You knew all along and you never told me?” Harry said getting angry at them.

Petunia crossing her arms and making a face of antipathy said, “Of course we knew…How could you not be? My perfect sister being who she was….My mother and father were so glad when she got her letter… We have a witch in the family, how wonderful!…” Her face made a scold .“I was the only one to see her for what she was…. A freak! And then she met that Potter, and then she had you…and I knew you would be just as strange, just as abnormal ….after that, she got herself blown up, and we got landed with you. ”

“Blown up?! You told me they died in a car crash.” Harry exclaimed.

“A car crash?!! A car crash killed Lily and James Potter?” Hagrid asked enraged.

“We had to tell him something.” Petunia answered plainly.

“It’s an outraged, a scandal!” Hagrid continued indignantly. Just as they were bickering, Dudley took the cake and started eating it, Harry not paying mind to it, since he was used to his cousin pigging things out.

“He’ll not be going”

“Oh, and I suppose a great muggle like you is going to stop him?”Harry looked at him in question.


“Non magic folks, this boy had his name down since he was born, he’s going to the finest school of witchcraft and wizardry of the world and he will be under the greatest headmaster Hogwarts has ever had, Albus Dumbledore.”

“I will not pay to have a crack pod old fool teach him magic tricks” Hagrid pointed the umbrella at Vernon.

“Do. Not. Insult. Albus Dumbledore in front of me” He was dead serious. Then he noticed Dudley eating the cake so he waved his umbrella slightly and a pig’s tail magically appeared at Dudley’s behind and everyone started panicking and screaming. Harry of course laughed at the scene. “ummm, I appreciate if you didn’t mention this to anyone at Hogwarts, I’m not suppose to use magic “ He looked at his watch, “Oh we’re a bit behind schedule, must be off now.” Hagrid walked to the door, Harry looking at his retreating back. Hagrid moved the door making it fall to the ground again and looked back at Harry. ”Unless you want to stay of course.” and walked out of the house.

Harry was not sure what would await him if he crossed that door, but one thing was certain once he step outside that door…he’d be starting a New Life.

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