High School

This story is about Emma Horan. She is Niall's sister. It is her first day of High School with Niall in England ...
Who will she fall for?


6. 6-good day

NOTE: The next few chapters will have mostly Niall and Liams point of view. THANKS!


We WERE having a sleep in. I was right the whole time. I didn't mind though because that's what I was planning on doing anyways. "So. Babe. I was thinking..." She trailed off and just started making kissing me. I just went along with it. I mean I couldn't just pull back. I slightly turned to Niall and the boys were raising their eyebrows. Niall and the boys just stood there, watching. 

I woke up and checked the clock. It was still about 4:35 Am so i just went downstairs and took a shower. I changed into another pair of boxers from the dufflebag that Emma brought me full of clothes. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a bag of crisps and just sat on the couch watching Cops again. I think this is my favorite American show now. Zayn and Lou walked down the hall way from each of their rooms. "Liam?" Zayn called lowly. "Hm?" I groaned, raising my hand up. "What happened down here?" Lou asked cheekily. "I just don't know..." I said shrugging. "Well. how was it? " Zayn asked while going into the kitchen and grabbing a soda can. "It was alright. Nothing happened though." I said while scratching my beard. "Was it weird ? Lou asked, raising an eyebrow. "No, Louis." I shot back. "Want my crisps, i'm going back upstairs." I asked Lou and Zayn. Lou grabbed them before i could put them on the table. I went upstairs and crawled int he bed. "Mmm. Hey Liam. You smell good." Emma said in a very sleepy voice. "Thanks. So do you, love." I said smiling.

I moved a piece of hair from her face and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I'm hungry." She said. "Well, ok. Crisps ok?" I asked getting off the bed. "Perfect." She smiled. I walked into the kitchen  and grabbed the cheddar crisps. I walked back into the room and cops was on. I smiled, "My favorite! How did you know?" "It was obvious." she replied back. We layed in bed until the show was over. She put her arm around me and buried her head in my chest. She slowly fell asleep. And so did I. 



Today was a good day.
















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