High School

This story is about Emma Horan. She is Niall's sister. It is her first day of High School with Niall in England ...
Who will she fall for?


5. 5-did you?


I woke up and Emma wasn't there. Huh weird. I went through the hall and into the kitchen. Still no one was there. I went in the cabinet and got out a box of Honey combs. I put the milk and cereal in a  bowl and put everything away. I grabbed a fork and started eating the cereal. I have a fear of spoons. I just don't like them for some reason. I finished my cereal and drank the milk in the bowl and put everything in the sink.i just plopped down on the couch still in my underwear and watched Cops on Spike t.v. "Such an American show, i swear." I muttered to myself. I decided not to do anything today since it was the weekend. There was no sign of anyone in the house. Then I heard a *clomp clomp clomp*..."LIIIIIAAAAAAAMMMM! GET UP HERE RIGHT NOW!" Wait, I know that thick Irish accent from anywhere. "Niall..." I said to myself. I dragged myself up the stairs still groggy from waking up. I walked into Emma's room and saw him looking at my onesie on the floor then seeing I'm in my underwear. "What is this?" Niall asked sternly. "My onesie..." i said smiling. "Did you sleep like that?" He asked me again. "Mhm" I said "Did you and her..." Niall sighed  "...did you two... you know?" "Details my friend, I need details" I said raising my eyebrow. Then he did the 'motion'  (for you know what) with his hands. "JESUS! NO!. I just asked her to become my girl friend...I would never do 'that' that quick" I said to him while cringing. Niall sighed in relief. "OK cause you know how i feel about that."  "No worries bro, i would never do that to you." I continued. "I mean me and her might make out if that's ok?"  "yea sure" Niall replied slightly cringing.

Me and Niall sat on the couch and played pokemon. After I won the battle, Niall gave up. "Hey where is everyone?" I asked. "Rite-aid" He groaned. "It's Emma's time of the month. So she forced them to go out with her and get alot of food..." I cringed and put my head in my hands. "...No! Don't dread it lad! She only craves food. Not attention." I sighed in relief. Alright i can handle that for sure. 1 hour passed. Then the boys walked in with 5 bags in each hand. Emma walked in carrying 5 jugs of mountain dew, dr pepper, cola, ginger ale, and sun drop. Nialls eyes widened and his mouth dropped. We spent 30 minutes packing the closets with food. She also bought another rubbish bin and 7 movies. Huh, i guess we're staying in tonight.


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