High School

This story is about Emma Horan. She is Niall's sister. It is her first day of High School with Niall in England ...
Who will she fall for?


4. 4-Official?


I called the boys and we all huddled together like a football team. Emma strolled off to her room to get ready. I just needed to waste a good 20-30 mins just to let Liam score."Alright guys we must do this quickly! We gotta let Liam get a score with Emma. "Alright listen boys! Liam is in desperate need! Were gonna establish a plan so he can get a score. SO. Lou set up a bed made of a lots of thick blankets and pillows. Niall put thin, but dark blankets over the windows so it's dark! Harry! We wont need you for this. Liam! You know what to do. And everyone! Hop on the small couch so Liam and Emma will have to sleep on the mattress bed thing!" I said that so quickly, but they all nodded and understood. Lou made the bed mattress thing. Niall covered the windows. Harry sat on the couch checking his phone. Liam kept really cool. I wonder how he was so chill for a once-in-a-lifetime-moment like this. And I put Insidious in, i paused it and we all sat on the couch waiting. except for Liam who layed on the mattress bed. You know what, lets just call it a mattress bed for now.


I walked out the room with my onesie on. I walk down the hall way to see and 4 boys on the couch and Liam just laying there on a mattress bed thing on the floor facing the tv. It looked really comfortable. "Hello Emma!" They all said, including Liam. They all had their onesies on. Adorable. "There was no space left on the couch so I made a blanket bed for us" He said smiling. "Aw thanks!" I said as i walked over to the blanket bed and layed down with Liam. He smelled like really good cologne. They turned on the movie and I knew this was gonna be scary. "Just hold my hand if you get scared" Liam said as he looked over to me while smiling. "Ok thanks" I said back smiling.

I started to squeeze his hand because it was getting really scary beyond that point. "Aw it's ok." Liam said softly as he wrapped his arms around me and was holding me. He made me feel really safe. It was really silent so I decided to break it. "Your beard is attractive, Liam." I said so that everyone can hear, but yet it wasn't too loud either. Everyone started laughing and I started giggling. "That has to be by far the most funniest thing i heard all day." Harry said with tears forming in his eyes. Niall was sitting there clutching his stomach with a wide grin on his face. "Hmm" Liam said pondering for a comeback. Instead, he looked in my eyes, and moved in slowly. Our lips touched. Sparks flew everywhere. Best feeling i have ever had...ever. There were "Ooooh and Aaaww going about. We kissed for about a good 2 minutes. He pulled back and said, "It seems like I'm kissing Niall because you look so much like him." I was laughing so hard along with all 5 of the boys. We literally were all crying because his was so much better than mine. "That was nice." I said. "Best comeback you ever heard right?" Liam said proudly. "Noo! The kiss!" I said. Everyone slowly stopped laughing. "It was." Liam said smiling. "Mhm." I replied "Back to the movie" I requested. "Indeed!" Liam said as he resumed the movie. Liam held me during the whole movie marathon. 



I was really tired. I yawned really loud. "Tied love? Liam asked inbetween yawns. "Mmhmm" I said. The boys were too busy 'gossiping' about whatever, to even know I slipped Liam in my room. "So i'm sleeping with you tonight?" Liam questioned "Uh I-" I was cut off by Liam "NO NONONONO! Not like that! Like it happens we are sleeping in the same bed...together." He said awkwardly. "Yea i know..." I said giggling.

"Well I gotta go brush my teeth" Liam said, while walking into the bathroom. I already did, so i just layed in bed, thinking. "Oi, Emma?" Liam said peeking out of the bathroom door. "Hm?" I groaned.  "Um is it alright if i sleep in my underwear? I'm not trying to be creepy, but it's just that i get night sweats because it gets awfully warm and that's how i'm most comfortable..." He trailed off. "Yea, that's alright. Just don't pull a move!" I said giggling. "Nah! I wouldn't do that." Liam said unzipping the onesie and throwing it on the floor. He layed in the bed and asked, "Are we official?" "If you wanna be, we will be." I murmured back. "Well then I guess we are!" He said turning around to face me. He kissed me on the nose. "Love you" He whispered. "Love you too" I whispered back. I fell asleep in his arms that night. Ah, he is amazing.












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