High School

This story is about Emma Horan. She is Niall's sister. It is her first day of High School with Niall in England ...
Who will she fall for?


3. 3- planning the sleepover/comfort


It was the end of the day and I saw Liam go to his locker as I pretended to get a long drink of water. You see, when I said I had feelings for Liam, I did some thinking and it seems like i really do. So i left him a note basicly saying that i seem to like him a lot and if we all can have a sleepover with a movie marathon and a whole lotta snacks and soup and all of our onesies ( niall bought me one a long time ago and it was 4 sizes too big, but he told me all the boys had some. also its cold outside.)

I see him look at the note and he smiles and sees me at the water fountain. I acted like i was done, so i walked over to him. "Hey, got the note?" I asked kinda low. He lifted my chin up and made me look at him. "I feel the same way about you. And yes of course, i would love to have a sleep over." He pulled me into a hug. Man, his hugs were the absolute best. I could feel his abs through the shirt. God, hes the best (AND WE AREN'T EVEN DATING!). I buried my head into his chest. "Well *sigh* lets see what happens at the sleepover" He said as he shot me a wink. "Oooh la la! What do we have here?" I heard someone laugh. Oh, it was Zayn, Lou, Harry, and Niall. Me and Liam pulled from the hug, our faces both red. "Oh by the way...we were wondering if you would like to have a sleepover the whole week. We have to buy soup..." Niall smiled. "Crisps..." Niall rubbed his hands together. "Soda..." Niall widened his eyes while smiling widely. "I'M IN!" Niall shouted. "ME TOO!" The other boys yelled. "Well that was easy..." I muttered. "Oh and dont forget the onesies!" "Alright!" The boys said. "Oh by the way I got a car, so if you wanna come for the ride with us and the boys back home you can i you want." Liam muttered. "Of course! We have to get Niall's bike though." I replied. "Not a problem. I can pop it in the trunk." "Oh right...didn't even think of it..." "WELL ALRIGHT LOVE BIRDS!" Lou yells.

We arrive at the shopping center. We grab everything we need for the sleepover. "Hey Liam?" I say, poking his arm twice."Can we go rent a few movies off Redbox?" I ask him while pointing to the Redbox movie rental system-type-thing. "Of course!" He agreed as he held my hand and walked me over to the Redbox. I rented Insidious. He rented the Spongebob movie and Toy Story 2. And i rented Dont be afraid of the dark. (oh the irony, because its a scary movie). We were about to turn around when Niall, Zayn, Lou and Harry scared us both. "JESUS NIALL!" I said, punching his arm. "Ooouch." Niall said. 

We arrived at the house. "Oi! Boys over here! Urm...Emma change into the onesie and get ready.Take your time though! " Zayn called. 


NOTE: Sorry this chapter was short. i feel bad for updating really late. my birthday is next thursday and i got a good chapter coming up. bye! -Alexis


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