High School

This story is about Emma Horan. She is Niall's sister. It is her first day of High School with Niall in England ...
Who will she fall for?


2. 2 - "Wake up! It's your first day of school!"


"Hey wake up Emma, it's your first day of High School with me. But don't worry, I can introduce you to my mates." He said softly while slowly shaking me. "Mmmhmm" I groaned as I got out of bed. Before I got dressed , Niall handed me a plate with bacon, eggs. and a Capri-Sun as a drink. "I got you a mountian cooler one. Is that okay? He asked. "Yea, that's fine!" I said gobbling down my food, just like Niall does. "Alright, I'm gonna go get ready, so should you!" Niall smiled closing the door.

                                                                    *15 MINUTES LATER*

Niall rode his bike to school with me on the back pegs, since he couldn't drive a car. "Not so bad eh?" Niall said, gesturing me to walk inside. I walked inside while following Niall. Niall walked up to 4 boys. One had a slight beard with hair that made him look like he just got out of bed. One also had a beard, which seemed like a full beard. He was also very tall. One had a medium beard with no stubble and a quiff as hair. And another had REALLY curly hair. Niall pointed to the one with the quiff. "This is Liam." He pointed to the one with the bed head. "This is Louis." He pointed to the one with the curly hair. "This is Harry." Then he pointed to the tall one. "Aaand this is Zayn." "Hi." Harry said. "Hello!" Louis said with a warming smile. "Hey." Zayn said slightly raising his hand up. "H-H-Hello there..." Liam stuttered. I smiled and said hello back to them. "Hey! Liam. I think you have...erm, Math class with Emma. Mind leading her to it lad?" Niall asked Liam. "Oh. Uh, yea. Sure!" Liam replied. Liam softly took my hand an led me to Math class. I think he's so cute. I wonder if I'm already growing feelings for him...awkward.

                                                                           LIAM'S P.O.V

 I thought Emma was absolutely STUNNING. She was so beautiful. I hope Niall isn't gonna be too overprotective about her. I know he isn't when she comes to us, but you never know with Niall.

I led Emma to Math class. Luckily, we had a substitute so we talked all during class. I really got to know alot about her. Turns out we have a lot in common, because she didn't seem like the type to play Xbox and pokemon.

I mean, besides the point, she is amazing.

 So, Math class ended and it was lunch all of us had lunch together. "Hey, I have to go to my locker to get something, so can you save me a seat at lunch?" Emma asked me. "Yea, will do! I said smiling. She got on her tip toes to give me a kiss on the cheek and I blushed as she went off to her locker. JAYZUS LIAM...what have you got yourself into this time?

I scratched my beard (for some odd reason it itched alot) and went to the lunch room to only see Louis and Niall sitting there. Niall saw me coming into the lunch room. He gestured me to sit in a seat next to him. I sat down...it was awkward at first, but Louis broke the ice by yelling to Zayn and Harry coming out of the kitchen holding lunch trays, "OI LADS! OUR LITTLE LIAM'S GOT A CRUSH ON NIALL'S SIS!" Harry and Zayn sat down, clapping their hands saying, "Woohoo! and 'Adda Boy!" "Yea yea! Shut up aleady..." I said blushing. Niall shushed the boys. "I honestly think she likes you back..." Niall said calmly  "because I saw something the boys didn't." then he smirked. Oh jeez...he saw her kiss me. "WHAT WAS IT NIALL?" Lou screamed. "I'll tell ya later..." He went silent as Emma walked in. I looked at her, smiled, and patted the seat next to me. She gladly sat down and we all had some small talk.

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