Under the stars

After being bossed around by her big sister for nearly 17 years maybe being forced to go to a lodge in the middle of nowhere for the summer with all her sisters friends could be a good thing when she meets...


12. Worries...

After the other night I haven't left my room all I can think is what they look like
It's Friday now and I'm ment to meet the tomorrow 
I heard my phone vibrate 

Dad - if you still want to meet them tomorrow they said Starbucks in the town by where your cabin at 12 o'clock, you can still back out if you want ?
Me - tell them I'll be there 

I don't know what to feel but I need to know there face's, I wonder if they know about sky?

_ Harry's P.O.V _ 

I can't believe what's happened in the past couple of weeks and we leave the cabin Wednesday I wounded if everything will stay the same?

"Harry... Pstttt...Harry?" I turned to see Pearl
"What"I asked angrily 
"You can't let her do it" she whispered
"Do what?"I ask cautiously 
"Meet her real parents, she doesn't need them she has me and dad" she said
"Oh yeah she really needs a sister who kissed her boyfriend" I snapped and walked off
How could she think I'm going to ruin the chance of my girlfriend meeting her real parents 

It's Saturday morning now Ariel leaves in about an hour to meet her parents, I've been thinking what Pearl said maybes she right? What if they take her away? Or disapprove off me? I need to speak to her

"Ariel, can I speak to you for a moment?" I asked her while pointing to the other room she nodded her head and followed me
"Can you promise me something?" I asked 
"Depends what it is?"
"Whatever happens today... Nothing will change between us"
"Harry don't be silly, even if the queen was my real mother, nothing would ever change what we have!" Her saying this lifted worry off my shoulders
"Ok, we'll we better be heading to Starbucks do u want me to come in with you?" I asked
"No, I should probably meet them on my own but you can sit on the other side of the room just in case!" She replied
"Ok, I can do that just text me, I can get us out there" I said I had a plan that may change our relationship in more ways than 1
"Ok but how?" She asked 
"You'll know if we need to!" I said and with that we jumped in the car.

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