Under the stars

After being bossed around by her big sister for nearly 17 years maybe being forced to go to a lodge in the middle of nowhere for the summer with all her sisters friends could be a good thing when she meets...


6. Woods...

"Told you" I heard Pearl say at the bottom of the stairs
"Dame it" I heard Gemma reply handing her £20, they actually bet on us as if then again it's typical of Pearl
"U actually bet on us?" I heard Harry say 
"We'll of course, why not gain a little money" Pearl replied, Gemma still looking annoyed about her money 
"Erm I'm gonna go to sleep then, long day" I said faking yawning 
"Yeah me too" Harry said following me up the stairs 

I Jumped under my covers hiding my face, Harry walked in and jumped right on top of me 
"Oh sorry didn't see you there" he replied sarcastically 
"Oh really" I said rolling him off and hearing a thump on the floor
"Ouch" I heard from below
"Oh sorry didn't see you there" I said mimicking him
"I'll get you for that" he said smirking as he got into his bed

_next morning_

"Wake up, sleepy head" I said slapping Harry's forehead
"Hey, no need for the violence" he said in his morning voice, I swear I was going to faint it was amazing
"Get dressed and get down stairs your sister has an 'announcement'" I said walking out the door 
Everyone was crowding around the sofas 
"Okay so this week... We're all going camping in the woods"
WOODS... I can't I stared at Pearl she erasure me it will be fine, but what if it happens again and they take Harry or Pearl I can't lose either of them.

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