Under the stars

After being bossed around by her big sister for nearly 17 years maybe being forced to go to a lodge in the middle of nowhere for the summer with all her sisters friends could be a good thing when she meets...


1. Summer...

July. Finally finished school and where am I spending my summer holidays? In a cabin with all my sisters older friends! Anyway I’m Ariel, I’m 16, 17 in September and all my life I have been controlled by my older sister Pearl she 19 (I know we have unique names, blame the mother).

“Get down here NOW!” Pearl shouts from the top of her lungs

“What do you want now?” I yelled back while strolling down the stairs

“I have a surprise for you” she said, slightly singing ‘you’

“oh really, let me guess one of your old tops or maybe an old pair of your shoes” sense the sarcasm

“No, just spoke to dad and he said you’re staying with me the whole of the summer” “but...but...but you going to that cabin?” I slowly stuttered out, I already knew what she was going to say

“yeah your coming with, now go pack were leaving in an hour” I ran upstairs making every step as loud as possible

“stop stomping and pack” all I heard before slamming my door and grabbing a suitcase. It probably took my 10 minutes to pack; I just chucked my whole wardrobe in the suitcase and my small variety of beauty products.

I lay on my bed and finished my last few pages of my beautiful creature’s book; I know what you’re thinking girl who reads books about witches/wizards, vampires and all other supernatural things well you would be spot on.

“The guys are here, bring your bags down QUICKLY” Pearl shouted, politely for once (only because her friends are here)

“I’m coming, I’m coming” I ran down the stairs trying not to fall over my own feet which happens a lot. I chucked my bag in the boot of the car and jumped in, I think it may have been the most awkward situation ever I just sat there in silence as my sister gossiped as always I looked behind me and all I saw was a mass of curls I couldn’t see their face, I’m guessing it’s a boy by their outfit. He was just staring at his phone texting I tried to be nosey before I saw a pair of beautiful emerald green eyes and the cutest dimples

“Do you mind can’t do anything without one of my sisters stupid friends breathing down my neck” he snapped but I could see where he was coming from seeing the tattoos on his arms  his probably a ‘rebel’ and needs to be watched just like me

“Oh sorry and I’ve been dragged her by my sister too” I replied trying to be friendly


“one word answer” I muttered under my breath as I turned back round. Great stuck with him for the whole of summer.

I woke up with a creak in my neck and someone elbowing me

“wake up we’re here” Pearl whispered in my ear, I quickly shoot up to see a huge lodge house “I thought we was saying in a cabin?” I asked Pearl

“yeah we was but then you came and Gemma’s little brother Harry, hey I think his your age. Get in there sis’ anyway grab your bag we all have a room to ourselves” she said while getting out the car and passing me my bag

“oh okay” I was still taking in all the information, so the obnoxious boy is Gemma’s brother Harry and his my age, great I’m going to be stuck with him.

I got to my room and just lay down not unpacking nothing I looked to my left and there was another double bed, great either my sister or one of her silly friends

“Harry you’re going to be in here with Ariel, I don’t want anything happening otherwise I will call grandma” I heard muffled through the walls it was Gemma. Great not only do I have to share a house but a room with him and I don’t know what she’s worried about nothing is going to happen. Not ever.

He strolled in throwing his coat on the chair and bag on the bed. I stormed into the bathroom “I’m having a shower DON’T come in” I shouted behind me shouting ‘don’t’ I just hear a mummer and lock the door. I came out of the bathroom in my onesie and jumped into bed.


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