Under the stars

After being bossed around by her big sister for nearly 17 years maybe being forced to go to a lodge in the middle of nowhere for the summer with all her sisters friends could be a good thing when she meets...


4. Relationships...

Harry just sat there silent

“Well?” I asked wanting to know

“I can’t say because I want to become friends with her first” and with that he stood up and walked back to the table me slowly behind him

“So where were you two” Pearl whispered in my ear

“I went to the bathroom and so did he, were just friends now leave it” I snapped back, at that instant I saw Harry’s face drop.


Harry’s P.O.V


Just friends, just friends that what she said, maybe she’s just saying that to get her sister off her or maybe she just doesn’t like me in that way.

“Harry are you okay?” her beautiful voice echoed through me head

“Yeah, just thinking”

“About what?”

“Just how to convince the girl I like that I’m the one for her”

“Hope it works out” if only she knew.


“Okay guys we’ve paid the bill were going to head back now” Gemma said and we all stood up and jumped in the car

“So can I help you with this girl” Ariel whispered in the my ear,

“I don’t think you can”

“Oh okay”

We got back to the house and I went straight upstairs

“I’m going to bed, night guy’s.” shouted as I ran up the stairs

“Me too” Ariel called following me up the stairs


I was lying on my bed when she walked in,

“I’m just getting me onesie on” she said and walked into the walk in wardrobe

I quickly changed into some joggers and a vest.

Ariel’s P.O.V


I was walking up the stairs, shall I wear my onesie or just my shorts and vest or are my legs too pale, okay onesie.

“I’m just getting me onesie on” I said and walked into the walk in wardrobe

Luckily there’s a huge mirror in the wardrobe I put my onesie on and checked myself out I looked huge great.

“Is it okay for me to come out?” I yelled

“Yeah sure” he called back sleepily


He was laying on the bed looking beautiful, wait a minuets am I starting to have feeling for Harry? No I can’t be, can I?


“What’s up with the concentration face?” Harry asked,

“Oh nothing just thinking”

“Oh really, what about?”

“Someone” im such a tease



“Arw please tell me?”


“I just want to know”



“I just don’t want to”

“Why is it me?” winking at the end, I think he realised my face going red and me staring at the floor

“Ariel is it me?” his voice suddenly went serious

“What if it is?” I said trying not to look him in the eye

“If it is... I may feel, well the same” he said while walking over and lifting my chin

“Really?” he kissed me; well I got my answer didn’t I

“Really” he said with the biggest smile


“So what now?” I asked hoping to her the word ‘girlfriend’

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Hmm, ill need to think about it” I said while walking out the room and down the stairs

“Hey, get back here” all I heard before being spun round and feeling Harry’s lips pressed against mine.

“Yes” I whispered in his ear

“Good” he whispered back.

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