Under the stars

After being bossed around by her big sister for nearly 17 years maybe being forced to go to a lodge in the middle of nowhere for the summer with all her sisters friends could be a good thing when she meets...


14. Moving...

I was just about to say I had to leave when they dropped a bombshell
"We want you to live with us, so we can get to know you" 
"What"was all I could get out 
"We spoke to you dad or Alan and he said it would be good for you" 
"But what if I don't want to then what?" I asked quite annoyed they think they can turn up and take me away
"Well I'm sorry to say you don't have much to say on the matter" with that I lost it I immediately text Harry 
"I need to get out of here! NOW" within seconds I heard girls screaming, what the hell?
"Ignore that, you will move in after the summer" 
"ARIEL!!" I heard Harry yell were the girls screaming at him? Why? 
"What's going on?" I asked 
"Just run through the crowd" and I did 
What was all that?


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