Under the stars

After being bossed around by her big sister for nearly 17 years maybe being forced to go to a lodge in the middle of nowhere for the summer with all her sisters friends could be a good thing when she meets...


13. Meeting...

I can't believe what just happened I ran to the car and soon after Harry joined me 

"What was that?"I instantly asked

"Have you ever heard of one direction?" He ask I had to think for a while

"Yea why" 

"I'm in it"

"What do you mean your in it?" 

"I mean I'm a world famous singer bug I've been on a break for a year... That was my first time in public" he said

"Oh and you did that for me, you got yourself kind of raided for me?" He nodded and I kissed him passionately 

"Let's go back to the lodge" I whispered and within minuets we were home 

"Anyone here" I shouted there was a note that said everyone had gone to dinner

 I was about to tell Harry but before I could say anything he kissed me and I didn't pull I way our lips moved In sync, his hands moved up my shirt and I didn't stop him am I really do this?
"Are you sure?" Harry whispered I just nodded and he lead me to our shared bedroom and pushed me up against the wall and ripped my jacket off I did the same to his. I pulled his trousers off and be pulled mine off he pushed me onto the bed I lay down and he hovered over me.
"Everyone's gone to dinner, it's just me and you" I said while he was leaving sweet kisses down my neck and was unbuttoning my shirt before I knew it, I was only my underwear and so was he, he started to kiss down my stomach and past my navel all I saw was his cheeky grin staring up at me before he slipped my thong down and left kisses on my inner thigh before meeting my place, I felt his fingers rub against me i let out lustfull moans with out control and then I felt it, his tongue dart into me, my whole body arched  I felt my body release and Harry moved back up the bed.
"Are you ready?" He asked sweetly I just nodded and the I felt it slowly go in the pain turned to pleasure after we both released he lay next to me and we fell to sleep. What a way to say goodbye.

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