Under the stars

After being bossed around by her big sister for nearly 17 years maybe being forced to go to a lodge in the middle of nowhere for the summer with all her sisters friends could be a good thing when she meets...


10. Love...

The ambulance was here shortly and then he was carted away on a gurney I couldn't help but blame myself I pushed him!

We have been in the hospital for 4 hours, Pearl and everyone else arrived about 10 minuets ago.
"Ariel, please speak to me I'm your sister... I can't lose another one" Pearl whispered in my ear 
"Yea Pearl I'll forgive you for kissing my first boyfriend" I shouted at her, everyone in a & e was staring at me, I could hear whispers and gasps but I didn't care
"Please don't make a scene" she asked trying to calm me
"Pearl you don't own me and you have lost me" I said calmly before walking off down a random corridor, my head was spinning.

"Are you here for Mr H Styles" a doctor asked me as I walked back to the others
"Yes why, what happened?"
"Nothing everything is fine, he has a few broken ribs and a broken thing bone but other than that he should be fine!" He informs me and it instantly lightens my mood
"Oh great, can I see him" I asked him
"Yes, follow me" he said while walking to a white room and there he lay peaceful and motionless... I did this to him.
I sat on the chair sobbing into my hands 
"Ariel, Ariel is that you?" His husky voice whispered
"Thank god, I thought I lost you...this is all my fault" I cried as I held his hand
"No it's not... I should never of..." I started but stopped
"I know... Can I ask, why?" I said quietly 
"Ariel, believe me here, she kissed me I thought it was you, I thought you had followed me and as I kissed back my eyes were closed, please... Please forgive me" his words played through my head, should I believe him Or is it a pack of lies.

"Pearl, can I speak to" I asked sternly 
"Yes" she said innocently pfftt typical
"Did you kiss him?" I asked bluntly 
"No he pushed me against the tree, I tried to get away but he wouldn't let me" I actually started to believe her, but then I thought he was pressing him against the tree and laughing.
"If that happened, then why we're you pushing him against the tree and laughing if he had pushed you, you'd probably scared unless you just lied directly to my face" she just stood there speechless, looking guilty.
"I guess I have my answer" I said walking back to Harry. Gemma was speaking to Harry I just stood by the door listening to there conversation.

"Harry did you kiss Pearl? you can't make sisters fall out!"Gemma said
"I promise you Gemma, I even lollipop stick promise you that I didn't kiss, she kissed me I thought it was Ariel. It was dark and they look alike" he replied , he even mentioned the 'lollipop sick promise' which he had told me about it was a promise him and Gemma made up when they were younger and they only use it in serious cases.
"I believe you seeing as you brought the lollipop stick promise in and all" she said with a smile 
"Gemma I love her, it was all a big mistake. I've never felt like this before" Harry said to her my heart instantly melted. I cleared my throated and entered the room I had heard enough.
"Can I have a word with Harry. Alone" I asked Gemma, she nodded and left. Instantly I sat on the bed and placed my hand on Harry's face a leaned in a placed a sweet kiss on his lips.
"I love you too" I simply spoke, he smiled and leaned forward and we shared a passionate kiss, sparks went off in my tummy.


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