Under the stars

After being bossed around by her big sister for nearly 17 years maybe being forced to go to a lodge in the middle of nowhere for the summer with all her sisters friends could be a good thing when she meets...


11. Lies...

It's been 2 weeks since the accident, me and Harry are a lot stronger.
"Are you going to make up with Pearl?" Harry asks as he struggle to move on his crutches, this makes me giggle.
"Don't laugh at me and answer the question" he said as he got to the chair
"I will when I'm ready it's just to soon" I say to him getting flashbacks
"Ariel it's been 2 week, you haven't spoke you just act like she's not there and I can see that it hurts you to be like this towards her" he says while holding my hand, his right though
"Your right, give me a minuet!" I said as I walked out the room to Pearls room but something stopped me, a phone call.
"How can I tell her now, dad she's not speaking to me I can't drop that bombshell on her... I won't do it I can't she my only sister... Tell her yourself." That's when I heard a bang and an aggressive grunt, we'll she'll be needing a new phone. Anyway what does dad need to tell me that he gets Pearl to tell me not himself.

I hear a vibration on my back pocket and sure enough it's my dad
"Hello?" I ask
"Sit down I need to tell you something important and upsetting" he said sternly 
"What is it?" I question
"So me and Pearl have decided to tell you the truth" he said
"The truth about what, dad the truth about what?"
"That's the thing darling, I'm not your dad"
"What how can you not be my dad?" I ask , with a tear escaping
"We'll honey your adopted, you and sky were" WHAT?
"Who are my real parents then Andy?" I asked using his first name 
"They were a pair of teenagers, friends of the family we said we would take you both in"
"Why are you telling me this?" Tears now streaming down my face 
"Because... We'll because they want to meet you!"
"They what?" I nearly shouted
"They asked to meet you and I said I'd ask but you don't have to" 
"When?" I questioned 
"What?" He asked confused 
"When do they want to meet me?" I questioned again
"Next Saturday"
"Tell them I'll meet them, you set it up I'll arrive" and with that I hung up

"YOU KNEW" I screamed at Pearl, but she just sat there motionless 
"Ariel you don't understand..." she started but Harry barged in
"What's going on?" He demanded mire than asked 
"Shall I tell him or do you want to?" She sat silent not a word leaving her lips
"She knew, she knew that my whole life, actually my whole existence was a lie and didn't tell me!" I shouted 
"Ariel what are you on about?" Harry asked
"Pearl isn't my sister, my dad isn't my dad. I'm adopted and she knew and didn't tell me"
"It wasn't that simply" she said 
"How long have you known?" I screamed
"Ariel it doesn't matter"
"I asked how long have you known?"
"Always, I've always know ever since mom and dad came home with 2 six month old little  girls, I knew"
"Wait, I was with my real parents for six months?" I asked a lot calmer 

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