Under the stars

After being bossed around by her big sister for nearly 17 years maybe being forced to go to a lodge in the middle of nowhere for the summer with all her sisters friends could be a good thing when she meets...


8. Freights...

I was packing my bag, when Pearl walked in

"Are you okay"
"What do you think?" I snapped back angrily
"I'm so sorry, Gemma sourced it all out. I didn't have a say and I didn't want to tell her about you and... And sky" she spoke back calmly 
"But... But what if they find me and take me?"
"They won't, there in prison" she said while hugging me
"Only one... Only one is in prison, the other is roaming free" I whispered trying not to break down
"His probably in a different country by now, stop worrying... Now get to bed, we're up early in the morning" she spoke so softly as she walked out the room

I jumped into bed I curled up in a ball trying to squeeze all the bad thoughts out my head but nothing was working but the he was there Harry lay next to me wrapping his arms around me, being there for me.

_ Harry's P.O.V _

I could see her shaking in a tight ball in her bed I walked quickly over to her I did the only thing I could... Comfort her.

The next morning was the camping trip and I knew Ariel was scared; she was silent all morning and her hands kept shaking.

_ In the woods _

5 days... 5 days I have to see her scared and anxious I won't do it, I can't.

_ Ariel's P.O.V_ 

I've been in these woods for 10 minuets and already it feels like that day, everyone laughing and having fun, then it happens they take you torture you and rip your loved ones away from you and get away with it, it sickens me to the Pitt of my stomach .

"Are you sure your okay?" Harry whispered in my ear, I grabbed his hand
"I'll be fine, as long as you here" I could feel his smile beaming on my neck

We set up are tents, me and Harry had a tent together, Gemma and Pearl were together and all her other friends paired up

Me and Harry were sitting in our tent
"Are you sure your ok?" Harry asked for the millionth time 
"Yes I'm fine, just leave it!" I snapped back, oh god why did I speak to him like that?
He got up and walked out the tent I looked out the tent to see where he went but it was already dark

"Harry...Harry" I shouted but there was no reply, do I dare? Do I step out? 
"I can do this... I can do this" I whispered to myself stepping out the tent 

I looked around and no sight of him... Then I heard it 
"Ariel? Ariel are you there?" It was Harry 
"I'm here, Harry I'm here?" I shouted out to the wilderness
"I can't find my way" he shouted I couldn't help but giggle a bit 
"You idiot, just follow my voice"
"Okay, put you flash on so I can see it!" He shouted, I grabbed my phone and then he appeared from behind a tree
"Thank god, I thought I was gonna be stuck out here and have to learn to live on berries and mud" he said with a total serious face I couldn't help but burst into laughter 
"Oh god, how tragic" I laughed out 
"Thanks for your support" He said while storming into the tent
"Baby" I shouted while walking back, but my laughter dropped when I heard a branch break... It's him he found me! I ran to the tent
"What's wrong?" Harry asked seeing my frightened face
"I heard s...s...something it's ... T...them" I stuttered out before bursting into tears
"There not here honey, calm down" he tried to erasure me but I knew it was them
"N...no it's t...them" that when there was a shudder on the tent 
"I'll go check... Wait here" he said as he left the tent I tried to stop him but it was no point
I looked out the tent to see where he went but it was pitch black

"Harry...Harry" I shouted but there was no reply  
"I can do this... I can do this" I whispered to myself stepping out the tent 
Someone ran into me and knocked me over, it was him that brown haired blue eyed monster
"Stay away from me!" I heard a faint voice... It was Pearl, I ran to find her I couldn't see her anywhere then I saw a arm sticking out from a tree.

"Pearl?" I said as I heard giggles, than I heard a gasp 
"Pearl what are you..." I knew what she was doing...


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