Under the stars

After being bossed around by her big sister for nearly 17 years maybe being forced to go to a lodge in the middle of nowhere for the summer with all her sisters friends could be a good thing when she meets...


7. Flashbacks...

Harry came running down the stairs, and I'm guessing he saw the fright in my eyes 
"What's wrong?" He whispered in my ear
"Nothing" such a lie
"I can tell something's wrong"
"We're going camping"
"What's wro..." I completely cut him off
"In the woods" it took him a moment to realise
"Oh god... You'll be fine I'm going to be with you the whole time" that made me feel a bit better but I kept having the flashbacks 

_ flashback_

 "Sky... sky come on get up I've found a way out" I pleaded with her
"Go... I'll be fine... Just find somewhere safe... Get help" she coughed out she was so weak I couldn't leave her
"What's going on down there?" The man shouted down a hatch
"We need to go now" I whispered this time but sky still didn't move
"There coming hide" I ran to behind a wall, Trina was just laying next to me I thought she had already gone 
"Trina... Trina get up" I whispered
"What?" She replied
"Head that way, run and don't turn back and get help" I said she slowly got up and started tiptoe to the open hatch
"Sky" I whispered but they came in
"Where are the other girls" he screamed at her
"Gone..." She shouted back 
"Where?" He was getting really angry down
"To get the police... To arrest you" she was so strong, but not strong enough...

_ back to real time _

"What you thinking about?" Harry nudged me snapping me back
"The past, nothing special"

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