Under the stars

After being bossed around by her big sister for nearly 17 years maybe being forced to go to a lodge in the middle of nowhere for the summer with all her sisters friends could be a good thing when she meets...


3. Feelings...

Ariel’s P.O.V


All I could hear was whispers

 “Arww look, young love” my eyes were still closed, what were they going on about? I heard the door shut, I slowly opened my eyes and all could see was a mass of curls over me and then it hit me it was Harry but why? All I can remember is laying on the sofa... with Harry, I must have fell asleep from crying oh god I told him everything but why I’ve only known him a day or so, for some reason I feel like I can trust him.

I slowly left his grasp and stumbled into the kitchen

 “Oh look who's awake. How’s harry?” Pearl said winking at the end

“Oh shush I just fell asleep and his still asleep” I said will grabbing an apple

 “Were going out for a meal if you any harry want to come?” Gemma said while nudging me playfully

“Okay ill go wake him and get ready, what time we going?”

 “We’ve booked at table for 8 o’clock were leaving here in an hour” I nodded and walked into the living room.

“Wakey, wakey were all going for a meal in an hour we need to get ready” he slowly opened his eyes

 “Okay, I’ll be up to the room in a minuet” I nodded and walked out.


Harry’s P.O.V


I got up quickly, I went into the kitchen

 “Pearl can I speak to you for a moment” I asked quietly

“Yeah sure Harry” she replied as I trailed her off to the living room

“Erm this is kind of awkward, but I was going to ask you for advice?”

“Advice on what?”

“Ariel, I kind of you know... have feelings for her and want to ask her out but don’t know how”

“Be her friend, be there for her, she’s been through a lot just let her know you care and then it will just happen” her words mesmerised me, she was right.


I ran up stairs, I knocked the door to make sure Ariel was you know, decent

“Come in” she shouted, I walked in she was in a floral dress, she looked beautiful her hair was natural wavy and she just let it flow; I couldn’t stop staring at her until she walked out of the room.

“I’m just going to grab a drink, do you want one?” she shouted as she ran down the stairs.

“Yeah sure” I called down out the door; I quickly throw my black skinny jeans on and a tee with my leather jacket.


I ran down the stairs, quickly dodging a can of pop hurdling towards my head

“I probably should have said heads up” Ariel spoke with a giggle

“you think” I said both of us bursting into laughter, I grabbed the can of the floor and I had a moment of madness and opened the can and in an instant cola hit me right in the face; Ariel was rolling on the floor laughing her head off and everyone else stood in the doorway puzzled, I couldn’t get any words out and I just couldn’t hold my laugh in. Me and Ariel were getting the most strange looks from everyone but I didn’t care because she was happy and in a long while so was I.

“Okay weirdo’s; Harry go get dried up and Ariel come jump in the car with us, oh and be quick Harry!” and with that I grabbed a new tee, wiped my face and leather jacket and jumped in the car

“So where we heading?” I asked to just break the awkward silence

“a  restaurant I know from when I came he as a kid” I think her name is Hayley, I don’t really know it’s just one of my sisters friends, I nodded and within a few minutes we were outside this really fancy restaurant.


Ariel’s P.O.V


Oh god I feel so bad, I could have gave him a black eye but anyway we have pulled up to the most elegant restaurant, I feel so under dressed. We all step out the car and straight away I stand with Harry for 2 reasons;

I don’t like or know my sisters friends I don’t want to be stuck with my sister

“Well hello there can thrower, do I need to get a helmet? Or am I safe?” Harry whispered in my ear

“Don’t know yet we’ll have to see how the night goes” I whisper back at this point my sister was glaring at us with a huge grin, that girl is weird I should know.

“Your table isn’t ready yet but you can wait at the bar.” The lady at the front desk said her eyes not leaving Harry, oh god am I jealous wait why would I be were only friends but... wait no were JUST FRIENDS I repeated over and over again. I will not get hurt... again.

“Your tables ready” the lady who greeted said leading us to a table still trying to make eye contact with Harry but he was having none of it, I wonder why?

We ordered our food and ate, my sister was gossiping as usual with her friends and I excused myself and went to the bathroom to get away from my sisters annoying voice I just sat on a chair in the bathroom lobby and closed my eyes too clear my mind

“Are you okay there” that husky voice again?

“Just clearing my mind” I replied with my eyes still closed

“Oh ill leave you too it”

“No sit, let’s chat”

“Okay” he replied puzzled

“So I think that waitress like you, you should ask her for her number” I said to see what his response would be.

“What no, I have my eye on someone else anyway I prefer being friends with the girl before dating them, then I already know her” weren’t expecting that

“Oh, very smart. I may try that from now on. So anyway who do you have your eye on?”...

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